He decorated the Istanbul-Sivas road with advertisements to find his missing father.

Businessman Ahmet Karatag, Istanbul- Shivas He is looking for his 80-year-old father, who went missing 9 years ago on his way back from his village in Koulhisar. And gas stations.

ShivasNazim Karatag, a father of 7 children, living in the Susehri district of Turkey, moved to the village of Sutlus, 22 km from Koulhisar, where he was born and raised on June 10, 2013.

Karatag, who regularly visits his village, set off on foot to return to his home in Sushehri. Karatag, who is said to have left his village on the same day, never returned. News Could not accept.

First, the children, who tried to call their father in their own way, reported the situation to the police and Gendarmerie without any results. A search was conducted in the area with the participation of many genders to find the old man on the basis of the missing application.

A detailed search with the help of helicopters and search and rescue dogs yielded no results. Despite all the searches in the last 9 years, no trace of karate has been found so far.

Ahmet Karatag, a grocer in Saria, returned to his hometown after learning of his father’s disappearance. For two months, he searched for his father in all the surrounding villages.

Finding no sign, Karatağ continues her search with missing notices with pictures of her father and large banners hung at her workplace.

They made the announcement in Istanbul with the help of their friends, relatives and the Grameen Samiti. Shivas Listening facilities and gas stations on the D-100 highway, between the highway and the workplace.

Reflecting his longing for his father in his poems, Karatag failed to reach any result despite all his efforts.

Karatag continues to search for his father, whose absence he deeply feels, in Fatih Sultan Mehmet Para, pasting missing advertisements in his workplace window and hanging a large banner on his wall.

“We couldn’t find any clues”

Ahmet Karatag told the Anadolu Agency (AA) that his father always went to and from their village.

Explains that his father sometimes stays in the village at night and sometimes returns for the day, and when he leaves his uncle or neighbors give him hospitality. She’s on her way back. Headman’s brother invites me to him, but he can’t stop my dad. Headman’s brother calls my brother who lives in Sushehri and tells him that my father is coming. My brother is not interested either, he always does. They go out, but they can’t find it. It is, “he said.

Upon learning of his father’s disappearance, Karatag met his other brother. ShivasHe said they went.

Explaining that they had not heard from their father since that day, Karatag said:

“We did not find any clues. Gendarmerie came, the helicopter was searched. We searched a lot, but we did not find. I searched for two months. We searched wherever we could go or were found. We searched by car.” We announced. Some people said, ‘We’ve seen it here and there,’ but we found nothing. If the animal had eaten it, we would have found its remains. It had no money in its pocket. He had no property. He had no enemies. “

Karatag noted that his father, who has epilepsy and age-related dementia, had disappeared several times in Istanbul, but was soon found.

“I have an acquaintance, I made him posters. I was in my town at the time. We have an association. Friends in the association are from Istanbul to Sivas Sushehri.” They hung posters at facilities and gas stations. We hung it all over Sivas, along the road between Koolhisar and Sushehri. We hung it everywhere inside Sushehri. ” Says

“I would have celebrated Father’s Day if he had been here.”

Explaining that fatherlessness is difficult and painful, Karatag said that loss is something completely different.

Karatag said, “If he had died, we would have buried him,” and continued:

“My last mother died, we buried her. Its location is clear, but not like my father’s. If I could find her walking stick, if I could find it I would say ‘here’. It was hard, these years. Every moment is hard when I think about it. God does not lose hope. If I find something, shoes, anything, that is enough for me. Now I am after finding something. Dad is dear. If my dad was here, I would celebrate his father’s day. I would hug and hug him. Nothing could be done for him. “

Karateg called on the authorities, particularly Home Minister Suleiman Soylu, to examine the records of the elderly care homes.

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