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Vahap has been remembered with small prayers

Former mayor of Doganesheh, Vahap Kukuk, was commemorated on the second anniversary of his death with the Mevlid-e Sheriff program in the Doganseheer market area. Maltese Governor Hulusi Shahin, Metropolitan Mayor Selahatin Gurkan, AK Party deputies, Duganehi Mayor Durali Jellivert and other district mayors, Ino University Rector Ahmet Kijile, representatives of some NGOs, Kuchik family and relatives, villagers were present at a large event. In the program organized by his small family, a group led by Elazig Provincial Mufti Salami Aydin recited the Quran and explained its meaning, prayed, sang Mevlidi Sheriff and sang hymns. Speaking on the program, son Vahap Kuchuk said: “We are here to mark the second death of my late father. Guests are coming to us from far and wide. Good luck to everyone. God bless you. I can’t tell my late father. My countrymen from Malta and Dogansehir know my father as well as I do. My father was a man who really loved these lands and made it a policy to live on these lands. At one point, we were just hosting winter in Istanbul. But in the end, ‘My son, if you give me the title of Istanbul, I can’t stay here. I see Dogansehir in my dreams every day. ‘ Saying, ‘I will go back to Dogansehir again.’ Says before and after, he has always lived with the love of serving Dogansehir. My father was a man of mind. A baby with a baby would be a great one with a big one. Trying to reach everyone. He respected every aspect and established dialogue with every aspect. My father was not angry. He was kind to the unjust. My father was generous. Not only when he was present, my dad was absent. I’m sure we’ve seen a lot. Even when he couldn’t help, he would go and borrow money from someone to see the work of poor people. My dad’s table was open to everyone. If there were no guests, there would be unrest in the house. He would either bring someone from the street or wait for the guest to come so that he could sit at such a table. My father was a good believer. He tried his best to fulfill his religious duty as much as I could and he set an example for us. Well, he was a plaintiff. As long as my mind was enough, he didn’t get out of line for the reason he believed. There have been cases for 30-40 years. He did not get out of that line till the end of his life. My son called us to school. We didn’t say no. My son Yurt said. We didn’t say no. My son’s health center said, we didn’t say no. Good thing we don’t. Now we live happily ever after. We say the forgiveness of his soul. Say Amen to the prayers you read as the person praying behind my father. God bless you all. I would like to thank my teacher, our mufti, our municipality and our district governor. May Allah be pleased with everyone who has contributed, let’s make your rights lawful, we say we will continue as long as we are alive. “

“Mountains of charity are heading all over Turkey”

The Mayor of the Maltese Metropolitan Municipality, Selahattin Gurkan, said: “We remember our late uncle Vahap with compassion and gratitude. Vahap Amaka told the most beautiful words to her children. In the words of our teachers here, the dead uncle Vahap has left for us all the things that we call charity, if a person dies, their record is left open after them. There are schools, dormitories, religious educational institutions, works and their charities going on. Their sons have told this. Uncle Vahap is very valuable to us. It was very valuable. He loved us too. We loved it too. When we remember him with compassion and gratitude, we opened a charity market in his name in Malatya. Our needy citizens can shop for free 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is the best indication of Uncle Vahap’s generosity. I want to express my gratitude to your boys here. Because his children are doing all kinds of charity work without looking for his absence. These benefits have earned the title of charitable monument not only with a Doganşehir and a Malatya dimension, but also throughout Turkey. Not only in Turkey, but in all the oppressed geographies as well. We saw it everywhere we went. Vahap Küçük, it is said that LCW sends all clothes. As I remember Uncle Vahap for leaving such beautiful children, I wish Uncle Vahap God’s mercy. Rest in peace, “he said.

“He was the president of the heart.”

The driver of Ak Party Malatya Deputy Oznur said: “Very valuable vahap kuchuk friends. We remember an elder who left a mark on our hearts with compassion. I believe that when Vahap Küçük Dad took place in our hearts, we wanted to leave all our work and stay here. When we met Uncle Vahap, he was not just a political actor. Our precious brother Vahap Kuchuk, who bears his father’s name with honor here, has shared only one million shares of what Uncle Vahap did. He touched our team, he was the founding district chairman of the team. He touched Dogansehir and Malatya and reached out to Uncle Vahap’s hand wherever the phone rang in 81 provinces. When our party was founded 20 years ago, he said, “I’m here” and extended his hand. He has special efforts and support for me. I seek God’s mercy again. After our party was founded on August 14, 2001, 20 years ago, the 2002 clause was created. In that trend, we had representatives from each district. Dogansehi had 250 delegates. That day Ali Osman gave me the full support of 250 delegates in that regard and he helped me to be second only to the President. This incident was probably the mainstay of my political life. Our esteemed President in politics has left a special mark on my heart. Our President used to meet him. Whenever the Malatya issue arose, he would ask me what our dear President Vahap Baba was doing. Vahap Bhai did not need any authority. He became the backbone of the heart. With his philanthropy and his contribution to Doganşehir, he provided services in every case. I remember Uncle Vahap with compassion. “

“Dead vapor survives in his petty deeds”

Governor Hulusi Shahin said: “We are gathered today to mark the death anniversary of our late President Vhaap Kuchuk. There were also university exams today. By 13.00, the test is over. Now, if a student says, ‘I have a question, mark me’, is there a chance? There is no such possibility. So is human life. We are testing. On the day of death, when death comes, they will tell us to put down the pen and paper. Therefore, after that, we will not be able to reap the rewards. There is only one exception. If you have done something in our life and it lasts longer than you, then keep writing. The works created by our late Vahap Küçük President are works that will save his life. As they survive, the rewards increase in Amalnama. If you raise good children, if your sons and daughters continue to serve the country, the nation, the poor and miserable people, then your record will never stop. You also benefit from the good work they do. That is what our late President has done. This is a very important issue. Let us be an example. If we can achieve this in the future, we can raise good children so that what they have done will be written to us later. The Vahap Küçük family is currently helping countless people in Turkey. It gives scholarships to countless students. It provides support from the Social Assistance Foundation based on state government records. The number is unknown. All these charities were done by the late Vahap Kukuk. I had the opportunity to meet him. Looks like I’ve known you for years. Because we have a saying, ‘This is a sin. The late Vahap Küçük also did his work. Our duty is not to say ‘will’ when the test is over. It’s my share from here. I would like to express my sincere condolences to the late President. “

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