Those who have longed for fatherhood for more than a quarter of a century met on Father’s Day –

Gynecology, obstetrics and IVF specialist Professor. Dr. Gokalp ownsFather’s Day has organized a meaningful celebration with his patients. In celebration; Fathers who have long been expected to be fathers, fathers after 40-50 years of age, fathers who have long been treated for male infertility and fathers for a single fetus, fathers who cannot conceive a child due to genetic problems Candidates whose wife is pregnant and counting the days to be a father, wife excited fresh father who gave birth 4 hours ago; The path to fatherhood was combined with the principle of ‘our future is our children’. A beautiful Father’s Day celebration was held, where tears of joy were shed, conversations were held and children mingled.

The stories of the patients who took part in the celebration while trying to conceive a child were special. Here are the fathers with one thousand and one difficulty:

The first Father’s Day excitement in 21 years
Married for 21 years, the couple Gulseren-Sedat Chelebi never gave up, despite many failed in vitro fertilization efforts. She fought tirelessly for 21 years to keep her babies in her arms and took part in this meaningful day with her 10 day old babies. Sedat Chelebi shared the excitement of her first Father’s Day with her family, including her doctor, team and children. Sedat Chelebi, who has become a father after 21 years, embraces his doctor; “This feeling cannot be explained, it can be felt,” he thanked.

The first Father’s Day was celebrated with ultrasound photos
Hatice-Earl Yartlu, married for 17 years, underwent 2 failed IVF treatments after numerous vaccinations. Yet, he did not taste paternity. Professor Dr. In Gökalp Öner’s first attempt, a ‘genetically diagnosed in vitro fertilization’ was performed and a golden embryo was fertilized from 5 eggs. The Yertlu couple is looking forward to the day when their baby girl will be in their lap. Errol Yertlu celebrated her first Father’s Day by looking at an ultrasound photo of her daughter, who was still in her mother’s womb.

Happy completion of genetic diagnosis with IVF treatment
Tuğba-Murat Şanlı is one of the couple who struggled a lot. The Sunly couple, who have been married for 12 years, have received 3 unsuccessful IVF treatments at an outpatient center. Prior to the 4th IVF trial, ‘Genetically Diagnosed IVF’ was applied, taking into account previous unsuccessful treatments. Dr. Gökalp Öner’s first attempt was conceived. The Sanli family came with their daughters to celebrate Father’s Day and shared their joy.

After 15 years, they immediately waited
The Yater-Mehmet Sondak couple have been married for 15 years. When they came up with a history of 8 vaccines and 2 unsuccessful IVFs, the uterus was prepared for pregnancy by hysteroscopy and a successful pregnancy was achieved by applying all necessary new technical treatments before in vitro fertilization treatment. The Sondaç family, who are eagerly awaiting the day they will hold their children in their arms, celebrated their first Father’s Day with an ultrasound photo.

They apply for an address, which is normally a girl child
The Bircan-Ali Kılıç couple, who have been married for 11 years, underwent 4 IVF treatments after receiving multiple vaccinations. After this treatment; “If you catch a bird with your mouth, you will not have a normal baby, but if you try 20 times, you will succeed once. It takes a lot of material and moral patience, “she says. The couple was devastated, their world collapsed and they decided to adopt. They applied to the child protection agency. They were very happy when it was decided that they would have children. They were waiting for the day when they would be reunited with their children. In the meantime, they decided to have one last doctor check, “Don’t worry about it, we’re waiting anyway.” It was determined that the uterus was a unicorned uterus. It was corrected by hysteroscopy and the uterus was prepared for pregnancy, but since the family was not mentally well at all, they were advised to take a long vacation with vitamins. In fact, Prof. Dr. Dr. She took a long leave after listening to the advice of Gokalp Honor and came back from pregnancy leave. However, the family was not aware of this because Mrs. Birkan never Didn’t suspect the condition because she had normal menstruation. A month later, she was not menstruating and she had a test and miraculously found out that she was 8 weeks pregnant. Hearing the baby’s heartbeat, they were crying and screaming at the same time. There was a festive atmosphere. As a result of a strict pregnancy follow-up, they carried their daughters in their arms in good health. Ali Kilik; “Our adopted child, who will be given to us, was a 15-month-old baby girl. We also had a daughter of our own. Being the father of a daughter is an amazing feeling. They said you can’t be a father, now my daughter will be my best friend. I’m very happy Every day is cut with a different excitement, ”he said.

He said “I have overcome every obstacle but I do not have a child”, he has twin children
Hümeyra-Erkan Adabaş Married for 8 years. Hümeyra Adabaş married after her scoliosis and has undergone numerous surgeries since her childhood and her health has returned. Like every married couple, they wanted to have children, but were told they could not begin treatment. Double Professor. Dr. When he appealed to Gökalp Öner, he said, “I have overcome every disability, but I have not been able to have children, I have not been able to overcome this obstacle.” Professor Dr. Gokalp Onar also says; “Be patient, we’ll go a long way, we’ll trust each other,” she said as treatment began and twin pregnancies were achieved. Since she has scoliosis, the pregnancy process was closely followed and they carried their children in their arms in good health. Erkan Adabas says, “My teacher says you have to be patient, we persevered, we had two children, not one. We are very happy, there is no recipe for this happiness!”

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