‘Behajat c.’ Come back … Nejat Ishlar’s ‘Behajat 7.’ Description

In a statement from her social media account, Nejat Ishler said, “I say goodbye to the character of Ercüment Solver, which I love very much. Thanks to everyone who contributed. There is still a lot of work to be done.”

Behajat c. The character Ercüment Solver, who is remembered for his TV series, was the main character in the TV series “Respect: Bir Ercüment Solver Series”, which aired for two seasons on Blue TV. Isler was accompanied by Erkan Kane, Mire Daner and Boran. Kujum in the series.

Behajat c. Come back

Erdo বেসan Besicioglu said in a recent statement that Behjat c. Return with new episodes as a full staff.

Who is Nejat Islar?
He was born on 28.02.1979 in Istanbul. Her grandfather is a master of fashion workers and her father is a worker.

After elementary school, Ishler Kagalolu continued his education at Anatolian High School. Jobs said he took his title from his grandfather’s job. He entered the school’s theater branch to become popular in his new school, where he could not get used to the environment and run away from his lessons.

Nejat Ishler, who became popular in a short time, was also avoiding his class. After graduating from high school, he could not get into university, so he started organizing tea parties to earn money. When Nejat’s party did not live up to its promise, he sank into debt. To pay off his debts, he decided to buy T-shirts from Mahmut Pasha and sell these T-shirts in Tevikiye. In winter, he sold books, magazines and records instead of T-shirts.

Two years later, Nejat Ishler, a winner in the photography department at Ildiz Technical University, dropped out of military service.

One day as he was walking around Taksim on March 27, World Theater Day, he saw “Danton’s Death”, which was shown for free on a theater stage. “Why am I not doing this?” Thinking, Nejat Ishler decided to take the Conservatory exam in Eskisehire, where he went to see his uncle.

When he returned to Istanbul, he applied to the conservatory department of Mimar Sinan University, which he saw in 1991 and won. He participated in state theater and television series until he graduated from the State Conservatory in Mimar Sinan University in 1995. During this time he continued to operate the Hawker Stall where he sold CDs and books.

After graduating in 1995, he founded the “Heroes and Jesters Theater” with two of his friends. After establishing the theater, he started writing stories for his plays. “Maybe someone who has never read can write these. I don’t write to write, I write to play.” He has written three books, which he called “Strange City Stories”, “We Are Poor People” and “Loneliness is My Secret Lover”.

He was nominated for the 41st Antalya Golden Orange Award in the Actors category. Noting that his goal is to play a major role and not be famous at every opportunity, Ishler said that his only wish is to do his job as best as possible and that he wants to die while doing theater.

After her first television series, Pride, where she starred in 1994, she starred in the TV series Daily Eureka, Shahnaz Tango, How I Stayed at Home, Dadam, Wafer and Me, Love and Pride, The Devil Is in the Devil Series. . Details He gained his real popularity in the TV series Gulbeyaz and Aliye. In 1999, he starred in his first feature film, September Storm. He continued his acting career with the Istanbul film All About Mustafa and Tell Them.

He starred in films such as “Stolen Eyes”, “On the Edge of Life” and “Two Super Movies at Once” in 2006 and “Barda” and “Dim” in 2007. She starred in the 2007 television series “Bıçak Back”, the most popular TV series. He starred in the TV series “Grand Bazaar”, which began in the autumn of 2009. Unlike all the roles he played in the Ankara Detective TV series, he played the role of Ercüment Çözümer, an extraordinary serial killer.

He has covered the song ‘Ah’ of Duman group. She also sang on Suzanne Cardes’ album Suzanne Cardes and Make Up Room, which included names such as Haluk Bilginer, Olgun Simsek, Sem Ilmaz, Ozgu Namal, and sang the song Hanki.

He played the lead role in the Casanley Ali Epic series, which starred as Canal D in the lead role. He played the role of Rujgar in the TV series Inticam on Canal D.

Finally, he played Bora in Canal D’s TV series Bodrum Masali. Nejat Ishler, who wants to lead a quiet life after his illness, has opened a second-hand bookstore called Tejgah in Bodram Gumushalu.

In 2015, he was elected chairman of the Bodrum-based Gumuslukspor Club.

Duration of illness

In September 2013, Ishler left the TV series Inticam, where he starred with Beren Sat due to psoriasis, and went to Bodram Gumshuluk’s house and made the following statement on his Facebook page that he did not want. To be treated

“I have no intention of refusing medical treatment or premature death. Sometimes you know you can’t handle your answer, but you still want to know the truth. When you make a million bets, your body suffers. I have come naked, I will go naked. My goal is to buy time. I have no problem owning property. It’s like stealing property. I just don’t like it. This is how we are as a generation. They didn’t teach us to love, to be attached to things. We have not developed that aspect. I am part of the world. I am not confined here and in my body. Some are wrong, some are in pain. I am suffering the same pain. So I would be happy to buy a beautiful house with a new model car? No, I’m not. If there is happiness among us, I doubt their intelligence and their eyes. Because they don’t look good. You didn’t hit me because: I haven’t played with you yet. When I say I’m going, I don’t want someone to say ‘don’t go’, I want someone to say ‘I’m coming too, you can’t go alone’.

On January 17, 2014, he was taken to the hospital and treated in the intensive care unit. On January 22, 2014, he was transferred from Bodrum Hospital, where he was treated at Asibadem Maslak Hospital in Istanbul. On January 30, 2014, doctors reported that Ishlar had begun talking. In April 2014, he was discharged from the Veby Coke Foundation American Hospital.

September 1998 storm
2003 All about Mostafa
2004 Say Istanbul
2005 Stolen eyes
2007 times
2010 black and white
2011 Losers Club
2011 Sycamore Tree
2012 Behajat c. I bury you in my heart
2013 Behajat c. Ankara is burning
2014 winter sleep
2016 instead of us
2017 Istanbul Red

2005 – 1st White Pearl Award “Best Actor – Adventure” (wins), “Best Actor – Drama” (nominated)
2005 – 12th ÇASOD Best Actor Award “Best Actor” (Won)
2004 – 41. Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival “Best Actor” (Nominated) Day)

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