The Frankfurt Turkish Film Festival opened its doors on 26 June

Leading the promotion of Turkish cinema abroad, the 22nd International Frankfurt Turkish Film Festival will meet audiences on June 26, 2022. A full program including movie screenings, concerts, poetry performances, panels, stand-up shows and discussions awaits movie viewers.


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The 22nd International Frankfurt Turkish Film Festival will bring together cinema audiences from June 26 to July 1, 2022, with concerts, panels, stand-up shows and interviews as well as film screenings. The opening film of the festival will be “Just One Night” directed by Sinan BCC.

On the opening night of the festival, Yossi Mizrahi will present the Lifetime Honors Awards; It will be given to Renan Demirkan, Nur Surar and Menderes Samansilar. The ‘Fidelity Award’, traditionally given by the Artists We Lose Festival each year, will be presented to the Phosphoroglu family this year.

After the awards ceremony, a concert will be held by Rafet El Roman and Saki Seaman. Artist Menderes will present his poems at the Lessons and Signing Day, organized within the framework of the Samansila Festival program. Actors Selene User and Ali Sekina will discuss digitalisation and cinema on panel Alice and producer Emre Oske on the panel.

The movies will be screened in five cities

Movies; It will be shown in theaters in Offenbach, Dietzenbach, Rodgau, Rodermark and Frankfurt. About thirty movie lovers will be able to see the catalog shot in Turkey and Europe in recent years, including Sardulia, School Shave, Corridor, Die Perfect Candidatin, Sen Ben Lenin, Ask Mark Death.


One of the important projects of the festival is screening in different venues. The 22nd International Frankfurt Film Festival this year added nursing homes to prison and high school screenings.

Arsenal: We are not guests

The press conference in Frankfurt was attended by Frankfurt Provincial Council President Hilim Arslanar, Festival President Hussein Sitki and Feature Film Jury President Dark Schaefer.

Helime Arsalana, president of the Frankfurt Provincial Council, said that 50,000 people from Turkey live in the city and said, “Now, it must be said more clearly that this culture is here. For those who are Turkish, Turkish movies are an essential and enduring part of our cultural life. In this way we can keep in touch with Turkish society. Movies are also its mirror. Social development. We are not guest workers. Not in. It’s in our culture. “Turkish, German and other cultures. We need cultural recognition as German Turks. These films are a feeling of confidence. Because Turkish is not only spoken in the family, it is also spoken as the language of intellectual accumulation, “he said.

“Cinema is a contribution to quality of life”

His art, the rebellion of dissent; Describing it as the most original, meaningful and profound color, Festival President Sitki said the revolt was aimed at reaching the widest audience in the cinema and opposing the dynamics of all kinds of energy.

Underlining the goal of showing films, and especially Turkish films, to as many people as possible, Festival President Hussein Sitki noted that cinema contributes greatly to quality of life, and said that the theme of the 2022 festival is’ Brave films we need in the world – raise your voice. – ‘.

“An important opportunity for the Turks to witness”

Jury chairman Dark Schaefer said he had made high quality films in Cologne, Istanbul and many other centers around the world. “We are all in the same world. We need each other. I learned Turkish in a short time. Language and culture. His films are also very high quality. “Unfortunately, very few of these films reach Germany. On the other hand, there are very good movies from different countries. The motto of the festival is ‘Raise your voice’. It is also a great privilege to witness this language and culture on the big screen, “he said.

The ‘Golden Apple’ award will be given in 7 branches

The award-winning Turkish and German films in the documentary and short film categories will be announced at the awards ceremony on June 27, 2022.

The awards in the “Golden Apple Feature Film Competition” will be given in 7 categories: Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematographer, Best Screenplay, Best Music, Best Female and Male Actor, on 1 July 2022. Winners at the awards ceremony.

Organized by the Frankfurt Intercultural Transfer Association, the 22nd International Frankfurt Turkish Film Festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, the Ministry of Science and Industry of the Hessen State, and the Municipality of Frankfurt.

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