Movies and music all the way!

A gentle rain accompanies the imbat wind coming from the sea. And I look at the movie posters lined up in Izmir Cordon and start dancing softly like the rain. Because it’s my favorite musical Singing in the rain Movie posters (under the rain) soon tempted me FelliniI’m going to the movie 8.5 ‘This movie I saw in my 20s, let’s see how it will affect me at my age. Also the music genius who composed the music for all of Fellini’s films Nino routeI missed its tempting tunes, wow, Nino Rota composed the music for that director. CoppolaFamous movies “Father”The poster is in front of me.

A pink flamingo is spreading joy throughout Izmi today.

Anyway, now I have to say where I am, you know, I’m at the 2nd Izmi International Film and Music Festival. I got dizzy when I was scrolling through the festival book, there are 120 movies and countless events and they are all free. However, it should not be thought that I am leaving that movie of Izmir and running to the other side, where is my friend Vekdi Sayar, who is the festival director of 40-odd years, will he leave me empty? Sorry Vekdi SawyerI, who run short film festivals year after year Hilmi ItikanDocumentary and Iranian cinema expert Tahir IsbilenDirector Nihat DurakDirector and music producer Kumhur Bakkan, Professor of Education. Dr. Tulip bully Launched for the first time this year “Music of Life” We were members of the jury for the title short film competition. We read the stories of 64 movies submitted to the competition and chose 10 movie stories and the winners came to Izmir from Sakaria, Mardin, Konya, Istanbul and Istanbul as guests of Izmir Municipality, and we checked the stories together for five days, it is great. We’ve spent time together and we’ve just finished our workshops with the latest information, we’re meeting again in the fall, let’s see who shot what? There is little subsidy for making movies. 10 thousand lira! Izmir’s studios, however, are at their disposal for assembly, post-processing and music.

Now let’s come to a wonderful documentary that made me cry and clap until my hands got tired: Love, Mark and death. The director lives in Berlin Same body. I’ve played a number of pirates so far, but this is my first time watching a pirated movie. Because of the weather, the movie was canceled in the open air and kept on the last day of the festival. With a pirate show. It is clear from what I have written that I like this pirate business. I think Jim liked it too.

The film begins with the story of Turkish people who left their village for Germany in the 1960s. I give them “My Heroes”I say. Hometown folk songs with touching images of those who have left and those who have left behind, and then they spread to different cities in Germany and started a new life. And in this new life, they are the companions of the songs that came up from the cassettes of the musicians who lost their way in Germany. Cassettes and records are sold by the millions, and female singers and men continue to win gold records. Then the wedding day started, exactly 15 years! Real marks are burned at weddings, 300 marks are printed on belly dancers, singers drown in money. Suddenly I had to go abroad for a surprise Sam Karaka In the scenes, German TV channels follow him, he speaks and speaks perfect German, his charisma hurts but it is clear that he wants to return to his homeland and whatever he will come …

If I don’t cry now, who will cry? The movie is on, it’s time Rock Coming to their team, now the youngsters are on stage and they are gorgeous! And the film ends in a park in Berlin, where all the musicians and cassette players gather every Tuesday. What else am I going to say, but I end here because of the limitations of my column. But I can’t help saying two things: First, Izmir is a very lucky city! Second, the Turkish people hold fast to their own songs, music and belly dancers abroad. Because they are all expatriates!

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