Separation salary without retirement

How can I get sensation without retirement?

I started SSK in October 2000. I have 7065 premium days. I received a letter from SGK requesting “compensation”, but they said I could not get it because I had not completed 25 years. I called ALO 170, they said “you can get it”. When I went to SG again, the officer insisted that I did not receive the letter. How do I proceed, where can I apply? (Ali A.)

Under current Section 14 of the former Labor Act No. 1475, those who meet retirement conditions other than age can leave the workplace after receiving a letter of separation pay from SSI requesting separation pay.

Accordingly, those who started work on or before September 8, 1999 can receive a severance pay with an insurance period of 15 years and 3600 premium days.

Those who started working between September 8, 1999 and April 30, 2008, like you, must meet 25 years of insurance and 4,500 premium day requirements, or complete 7,000 premium days regardless of the insurance period.

Those who started working after April 30, 2008 can get the severance pay after completing 5400 premium days without asking for insurance time. As the 4500 premium days in partial retirement gradually increase to 5400, the number of premium days for receiving a letter of severance pay as per the date of employment of the insured is as under:

01.05.2008 – 31.12.2008 4600

01.01.2009 – 31.12.2009 4700

01.01.2010 – 31.12.2010 4800

01.01.2011 – 31.12.2011 4900

01.01.2012 – 31.12.2012 5000

01.01.2013 – 31.12.2013 5100

01.01.2014 – 31.12.2014 5200

01.01.2015 – 31.12.2015 5300

01.01.2016 + 5400

Since you have completed 7000 days, you can receive a letter without completing the 25 year insurance period. Since those who started work after 1999 have just started demanding a new separation pay letter, some social security centers may give citizens a negative answer. Repeat your request by applying to the Provincial Directorate of Social Security you are affiliated with. If your written request is not answered or a negative answer is given, you can apply to the Administrative Court to cancel the administrative action.

For a specific solution to this problem, the SG has to instruct the agency with a simple letter.

Before 2008, did the military consider retiring?

Between 27.02.2004 – 16.05.2005, I completed my military service. I have a short-term insurance initiative in 2010 and I have been a government employee since 17.07.2012. Will my pre-2008 military service be considered when calculating my retirement, or will I be subject to post-2008 provisions? (Mehmet E.)

If you are not in debt, it does not matter when you serve in the military on the condition of your retirement. If you had served in the military as a reserve officer, you would have been subject to a pension fund and would have been eligible for retirement under the previous rules of 2008. When you borrow money for military service because you have done regular military service, you can advance your insurance start date as long as you are borrowing, but it does not advance your retirement age. This allows you to extend your premium days If you do not have a premium, you do not need to borrow money.

Increases insurance pensions in two separate companies?

I was born on 22.01.1974. I started working as an intern on 18.09.1989. My premium has been paid since 15.04.1993. I have 9334 days of premium payment. As far as I know, I can retire at the age of 53. How many days can I repay my military loan and what is my monthly payment?

I am a manager in two companies with different titles belonging to the same person. Can I increase my pension if I show myself insured in these 2 companies? I am currently working in a company. (Aydin K.)

According to your start date, your age is 54, not 53. You did not mention when you did your military service. If you did this before April 15, 1993, you can raise the retirement age to 53 when paying for 6 months of military service. When you make the minimum amount of your military loan, you will have to pay 53.37 TL per day and 9,608 TL premium for 6 months.

Earnings can vary between the minimum wage and its 7.5 times, subject to the premium reported to the Social Security organization. Earnings above 7.5 times the minimum wage are not considered for retirement. Accordingly, the income subject to premium on the current minimum wage can range from 5004 TL to 37,530 TL. Premium days cannot exceed 30 days per month. For example, if a company reports earning 20,000 lira in 30 days in a month and 25,000 lira in 30 days in a second company, then you are considered to have earned 37,530 lira in 30 days in that month, and considering this amount more Not taken.

Total earnings reported to SSI for the same month are considered for retirees and pension increments for those who are insured in more than one company. Since you are working in two different companies under the same employer, up to 37,530 TL per month can be declared through a single company.

How is public worker’s seniority compensation calculated?

I am a government employee, I deserve my retirement. We receive our salary on the 14th of every month.

When I retire on January 15, 2023, what year will I receive the severance pay?

They say, “You are a government employee, you are retiring in 2022.” (Her K.)

Under labor law, the severance pay is calculated on the last wage. Government employees receive their wages on the last day of the month. Wages paid on January 14 are equivalent to work from December 15 to January 14, meaning no wages for 2022. Wage increase is applied for the period between 15 January and 14 February Since you will receive an increased wage on February 14, you must file a petition after this date to benefit from the increased separation salary in 2023. If you submit your retirement application on January 15, you will not receive a severance pay increase on wages.

Can a woman get death money from two places with her wife and father officer?

My officer father died April 12. My mother’s father, who was a government employee, died in 2016. Is it possible for my mother to get salary from my grandfather? If so, does it have the right to claim in advance? (Jackie D.)

Since both your mother’s spouse and father are subject to pension funds, they can only receive a widow’s pension from your father. If his wife was SSK or BAĞ-KUR, he could get two pensions.

How to retire by birth loan?

My mother was born on July 27, 1971. Date of first appointment 01.10.1986. At that time he got married after working for a while. She worked short-term after the birth of her three children. My mom, who was recently laid off, has 3371 bonus days. Can my mother get maternity loan on this condition? If he does, under what conditions can he retire? (Sign B.)

Your mother is 5150 premium days and 43 years old at retirement. He can retire on the end of his premium day because he is old enough. It can borrow up to 720 days for each child. If children have not worked in an insured job for two years after their birth, they are entitled to a total of 2160 days of maternity loan. However, borrowing 1779 days is enough to complete 5150 premium days, not full term. When he borrows from the current minimum wage, he has to pay 94,955 TL. Public banks lend money if they receive a letter from SGK stating that they will retire at the time of lending. The loan is repaid by deducting from the pension. After payment, the pension is tied.

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