Week of June 20 – Astrologer Aslıhan Doktoroğlu

The week of June 20 will be a week with moderate impact on relationships.

Monday, June 20, is a good day for important negotiations, agreements and commercial decisions. The moon will be in Pisces. Especially in the morning, we can see good opportunities and create productive ideas. In the evening, our insights and inspiration will be strong.

Summer in the Northern Hemisphere begins on Tuesday, June 21, as the Sun enters Cancer. In advance, I wish all Cancer a happy birthday. Tuesday is a helpful day in strengthening relationships and evaluating opportunities in financial matters.

On Wednesday, June 22nd, we can feel more energetic. Old problems can be on our agenda all day long. We need to be careful that our response in the evening is not emotional.

Venus, which determines how we express love on Thursday, June 23rd, will move to Gemini, where it will continue until July 18th. The fact that Mercury is in Gemini until July 5th will give us the impression of being more social, curious and restless. During this time, communication and communication with each other will become more important in our relationship.

On Friday, June 24, 7 planets will line up in the sky. 5 planets can be seen with the naked eye at sunrise. The same scene will be seen at sunset on December 31, 2022.

It may be possible to capture different depths of progress and relationships in areas of expertise. At the same time, it is important to be aware that there may be problems with electronic devices.

On Saturday, June 25th, we may have to end the problems that are causing us problems and bring them to a conclusion. Can be used more efficiently in the evening.

Sunday, June 26, is a day when socialization will be paramount.

The effects of the rising zodiac sign for the week of June 20 are as follows;

Rising Aries

Opportunities can be found in transactions and deals at the beginning of the week. You may want to take action on financial matters this week, which will be more active in communication. Care should be taken in business life not to conflict with the statistics of the authorities.

Bull Rising

This is a week when the long awaited development in financial matters may come to life. You can plan a trip and get good news from afar. Don’t let others impose their views on you.

Gemini Rising

It will be good for you to spend time with your friends and stay in groups at the beginning of the week. You will see the problems under stress more positively. Care should be taken to act with caution against accidents.

Rising Crab

There may be opportunities to solve problems that are not obvious in business life. One week to be more active in social life. You may feel limited due to the unexpected development of bilateral relations.

The lion is rising

You may encounter legal or commercial developments where you can implement long-term plans. Positive progress in business life will also be on the agenda. Care should be taken not to criticize your friends too much.

Rising daughter

At the beginning of the week, it is possible to balance expenses and find solutions to problems. Your love life can be better. Care should be taken to be more sensitive about responsibility and to avoid risky situations.

Rising scale

This week, you can evaluate the chances of getting caught abroad or in education related fields. You can also solve household problems. Since differences of opinion in the family can cause tension, one should try not to be biased.

Growing Scorpio

A week to solve health problems. In the case of bilateral relations, situations may arise where positive communication is established and good awareness is experienced. Unexpected expenses related to your close circle may also come up.

Rising Spring

At the beginning of the week you can get good news about child or love life. A week where there will be more comfortable flow in business and financial matters. Care must be taken to maintain animosity and dominance in bilateral relations.

Capricorn is rising

Unexpected improvements in health can occur. But at the beginning of the week, it will be possible to solve the problem and restore order. This is a week where you can have a wonderful time and be creative.

Rising bucket

Things that are hidden or ignored can come to the fore. However, it will be possible to solve these problems easily. Circumstances about the family need to be clarified this week.

Rising fish

At the beginning of the week, plans related to real estate or your parents may be disrupted. You can consider this situation as an opportunity for you to make more profit. A week where your communication will be effective in your social circle.

I wish you all a productive week, with love,

Aslihan Doctoroglu


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