Since 2013, 2.5 million of our citizens have benefited from family education activities.

Deria Yannick, Minister of Family and Social Services, She participated in the “Father’s Day” program organized by the Ministry for the staff working in the Basket Teachers’ House, central and provincial organizations.

Celebrating everyone’s Father’s Day, Yannick said that a person learns a sense of trust from his father and the bond established with the father is the greatest strength to go one step further.

Noting that the feeling of being part of a larger community in terms of cognitive development begins with the father’s interaction with the child, Deria Yannick said, “It takes time to realize that we are separate entities from the mother. The first bond we establish outside of ourselves is with our father. And this bond connects us to a great whole, to our family, to society and to society, to the world. This feeling makes us confident, nourishes our belief in ourselves. Complete the process of his physical and spiritual existence, mature and his parents. Participate in social life with a strong personality structure in joint efforts. ” He said.

The Minister for Family and Social Services, Yannick, said that families were formed with unity of thought and heart and unity in the family is essential, “but there are two people who form this unity, and if one person is alone in this unity, the family is incomplete.” All the organs that work, produce and use constantly. The couple was created. ” Says

Indicating that leaving the mother alone at home and taking on all the responsibilities of the family as a single person would upset the balance of life, says Yannick:

“When fathers are satisfied with a role that only meets the family’s material needs and protects the family from the outside, the number of people in the home that children will take as an example and meet their love and approval needs decreases. It hinders our children from growing up well.” It depends on the bond between the family members. What enables the bond is the good communication between the family members. For this, the fathers need to be more at home with their family. Listening, listening to the children, appreciating what they do. Extremely decisive behavior in the process of their development. Getting a place in the eyes of the father, gaining a place in his heart is a moment when all children feel most valued. Behind those who reach their goals, feel successful and have a good relationship with their environment, these feelings come from his or her childhood. There are ghosts. He has a great mind and a strong father. ”

“Don’t be satisfied with love in the sleep of children”

Daria Yannick says family ties are healing, and research shows that the material and spiritual benefits a father provides to his child are important contributors to both physical and mental health. “Don’t just love their children. So that you can enjoy life. Eyes “Go beyond the usual stereotypes of those who are ready to share their every joy with their mother so as not to be sad to see your children. Continue your heroic deeds for your family outside the home when you come home. Think of being a dad as an identity worn for life, not a camouflage that hangs on the wall when you come home. “

As a ministry, they emphasize “paternity training” for the well-being of the family, Yannick said, adding that these trainings, which focus on improving paternity skills, aim to enable fathers to be active in the father’s home and to establish a proper and effective establishment. Communication with their wives and children.

“Fathers who forge strong bonds with their children at an early age can also protect them from adolescence. We believe that good fathers have a decisive role to play. We hope fathers value the peace they give their wives and children,” Burns said. Will set an example for our entire society. ” He said.

Free counseling services continue to solve family problems.

Daria Yannick says that in the context of family education activities, training, which they have continued since 2013, has increased the weight of messages aimed at preventing family members from being separated from each other and enjoying unity again.

Explaining that it aims to support the family’s ability to live happily under the heading of enhancing family members’ problem-solving skills and learning about the effective use of resources, Minister Yannick said, “Approximately 2.5 million citizens have benefited from our training in 2013. All provincial departments and social sciences provide it free of charge at our service centers. ” Shared his knowledge.

The Minister for Family and Social Services, Yannick, said that they continue to provide counseling services to solve family problems. ” Says

As Minister, they have always stood by the family with their “family-oriented” policy and organized training, said Deria Yannick. And to make their homes happier and more colorful. ” He said.

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