“Our goal is gold medal” – TRT Spor

National team Aslı İskit and Yasemin Şahin, who are preparing for the 19th Mediterranean Games to be held in Oran, Algeria between June 25 and July 5, answered questions from AA correspondents.

“The Mediterranean Games are very important to us. We want to go there and be champions. Usually, I don’t like to talk too much, but we want to come back. A gold medal,” said Aslı İskit. All my teammates have the same inspiration. Our only goal is to come back as champions. ” Used expressions.

Emphasizing on a new formation in the national team, the 28-year-old left playmaker said: “We can feel the difference. “It’s about going abroad. When we see 2-3 years ago, one guy was playing outside. This year, we have athletes who went as new transfers. Everyone got the courage. I can see that difference step by step.” He said.

“We lack sponsors”

Noting that they lack sponsors in handball, Aslı İskit stressed that they also need to develop communication skills.

Noting that women’s volleyball has made great strides in many areas, the 26-year-old national player said that they can achieve the same in the long run with the right steps in handball. “We need to address media issues and follow this path. I think we need to improve our media.” Evaluated her.

“I played first in Sweden and finally in Germany. Playing in Germany was a very extra feeling for me. I decided to watch it a little more professionally this year. Both teams have been champions in Romania,” said Asli Iskit, who will continue his career in Romania next season. They are joining the league. They have transferred very important players to the league. I wanted to try the Romanian League. “

Shaheen: “Our goal is gold medal”

National handball player Yasmeen Shahin says they believe they will compete in a tough group at the Mediterranean Games, but they will win the gold medal successfully.

Expressing full confidence in the new generation, the 33-year-old middle playmaker said: “Our goal is to win the gold medal. We hope we can get it back home. Group matches will be tough, but our goal is to come first. Bring a gold medal for our country in the final. ” Made a statement.

Yasmeen Shaheen, referring to the importance of bringing Romanian Costa Busechi as head coach of a national women’s handball team, expressed the following views:

“The coach has a high level of knowledge and experience. It forces us to fight harder. The fact that the coach is a foreigner changes Europe’s attitude towards us. The teams pay more attention to us because of the coach’s experience and previous success. Some of our friends play in Europe. Contributes a lot. “All the athletes in our country are very talented, but they seem to have disappeared. Advertising, extroversion and exposure to Europe are very positive with the advent of teachers. “Just as volleyball has gained momentum in Turkey, we plan to maintain it through the Mediterranean Games.”

Yasmeen Shaheen, who mentioned that his contract with Yalikavakspor, with whom he had played for the last time, had expired, said: “Yalikavakspor was not what we wanted, we aimed at at least one trophy, but we failed. Next year, I will be playing at Conalty Belediespor. I hope we will win all the trophies we aim for there and be more successful. ” Used expressions.

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