Sen Shakarak is a father: Bullet Sakrak

His sincerity and clear energy are always reflected in his work. Babies feel it the most. Successful actor Bulent Sakrak is excited to introduce the audience to the Stone Paper Scissors Workshop, where he and his family nowadays work.

Their reflective light and relationship with their children Okan Ali, Melissa and his wife Sida Duvensi inspires us. We asked Shakrak about becoming a father, his career journey and country. Today I leave the word of father …

We saw you as Payro in the most talked about TV series Ershan Kuneri. It has also been informed that the shooting of the second episode will start. How did this story start, how did you join the project?

One day we were sitting at home, Sem called brother, then we had a meeting and he explained his mind. Cem Yılmaz is one of the best comedians in the country. He is very important to many people and to me. So when the offer came I wanted to stay in it. This will be the second season, but I think it’s a project that could happen next summer.

You have the same art as Ceyda. When we look from the outside, we see an example of life together that tends to be fun. How is your relationship going?

It’s going very well. Maybe we’re just kidding because we don’t think about being an example. We work hard and the idea of ​​being able to do something together is very good for our relationship. Honestly, I haven’t seen many examples of such a relationship before starting a joint life with Cedar. In fact, this was the motivation: work together and produce.

What will happen to the children? Can you make time for them?

Yes always. We work hard, but we don’t neglect children, we don’t give them anything “Where are you?” We did not force them to speak. ” We never left them empty. Ceyda and I are confident when we succeed in doing something with the kids. Because it has no age. We lean on each other, on our friends, and I think we’re smart enough to not break that pattern (laughs), so we keep going.

What has changed for you as a parent?

Even being a dad, I changed the way I hit the gas pedal in the car. How can I explain … Melissa was the first to make me a father. A very special child, my first tears. Melissa’s strength, her strength (I think her strength) and of course her hard work are invaluable. Spending time with Melissa will make you feel ashamed. We had a love marriage, then we had Ali and it really felt like “Ali”.

It has been very good for her sister, for us, for our lives. “Being a father?” I don’t know, but it has changed a lot about my motivation for survival. I have become a lover of life. With our friends in the past “I’m going to die for you” We would count calling it as a gift. I think I don’t die for anyone else, I live for someone else.

So, has being a parent changed your sense of responsibility?

This inevitably changed, but I was not an irresponsible person anyway. I am the child of retired working parents. I grew up in a home where you always had a responsibility. We were forced not to scavenge, to work carefully, to take good care of our belongings. There were times when I was stupid too, but as you get older you may develop into a different place.

In our country, the relationship between parents and children is divided into narrow areas. In society, the person who should take care of the child in every way is seen as the mother and is entrusted with the responsibility. Why does the father feel less contact with the child?

At the moment, the woman is very talented and an incredible creature. We can’t carry a nine month old baby. I can’t give birth to that, people say it’s mine. There is a strange connection between mother and child. One gets milk, the other gets hungry at the same time and so on. Quite different … our country has something like what you say, but I have an objection to that. When this story begins, it will be interesting to see how much Dad was involved in this process. I have involved myself in this process.

A lot about children is made for women. For example, female entrepreneurs have come up with a very nice gift for us to carry a baby. “Why don’t you make it into a color that people can use comfortably?” I said. The man does not want to carry her because he has never carried anything like that in his life. He needs to be involved in this process.

Is there anything that makes you understand better after becoming a father?

Yes, if my dead father and mother were alive. Ali is four and a half years old. My mother’s last years were spent with Alzheimer’s disease. My late father died at the age of 70. They cannot live with their grandchildren. If they are healthy now, give them “You really love me so much, I don’t understand.” I mean. I realized how much I love children. Because I love my children too. I always feel that they love me very much. I actually give them the love I get from them.

If we ask Melissa and Ali about you, what will they say?

In fact, you don’t have to think too much. “Joke” They say.

What are you doing together?

All we have to do is; We play games, we do art, we draw, we drive, we swim, we do it. We network together. I know Melissa is crying because I’m crying. Or as we fight Ali.

As a parent, do you have any worries about the situation in this country?

We decided to get rid of the anxiety. This country is ours, these people are our people, let’s not know. We will take good steps, we will multiply, we will change. Everyone’s face is sad, not happy, but we have to be. I agree with leaving the country, but if you do not want to go, something needs to be done. We really love this country. We live here and keep doing something. When we do something for our own children, we are already doing it for the children of this country.

“They take Neset Ertas as their grandfather.”

Your children grow up with art. Are they already headed to an area?

For example, Melissa wrote her own essays. Ali is busy with other work. Ceyda and we have nowhere to worry about their direction. I’m afraid to make big noises, but the universe is a pool. They will choose whatever they like from there. For example, we’ve heard of Neşet Ertaş for a long time and they think he’s their grandfather. “Grandpa Knesset” They say. The taste of their musical instruments, they like and the activity varies.

“I’m safe but I don’t feel it”

Are you a protective father?

As much as possible, but try not to make the kids feel it too much. The baby should not feel it too much, “He protects me, I have to be like him.” He should not say because he is also a person. Let’s be good friends first, and we’ll settle for paternity and adoption somewhere along the way. I want them to come and tell me about their first love, if they break up. For example, Melissa told me about the first boy she fell in love with. I dream of establishing a relationship from such a place. I don’t know how skilled we will be at doing this, but I’m trying, my perception is clear at the moment.

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