Sevik, president of the Turkish Family Council, responded to Askin Asan’s demand

The Turkey Family Assembly, which has been working for a long time to preserve the family structure, the TCEP, the Istanbul Convention, etc., which is not suitable for our family structure. It was claimed that the administrators and supporters of this structure were associated with FETO because they were against such practices.

A TV program featuring a number of women from various backgrounds, including lawyers, NGO representatives and academics, who protested against laws and practices that were inconsistent with our society, was accused by FETO. The so-called intellectuals, who criticized the presidency’s statement on religion, where the Qur’an addresses men, says that women do not neglect to ridicule values ​​as “your trust”, “unfortunate interpretation”. Of Islam.

Following the publication of the question, Adam Chevic, President of the Turkish Family Council, and Fehmi Demirbagh, author, made the assessment for Ilkha.

Broadcast speech and his colleagues labeled as FETOists, Professor. Dr. In response to Askin Asan, the president of the Turkish Family Council, Adam িকevik, said that he had returned the slander to him.

“Violence has not decreased but increased since Istanbul Convention”

“Professor Dr. Askin Asan’s plan to target himself and our colleagues is a global power plan.” “For the effective implementation of the Istanbul Convention, when we have a meeting with the President in Parliament at the end of Ramadan, we ask, ‘What is the Istanbul Convention? It can be revoked.’ Having said that, the female deputies surrounded Taip Bay and demanded that the agreement end violence. However, since the Istanbul Convention, violence has not decreased, but increased. The agreement is not suitable for our customs and traditions. “As a member of the Turkish Family Council and 3,000 associations and foundations, we oppose the convention. We hold a press release and protest every week.” Says

“Everyone on TV was emotional.”

যেevik said, “Since Askin Asan is also the one who oversees the effective implementation of the Istanbul Convention, he cannot defend it even if he is wrong. Everyone present on television in the evening had a mental acceptance. “It will be toleration of homosexuality. Sexual preference. It is seen as a human right. The CEDAW and the Istanbul Convention encourage them. It is said that this convention can be applied even in times of war.”

“We will continue our alert.”

Mentioning that they will conduct a study on families in Malatya on September 6 in the presence of President Erdogan, Sevik said that they will expose the lies of the Istanbul Convention with the workshop to be held.

“If those who have not yet read the Istanbul Convention and do not understand its contents become deputy ministers of the family, if our young girls are handed over to gay advocates, it means a great danger awaits us in the future.” Sevik says they will continue to issue their proper warnings.

“I’ll give him back his fatwa.”

আমিevik said: “I am just giving him back Fetobad. The purpose of the FETO plaintiffs is to get rid of those who accuse him of being FETO and fight them off the field. ‘Page. ” Used expressions.

Noting that their work was not against the government, vievik recalled that Aşkın Asan had called him and told him not to bring such conversations on the agenda after the election and that they would come together and talk about the issue after the election.

“Either the imam’s preacher should leave or the protection of the Istanbul Convention should be stopped.”

“Even after saying that he had insulted me and my colleagues on the evening TV program, it was dangerous to say who was given the responsibility of the family ministry. We hope he would apologize in front of the society. How can anyone? An imam defended the Istanbul Convention. Become a preacher? Stop protecting him. The two can’t go together. We’ll continue our vigilance. ” He said.

“Based on women’s rights, they have used violence against women as an element.”

Emphasizing the need to look at the events behind the Istanbul Convention, author Fehmi Demirbagh says, “In 1979, they created the content of violence against women based on feminism as the ‘Beijing Convention’.

“Many countries have taken a stand, but Turkey has become more western than western and has accepted the agreement.”

Demirbagh said: “It was claimed that we beat our wives. But Europe did not look at the numbers. In fact, we have to look at the British behind it. They are still conducting research to find homosexuality as a new order. The governments of Peru, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Armenia also used it. But as our people become more modern, they tend to embrace the West more as the West than with the West, with this paralysis. He said.

“We have tried to solve the problems of Muslims with a Christian mind.”

“We don’t have equality between men and women, and we have faith in the rights of slaves,” Demirbagh said. Stay. We have tried to solve the problems of Muslims with a Christian mind. There was an idea among us called compensation. There were people who were victims of the effect of TV series on old husbands and rich husbands. He said.

Demirbagh, on the condition that he would not oppose same-sex relationships on the condition that they “give birth” said, “If you cannot give birth, you are not a woman. You are a pleasure-seeker! The family you call family. You have no idea. It was the trap of the Istanbul Convention. The term ‘within the family’ was used. It was not family. The partners would be reunited in a closed box. It was not family. It was a mistake made by our conservatives. There are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intergender … in other words, additions can be made to suit what needs to come later. But be careful, there is no normal male-female relationship. ” Used expressions. (Nizametin Askin-Ilkha)

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