Experts warn diabetics to pay attention to ‘medication plan before vacation plan’

With the onset of summer, citizens are preparing for the holidays. However, diabetic patients need to be careful and pay attention to certain things while traveling. Otherwise, faster blood sugar fluctuations than in healthy people can cause diabetic patients to experience negative moments both during their journey and on vacation. Internal medicine specialist. Dr. Handy Ozportal offers important advice for diabetics who will travel.

“We recommend that our patients carry a warning identification document that they have diabetes.”

Internal medicine specialist. Dr. Hande Özportakal said, “We recommend that our diabetic patients go through the supervision of a doctor before traveling. If this control is a planned trip, it should be done at least 4-6 weeks in advance. Because if the patient’s diabetes is poorly controlled, we need to give it a certain amount of time to correct. Again, our patients should tell their physicians where they will be traveling. The way domestic and foreign patients travel is also very important to us. Travel by road, sea or air. Accordingly, we make necessary changes in the treatment of patients with insulin and drugs. Made a statement.

“One of our suggestions is to write down the medicines they regularly use on a small piece of paper and carry it to one corner of your wallet.”

Shocked. Dr. Hande Özportakal said: “One of the things our patients should pay attention to is that if they need emergency medical help while traveling, we recommend that our patients carry a warning card indicating that they have diabetes. Also, we recommend that patients write down the medications they regularly use on a small piece of paper and keep them in one corner of their wallet if they are lost or can’t remember the name of the medication. Another thing to be aware of is the sudden development of hypoglycemia, i.e. low blood sugar, during travel, regardless of travel mode. This is an important situation for us and we need to take immediate action We recommend that patients take their devices with them when they experience such symptoms and in case of hypoglycemia they should carry some nutrients that can quickly raise blood sugar. Like cube sugar, fruit juices and glucometers must be with them. In the case of air travel, one thing that should be considered is that we want our patients who use insulin to have a sample prescription, for which their prescription may be requested, since they must be with them during the flight. “She said.

How to carry insulin while traveling

Continuing his speech, Uz. Dr. Hande Özportakal said: “We recommend that they keep their medicines, insulin and luggage in two different places against the risk of harm, so that if one of them is lost the other will hinder their treatment. The part of insulin transport is also very important. In particular, patients using insulin may carry an insulin pen that is not open at room temperature. However, when it is open, it is safe to carry in an ice pack or in a thermos bag. Insulin drugs are heavily influenced by differences in pressure and temperature. That’s why they still have to be careful. In particular, a bag should not be kept with them in aircraft luggage. We do not recommend carrying insulin in places where the temperature will rise too much, such as glove compartments or luggage, on land trips. Diabetics must have a good plan, consult their doctor before traveling and make necessary changes in their medication, which will enable them to spend a beautiful holiday time. Says

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