Last minute! Ozlem Dursun, 32, mother of 3 who was traumatized by her husband in Ridge, has died.

The young woman, mother of 3 children, who was traumatized by her husband in Ridge, died at the hospital where she was taken.

Ramzan Dursun, 38, sends pictures taken on his mobile phone to his wife’s family and friends when he hits Ojlem Dursun, 32, a mother of three. After the incident, the wife’s mother and friends called the police and informed them.

He looked injured

Teams rushed to the scene and took Ozalem Dursun, who was determined to be injured, and Ramazan Dursun, who pretended to stab his wife, to Rise State Hospital.

The young woman is not going to be saved

Examination of the girl revealed that she had fractures and cerebral hemorrhages in different parts of her body and she was taken to the intensive care unit. Police arrested the injured Ramzan Dursun after he was treated at the hospital. Despite all the intervention, Ozlem Dursun could not be saved and died this morning.

On the other hand, after Ramzan Dursun was taken to the police station, he was arrested in court and sent to jail.

The body of the deceased Dursun was taken to Ridge Forensic Medicine Institute for autopsy.

Details: He appealed to Caddes but the police came and stopped his complaint

On the other hand, it is learned that Ozlem Dursun had applied for KADES application on the day of the incident and she withdrew her complaint to the police team who came to the spot for fear of her husband.

Ozlem Dursun’s sister made the statement

On the other hand, Yasin, who lost his sister, gave a speech on reform. “We don’t know exactly how the incident was handled, but we have the sensation,” Sankar said. You know, there is a KADES application around 4.5-5. Upstairs there was a problem that pressed and the police came. The teams took my sister down. Like in the car, he was not supposed to go home anymore, what happened, how did he get cheated? I mean, it’s my sister, I know she did it every time she did it. She threatened my sister with her children. He did what he did every time. “I will kill your children, you will come home,” he threatened his children. He was not supposed to go. He went home, and when he got home, he had a house. There are interesting hand tools, there is music and sound system. For example, he increased the volume of the song and badly beat my sister. It is already known, so I do not know exactly what he used.

After the beating, his son-in-law posted a picture of his sister on social media to his circle of friends, Sankar said, adding, “Why didn’t he die in gold?” She was beaten a lot, she was beaten a lot, there were a lot of fights in the nursing home, my sister settled down. I’m sorry, come back, I won’t do this, I won’t do this So there’s a long time before the show. They’re posting pictures of my mom to her friends on social media. My mom sees this and calls me, ‘Hurry up and go home.’ I’m getting here. When I arrived, the police, the ambulance crew or something was always here. When I got home, my sister was in her bedroom, but the photos were in the room with this hand tool and there were some things and bags under the pictures. He was beaten and separated from the house when the teams arrived Was, ”he said.

Yassin Sankar, who said his sister died of a brain hemorrhage due to a head injury, said her sister’s husband was addicted to alcohol, drugs and pills. Sankar said, “He cut himself completely with a knife. Satan you know, that he makes 40 in his head and does it, that is, such a person. He made a fable like “He hit me with a knife and I hit him with a knife”. He sent me many threatening messages while in custody. I don’t understand how they give this phone to him, so they shouldn’t give it to me, I have the messages they send, his watch and so on, “he said.

On the other hand, the young woman, who is registered in the lion population of Shavsat district of Artwin, will be buried in the municipal cemetery of Atmeidani Para after Janaza prayers at Rise Beach Mosque.

Source: UAV

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