Who is his Ben Zelun? His books and sayings by Ben Zelun

The life of Moroccan writer Ben Jello has been explored. So who is his Ben Zelun? Where did his Ben Zelun originally come from? When and where was his Ben Zelun born? Is his Ben Zelun alive? Here is the life of Ben Jello …

The literary personality, life story and works of his Moroccan writer Ben Zeloun are intriguing. Book lovers are trying to find out about his Ben Zelun in search engines. We have prepared for you the life, books, words and quotes of his Ben Jello. Here is his life, work, words and quotes from Ben Jello …

Date of birth: December 1, 1944

Place of birth: Face, Morocco

Who is his Ben Zelun?

His son Ben Zeloun was born in 1944 in Morocco. He completed his secondary education in Tangier, where he went with his family; After that he got higher education in Rabat. He taught at Tetuan and Casablanca. She immigrated to France in 1971 and began studying sociology and social psychology. Her first book of poetry was published shortly after her departure for Paris, and her first novel, Harruda, was published in 1973. As a poet, novelist and essayist, he was very interested in immigrants and displaced persons. He was the first Moroccan writer to receive this prestigious literary award. The author’s novels have been translated into Turkish: A Quiet Day in Tangier, Night of the Wrong, Hotel of the Poor, The Claps of Mr. Morality, The Blind Angel and I Tell My Daughter About Racism. He lives in Paris with his wife and daughter, Ben Zeloun, who is also a member of the Supreme Council of French Literature, founded by Francois Mitterrand in 1984. In his novel Ben Zelloun, Morocco or Moroccan heroes emerge more than French society. Poetry rebelling against oppression and injustice is his first product; After that he did not stop writing poetry. The subject matter of his novels is mostly the concept of “justice”; But it is a living concept that is tested on individual personalities and lived with them; Because, according to Ben Zelun, the author’s duty is to remind that without the individual, freedom or culture cannot exist. Ben Zeloun’s work has always been true to Moroccan oral tradition; Even if he writes in another language, it is always Morocco that feeds him and gives him the ability to make.

His book Ben Zelun – his composition

  • Absence of blindness of light
  • Holy night
  • Sand child
  • In my country
  • About my mother
  • Beckett and Janet – a tea from Tangier
  • A quiet day in Tangier
  • Last friend
  • Hotel for the poor
  • Enchanted love
  • Hotel for the poor
  • Jean Janet: The Great Lair
  • The fall of Mr. Morality
  • Blind angel
  • Emotion maze
  • Go
  • Error night
  • Telling my daughter about racism
  • What did the camel say?

Tahar Ben Jelloun Quotes – Song Lyrics

  • Time is us, not the dial of the clock, when you close your eyes you go to the past, when you close again you go to the future, when you open your eyes there is no mystery, you are now in time, you are as thin as cigarette paper at the moment, you know what I am I mean? (In my country)
  • These memories of the past, which are constantly present in his memory, bother him, just like the white sky he sees vaguely or the doors through the wind he hears screaming …A quiet day in Tangier)
  • মানুষের In the beginning man has nothing, and in the end he should have nothing. However, human rights are instilled. A house, relatives, children, property, money, gold, other people… I am not learning to do anything on my own. (Holy night)
  • I want to forget. I failed. I met Charlatan and the bandits. I lost my way among the nomads who invaded the city. (Sand child)
  • Religion must live in silence and respect. (Holy night)
  • “I say pure courage in the love of danger, violence. You can tell at a glance, a position, a smile, and it creates unrest in you. It brings you down …”Beckett and Janet – a tea from Tangier)
  • Among those who give you a long moral lesson are some who hire a waiter, bring in young girls and high school girls, put a hundred dirhams in their pockets after sleeping with them. (Enchanted love)
  • Everyone should come before us in their most precious solitude. (Beckett and Janet – a tea from Tangier)
  • Our dreams are sooner or later caught in the red. (Jean Janet: The Great Lair)
  • I didn’t say anything else, believing that I was a book that no one would ever open. (Absence of blindness of light)
  • I can’t make friends. So I live my dream and there is a kind of conflict between what is allowed and what is forbidden. (A quiet day in Tangier)
  • Her eyes filled with tears as she thought and felt her words. She turns the page so she can’t cry. (A quiet day in Tangier)
  • … where is my mother? That hollow is not his face, that little round head is not his head, that piece of wood is not his bed. Absence flowed through the room, endless absence. Items, makes all items useless, stale, worn out, ugly. (About my mother)
  • Seeing that I was very worried, he assured me that we are connected to each other in life and death and no one can break our friendship (Last friend)
  • I know what people can do when they want to hurt other people. (Absence of blindness of light)
  • “Sartre, who’s dead? A faint rash of smoke.” (Jean Janet: The Great Lair)
  • In addition to the love of God, our parents are taught almost religious love. (About my mother)
  • Every life demands respect. (Telling my daughter about racism)
  • Our sin, the sin that consumes our souls and takes away everything from its purity at every moment, is to escape from our solitude. (Holy night)
  • … there is something broken inside us that brings us closer. (Holy night)

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