They defend justice in the corridors of the same court as their role model lawyer father.

Father Nekdet Pakdil, a 38-year-old lawyer, who has the honor and pleasure of doing the same job with his children, expressed that he is happy that his children, with whom he has shared his professional experience, follow the same path as his own.

Nekdat Pakdil, a law graduate from the University of Ankara and a lawyer with the Ankara No. 2 Bar Association, has been defending justice in the courtroom since 1984.

Pakdil shares the workload with his daughter, Jeanne Bere, and his son, Harry, at the same law firm, which he considers a role model.

In a statement to the AA reporter, Pakdil said he had the honor and pleasure of being a colleague with his children.

Although he did not want to take the job home, Pakdil said his son and daughter were exposed to a lot of facts and facts about the law at an early age, and their children’s preference for the legal profession was the result of mutual relations. Interaction.

Pakdil, who said they shared that their children want to go to law school when they reach high school age, said they have no difficulty as a family in the career planning process.

“Of course, I wanted them to be lawyers too. I’m glad they chose the profession and followed the same path as me, and so I’m honored,” Pakdil said. Says

Expressing happiness in working in the same environment with his children, Pakdil emphasized that he did not compromise on the discipline of his work, despite the closeness between them in matters related to career.

Pakdil said, “When a father and son become father and daughter, it does not mean that there is no problem. When such a situation arises, the problems are solved in less time because it is easier for people to understand and solve each other. Others, and because of the convenience of intimacy. ” He said.

– “I’m glad we’re doing the same thing.”

Her daughter, lawyer Jeanne Bere Pakdil, also said that she preferred the legal profession by taking her father as her role model and said that working in the same environment with her father gave her confidence.

Emphasizing that his father was the first person he applied to when he faced problems related to his profession, Pakdill said he always tried to make it an advantage to work in the same environment with his father.

Pakdil says, “Sharing the same environment with my father and practicing the same profession brings a multifaceted relationship. It sometimes lets you improve through the character of a father, and sometimes it is based on the help and benefit from a senior coworker. Yes ৷ his experience. I would like to mention in particular that “I am very proud to be working in the same profession as my father, I really love my father. I’m glad he’s my dad, I’m glad we’re working. Same job. “

– “Thanks for the experience, we can handle all kinds of problems.”

Her son, lawyer Harry Taha Pakdil, on the other hand, said that his father was a man who would always be an example to him and his brother, because he was a respected man among his colleagues.

Noting that his father drew attention to every environment he entered because of the style and concept of his profession, Pakdil said, “My father was a ‘field star’ in every environment he entered. Inevitably, we also had sympathy for it. When I chose to be a lawyer with my brother, there was no pressure. We chose a model and went to law school. Then we started our father’s profession as a lawyer. ” Says

Mentioning that many lawyers besides his brother and himself work in the office established by his father, Pakdil said that there are advantages as well as disadvantages of working in the same environment.

Noting that they were able to cope with all sorts of problems because of his father’s experience, Pakdill noted that his father was an equal distance from all office workers and that business peace was maintained.

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