The mother, who has more than 90 cases against her ex-wife, wants custody of her children

The mother, who has more than 90 cases against her ex-wife, wants custody of her children

A mother who has taken care of her children wants her children from her ex-husband with a large criminal file

Diyarbakir – A resident of Diyarbakir, DK claims that although he divorced in 2017 and took care of his children, his ex-wife MSO violated the decision and his child was not given to him. DK says there have been more than 90 lawsuits between him and his ex-wife, most of which he has won and that he is tired of the process.

Living in Diyarbakir, DK divorced his ex-wife MSO due to the fact that he faced violence and in 2017 was the victim of many allegations. The court remanded the couple’s three children in their mother’s custody. DK claims that although he has custody of the children, his ex-wife did not show him his children, he used violence against the children and he was worried about the future lives of his disabled children and their indifference. DK has decided to suspend his ex-wife because of his experience. In return, the ex-husband suspended his wife. Ann DK said her ex-husband’s decision to dismiss her was overturned after she said she had custody and it was not right to remove them from their two children. The mother, who claimed that although her children should be taken to an educator, the agencies could not do anything, she said that she has more than 90 reciprocal lawsuits with her ex-husband so far, most of them won, some fell, and she lost all of her ex-wife. Tired of baseless allegations.

“His criminal record is too high.”

Announcing her husband’s divorce in 2017, DK said: “I have been given custody of my three children. Two of them are seriously disabled. But he does not show me my children. Despite court orders and stay orders, I have not seen my eldest child in two years. She’s 12 years old, she doesn’t send them to school at all and she doesn’t use them against me. She works. She misses my middle child from school for 1.5 months. She’s not working. She has been holding the baby for 1.5 months. I received a restraining order from the court to stop her from going to the baby. Similarly, she left. And I got a stay order. When I found out, I was in custody. ” The decision to suspend was overturned because it was unfair to approach the disabled child. With this invalid document, he does not hand over. The children are claiming that I have applied to the social service center and the enforcement office for a restraining order against the child and that I should not go to the children. This is an unjust and illegal document. “

“We have more than 95 cases.”

Revealing that his ex-wife’s criminal record is very shaky, Ma DK continued:

“He was reported as a psychopath because he was in the military to stab his commanders, and he doesn’t work. He has a lot of executive debt because he cheated with the bank. He was sentenced to one year in prison during his military rule. In 2014, he stabbed our neighbor below 8 times. It was decided to postpone this sentence. Later, it was decided to push my uncle back from both knees. There is a penalty for this. He attacked my cousins ​​with a weapon. There is a penalty for this. He carried out an armed attack on me in 2018. He was sentenced to 6 years in prison for this. But his trial is currently pending. The case has been pending in the high court for 3 years. He has been beaten inside. He has been sent to jail for this. Despite all this, he is not being kept in custody. He has filed cases 7-8 times in 2 years. He is constantly working with such things because he is not working. And I’m working. I can’t go. They are constantly calling me to testify. I am constantly trying to save my children from him in the official office. “

“I want prosecutors to intervene.”

He went to the police station several times and told DK, “I have declared that he has detained my children, I have custody of the children, but my father did not hand them over to me. He even tried to make my children. Testify that they are at risk. Psychopath, who deliberately harms my children, takes them to the police station and beats my mother. In a sense, it is stressful. Follow the instructions from the prosecutor. The children must be taken with a pedagogue through enforcement. “I have applied to the enforcement office many times. But the teachers do not deliver the children on the pretext of not getting salary for 8 months. I went to the legal aid unit. They are also not finding a solution,” he said.

“All resolutions available”

Noting that she thinks her ex-husband is running away from what she did, DK said, “There are decisions here, whether the death penalty has been carried out and the protection that I have ordered for the children, myself and the children, that my wife has. Her decision has been overturned, as she has repeatedly accused me of baseless slander, even going to the treasury for this baseless slander. “I have filed a lawsuit against her for damages. I won that too. Because my work is failing. Because of them. I am tired of making statements all the time and shouting here and there, “he said.

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