The best gift for Father’s Day was his adoption

Ali Bilgin, who added the joy of being a father in their family with their daughter on the 12th anniversary of their marriage, said, “After all these years, I want to thank my daughter for being a father to me for her beauty. My daughter is the biggest gift for me. ” Says

Bilgin told the Anadolu Agency (AA) that they wanted to have a biological child shortly after marrying her husband, but that did not happen.

Noting that they had decided to adopt a foster family with his wife and during their meeting with the Ministry of Family and Social Services during the process, they were told about their “foster family” model, Bilgin said. There is a possibility. We have started the process. ” He said.

After examination and evaluation by authorities, noting that suitable families and children had been matched, Bilgin said that they were very happy when they received the news that a baby girl had been assigned to them and they were looking forward to the day of the meeting.

Bilgin describes how he felt on the day of the meeting:

“When we went, there were other families, there were three children and three families. When we entered, we exchanged glances with our daughter and said, ‘I hope this is our daughter.’ We were very, very excited. At the first moment, you have a lot of questions like whether warmth can be established. ‘I was surprised.’ None of them stayed after that first sight. That moment is the most precious, most meaningful moment of my life. I will never forget it. At first glance she was my daughter, I knew it. “

“I live happier every moment than the day before.”

Mentioning that they found out that their daughter was receiving institutional care when she was about 1.5 years old, Bilgin said that her daughter, who was part of her family when she was 3 years old, is now 7 years old.

Bilgin said they reunited with their daughter in the 12th year of their marriage, and their whole life changed with the arrival of their daughter, becoming more colorful and more beautiful.

Emphasizing that having a child makes a difference in their lives, Bilgin said, “When you were self-centered, now you live to say ‘what will be best for my child’. Now I spend every moment happier than ever.” He said.

– “We haven’t gone home yet, he calls me ‘Daddy'”

Explaining that his daughters started calling him “Daddy” in a very short time, Bilgin said, “We weren’t home yet, and he called me ‘Daddy’. The first time he said ‘Daddy’ he warmed me up.” Says

Noting that they like to spend time at home with their daughter and play games, Bilgin continues as follows:

“The three of us spend time with her mother. Sometimes we try to cook together. My daughter likes to create surprises for us. We love to read books. The strict rule of our family is not to sleep without reading books. Close, will read a book. I’m lucky in that respect too. She prefers to read fairy tales. My daughter chooses her book before she goes to bed, then I don’t read 15 pages. Fall asleep, then I hit her hair, cover her Let him adjust his light, let him sleep. ” He said.

– “I want him to know that I’ll be by your side when he stumbles.”

Mentioning that her biggest dream is to prepare her daughter for the best way of life, Bilgin continues:

“I became a father after the age of 45, but when I was with my daughter, she gave me the best days of my life. So I want to thank my daughter for giving me the wonderful experience of being a father after so many years. Also, give her a Let him grow up as an independent, free, self-reliant person, but when he stumbles. I want him to know that I will be by his side. My wife and I love our daughter very much. And we will always be there. “

Father’s Day carries even more meaning with her daughter’s presence, Bilgin said, “Everything my daughter does and does to me is enough for Father’s Day. It’s enough for me to laugh with my daughter. My daughter is the biggest for me. It’s a gift. It’s the best Father’s Day gift. ” Used expressions.

Bilgin stressed that anyone who thinks they can be a parent can consider a foster family model and says:

“A child opens the door and resources that nothing else can bring into a person’s life. Families or individuals can apply for adoption or to become a foster family. At present, we have approximately 14,000 children in state care. Our government is doing a lot. These children.” The ideal place for a child to grow up is where they feel loved The only place it can give is the family institution 6 Therefore, anyone can have a foster family. “

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