Lincoln Henrik: ‘I feel at home in Fenerbahce’

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Brazilian midfielder Lincoln Henrique, who was tied in his colors by the Portuguese team Santa Clara Club before the new season in Fenerbahce, was a guest on the ‘Day Interview’ program aired on FB TV.

Expressing his feelings for the first time, Henrik said, “I am very happy to be here. I am grateful for this opportunity. I am very happy to be able to represent a great club. I have a lot of confidence in my teammates, coaches and myself. We will work hard to achieve our goals this season. ” Says

Explaining that his teammates have accepted him very well, Henrik said, “We have a lot of experienced and good players in our team. They welcomed me very well. I feel at home here. Over time we get to know each other better. Everyone here will work hard for the success of their teammates and basically for the success of the team. ” He said.

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He had the opportunity to interact more with the Portuguese-speaking name in our team, Lincoln Henrique said, “I try to be in constant dialogue with other players. I want to improve my language and have a lot of discussions with everyone. ” Used phrases.

I came here for my good work

Regarding the transfer process, Lincoln Henrik said: “There were other teams at the time who wanted me, but when I heard that Fenerbahce had offered me, I wanted to come here. I have been to Turkey before and have had a successful season here. After that season, I want to play in a big team like Fenerbahce. It wasn’t possible at the time, but I did my best and got what I got today. I came here for my good work. I am very happy. “

George Jesus is a teacher who takes the best from the players

About George Jesus, Henrik said, “I talked to him before he came. I’ve played against him before. I feel lucky to have worked with him. I think everyone on this team feels that way because we have a coach like that. “There are opportunities to work. He is a coach who really brings out the best in the players. He wants the same from everyone. He is a really great person, a great coach. There is no doubt that we will have a good season with him.” Evaluated her.

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“Details are very important in football life,” said Brazilian footballer Jorge Jesus. Details always make a difference. So we should be happy to work with such a teacher. He pays great attention to detail. He continues to explain to us in detail. Almost a perfectionist. He always tries to bring out the best in the actor. There is no doubt that success will come this way. ” He said.

Regarding his qualities, Lincoln Henrik said, “I am an attacking midfielder. I think my passing and shooting skills are good. I think I use my body well and I am physically well. I’m not good at explaining myself, I usually like to show up on the field. Of course, I have flaws, but I’m still working to fix them. I work hard, “he said

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We continue our hard work to achieve our goals

Regarding their Champions League 2 qualifier Dynamo Kyiv, Lincoln Henrique said: “It’s going to be a tough match, just like any other game. We are preparing in the best possible way. We do not consider who the opponent is. “Whatever it is, we’re doing our best to win all the matches we can.” Evaluated her

The footballer he took as his idol was Ronaldinho Gaucho, a successful midfielder who told his starting story in the following words: “Almost everyone in my family comes from a football background. My father played football, he had a small team which he owned. My brothers were playing football and I couldn’t take a different path. I entered the Grammys really early. I used to play futsal, then I used to feel good on the court and so on. “

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Football represents love and passion for me

Mentioning that football represents his love and passion, Lincoln said, “I don’t know if there are any players who don’t think that way, but really, we have a lot of problems with our work. When people look at it from the outside, they may think that our work is easy, but we are really busy with our work and we may face difficulties in our career. I really fell in love with football. I think that’s what most players think. Football represents love and passion for me. I already came from a football-based family and grew up that way. When I was little, my only gift was a soccer ball. I even lie down with a soccer ball. I can say that I grew up with a love for football. Used phrases.

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About his character, he said, “I am a very family-oriented and calm person. I am married, I have 2 children. My family is my everything. I always try to do my best for my profession and my family. They are my everything and I need them. I am righteous, I live a quiet life. Because of my profession, I don’t try to lead a very active life. “Lincoln, using his expression, expressed that he would be happy to continue his football career in his family with the following words:” We are doing a difficult job. If my son’s football Everyone has the same passion and love but I will be happy and supportive. Of course, priority is always education. Time will tell. “

Everyone will try their best to get the kit opportunity

Regarding the jersey competition, Lincoln Henrik said, “It will be tough like every season. Especially when you play for the biggest team in the country, there are really great football players and every player wants to show himself. Jersey competition is tough every season. Everyone will try their best to get a chance to play, “he said.

We need fans. We want to support us in the end

Finally, Lincoln told Henrik’s fans, “I thank them for the warm welcome they gave me. We need them very much. We want them to support us. We want to win everything this season. We want to win all our matches. Our work is also going well. When they fill the stadium and support us with enthusiasm, they will undoubtedly be a driving force. We will do our best to make them happy. ” He finished his speech.

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