Breaking News | They cleaned the grave of the martyred father with rose water.

They cleaned the grave of the martyred father with rose water.

KONA – The wife and children of police officer Battal Ildiz, who was killed in a clash with burglary suspects in Istanbul’s Tuzla district in 2017, poured rose water to clean their father’s grave, which they visited on Father’s Day. The children of the martyrs plant wind roses in their father’s grave as a Father’s Day gift.

The wife and child of police officer Batal Ildiz, who was shot in the chest and taken to the hospital where he was taken, were shot dead by a suspect during a chase on the Istanbul E-5 Emeler Mahalesi station bridge in July. 16, 2017, on suspicion of theft, hurt this Father’s Day. Emin Ildiz, wife of Martyr Battalion Ildiz, who visited his wife’s grave at the Shaheed Cemetery in Konya’s Akshehir district with her 2 sons, cleaned and cared for the grave with her sons. Emin Ildiz, who used a hose to clean the tomb from the dust with water, then to clean the tomb with a cloth in his hand. The eldest son of the martyrs Hasan Ilyas and his youngest son Mehmet Ali poured rose water on their hands and wiped the stone of their father’s tomb and the whole tomb with rose water. The children of the martyrs, who brought it as a gift to their father on Father’s Day, planted 2 wind roses in their father’s grave.

She planted cherry saplings in the cemetery garden for her father.

Explaining that they planted cherry saplings, the favorite fruit of the martyr’s wife, in the garden of the martyr at the request of his son, Emin Ildiz, wife of the martyr, said, “It was the second Father’s Day. We moved to Konya. The school was preparing for Father’s Day. While eating, he asked me, ‘Which fruit does my father prefer?’ “I said, ‘He likes peaches and cherries. It was not suitable for planting a fruit tree. We have done a lot of research. In large pots, the tree feels its roots in the ground. We found that kind of nursery. Then we brought that sapling and planted it in the graveyard. When you plant, they say, ‘Don’t be too optimistic, this sapling won’t grow’, but it holds up very well. “Last year, on the third Father’s Day, we had a little cherry in our hand. This year, I don’t know why there were no cherries because of the season, but we also took a picture with the cherry fruit last year. We picked that cherry last Father’s Day last year.” He said.

“Have a good name, Dad.”

The eldest son of the martyr, Hassan Elias, who prayed at his father’s grave with his mother and brother on the occasion of Father’s Day, said, “There is nothing to say. We brought a wind rose as a gift to my father. Father’s Day. I’ve got the light. Bless your name, my father. “

Mehmet Ali, the youngest son of the martyr, who was 16 months old when his father was martyred, sat on his tombstone because he could not sit on his father’s shoulder to survive and said, “I see my father in a dream. In the dream my father carried me on his shoulder. “

“His father’s tombstone is his father’s shoulder for my son”

Emin Ildiz, the wife of the martyr, who said that her youngest son Mehmet Ali could never climb on her father’s neck, said, “Every time we come to the cemetery, my son always sits on his father’s grave and we take a picture. It is our father’s for us. The throat, and we go there once. Hassan Elias is me now too. “Our father is not with us, but he will see us for the rest of his life.” He may appear before us with a sad face as the neighbor of our Prophet. “I always say the same thing to Hasan Elias. When your father extends his hand to you, let him give us a chance to appear before him who can be a worthy son to him.

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