Summary, Topics and Review of the book Islam Aqeedi – Ahmet Lutfi Kazansi

Whose work is the Islamic Aqeedah? Who is the author of the book Islamic Aqeedah? What is the content and main concept of Islamic Aqeedah? What do Islamic Aqeedah books say? Is there a PDF download link for Islamic Aqeedah? Who is the author of the book Islamic Aqeedah Ahmet Lutfi Kazansi? Here is a summary of Islamic Aqeedah book, its words, comments and reviews …


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Author: Ahmet Lutfi Kazanchi

Publisher: Marifet Publications

ISBN: 9789753590082

Number of pages: 288

What does Islamic Aqeedah mean? Subject, main idea, summary

Allah (CC), who created man in a perfect way in his material and spiritual aspects, especially in his religious life did not leave him unattended and sent a system of pure faith to protect his heart and soul. This belief system, which is far removed from superstitions and superstitions and which the mind and reason will easily accept and support, is the belief system of Hajj. From Adam to Hz. The same for all the prophets up to Muhammad (pbuh). Here, the belief system brought by Islam leads man to the happiness of being a servant of the one and only Almighty God.

Based on this fact, the work in your hands that we have published in the name of Islam Akadi contains all the details of the basic beliefs of Islam that every Muslim should know and believe. Relevant verses and hadiths are included with these basic rules, which are also referred to as the condition of the religion or belief of Islam and thus, the essence and source of the issues are explained. That work is completely consistent with the information in Ahl as-Sunnah Vel-Jamaat’s reliable Aqeedah; Written in a fluent and simple language, it is a quality that meets the needs of all sections of our society.

We believe that this distinguished book, which is free from prejudices and distortions and which truly reveals the Islamic Aqeedah, will provide the desired advantage against the debates and conceptual misconceptions that are becoming more and more widespread today.

Islamic Aqeedah Quotes – Lyrics

  • There are two attributes and whoever has those two attributes, Allah will write him as (grateful, patient). The person who sees and follows (tries to be like him) the person who is higher than himself in terms of religion.
  • “Stubbornness in La Sagira means perseverance in Vela Kabir” If one insists, the small sin does not remain, it becomes a big sin. The one who seeks forgiveness, no major sin remains, is dissolved.
  • Kufr means to deny and cover up. Even though the existence of Allah is obvious, it means to try to cover up this truth.
  • Work for the world as if you will never die, work for the hereafter as if you will die tomorrow. (Behaqi – Faizul Qadir, 2/12)

Islamic Aqeedah Review – Personal Comments

It was the most technical and comprehensive of my aqua readings. As I was reading, I was told how important it is to correct one’s own beliefs according to the beliefs of Ahl as-Sunnah. Because, there is a critique or disagreement of one or more of these aqeedah rules in the mentality that the centuries have tried to create about the divine. If a person equips himself with this knowledge, but with the condition of mindful reading, he can invest the most in his faith. (Sümeyye Nur Oğlakci)

Is there a PDF download link for Islamic Aqeedah?

Ahmet Lütfi Kazancı – One of the most popular searches on the internet for Islamic Aqeedah books is the Islamic Aqeedah PDF link. Most of the paid books on the internet have PDFs. However, downloading and using these PDFs illegally is both illegal and unethical. If the PDF is sold from the publisher’s site, you can download it.

Who is the author of the book, Ahmed Lutfi Kazansi?

He graduated from the Istanbul Higher Islamic Institute in 1964. He teaches at Koram and Esperanto Imam-Hatip High School. Later, in 1977, he became an assistant in Arabic language and rhetoric at the Bursa Higher Islamic Institute. He started teaching at this university in 1980. He then started working in a private faculty in Istanbul. In 1983, he moved to Bursa with his family. ‘Orter of the Prophet’ (1973), ‘Abdulmelik b. Marwan and Ziad b. Ibih became an associate professor with his thesis. He was later promoted to professor. He retired from the Faculty of Theology, Uludag University on 16.07.2003.

He has many books, researches, compilations, translations and essays on the history of Islam and the history of the Prophets. He is also known for his novels emphasizing Islamic moral values.

Ahmet Lutfi Kazanchi Book – Work

  • Missed Dawn
  • Towards the light
  • Migration home in the morning – born
  • Emergence
  • Going to the group
  • Meeting
  • History of the Prophets
  • Stepmother
  • A conscience is awakened
  • The first and great caliph Hz. Abu Bakr (ra)
  • Mother-in-law Mrs. Munever
  • Righteous caliph. Omar
  • Age of Happiness series
  • Amirul Mu’min Hazrat Ali Ra
  • Islam is a religion
  • The martyred caliph, who was destroyed by the Umayyads, Hz. Osman
  • Four Great Psychomores
  • The Last Storm
  • Adil and Zahid Khalifa Omar B Abdul Aziz
  • The speech of our prophet
  • Why did they not believe in our prophet?
  • Karbala’s account
  • Nabi Hassan – Two roses of Hussein
  • Hazrat Khadija El Kubra Ra
  • The ring of prophets from Harz Solomon to Muhammad (peace be upon him)
  • My prophet sa
  • The speech of the Prophet
  • Forty hadiths from the spring of Prophethood
  • Hazrat Osman Ra
  • History of the Prophets
  • 40 Hadiths from the Spring of Prophethood
  • History of the Prophets – 2
  • Islam is a religion
  • Our greatest prophet
  • Herz Omar 2
  • Hazrat Omar Ra
  • Why did they not believe in our prophet?
  • Hazrat Uthman
  • Will, accident and destiny in Islam

Ahmet Lutfi Kazansi Quotes – Lyrics

  • However, these shields will one day reach a certain level, and after enduring sweat and oppression a comfortable and peaceful day will come … (Towards the light)
  • Those who have a sense of humanity cannot help others without thinking about their chastity. The man who doesn’t feel this anxiety, who sees himself as the only hero in the realm of honor, who works with the conviction that every woman has a part for herself … this is the real villain. (A conscience is awakened)
  • Sururi Bay was one of those who divided that reading the Turkish Azan was a big blow to religion and religious people rather than a national feeling. (A conscience is awakened)
  • “Stubbornness in La Sagira means perseverance in Vela Kabir” If one insists, the small sin does not remain, it becomes a big sin. The one who seeks forgiveness, no major sin remains, is dissolved. (Islam is a religion)
  • Harz Suwaib is a prophet sent to the people of Madyan. The people of Midian were known to commit various immoral acts. They cheat in measure and weight and unjustly seize people’s property. Hertz SUAYB; – O my people, serve Allah. You have no god other than He. Clear proofs have come to you from your Lord. Now honestly measure and scale. Do not try to devalue them and take away their products. Do not waste after improving the world. If you are a believer, the field is definitely good for what I have said. (The time of purgatory / verse 85) The people of Madian were Hz. Turning to Suaib, he said: O Suaib, you are one of those who have been bewitched and enchanted and you are not a prophet, you are a person like us. We must think that you are one of the liars. They said, ‘If you are truthful, then rain down on us a piece of the sky. Herz, his people, who denied Shuaib at every opportunity, insisted on bringing the punishment they were talking about. Eventually, the expected defeat came. It was a very hot day. They thought the clouds had brought them coolness. But fire seems to be falling from the clouds. Their brains seem to explode. They entered their house, the most secluded place. It wasn’t like it was going to stop. This torment, which in the Qur’an is called “the torment of the shadowy day”, drove them mad and they did not know what to do. Then a terrible sound and shaking caught them. They fell face down where they were. As if they are not sitting there, settling down, living. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) looked at their silent and calm corpses, which remained like stones, as if they had been crushed. Shuayeb could not control himself saying the words. – I swear, O my people, I have conveyed to you the command of my Lord. I wish you well. Now how do I think of that infidel community? Hz. Shuaib is mentioned in 11 verses of the Qur’an. (History of the Prophets)
  • Whoever maintains respect for Allah, Allah will open the way of salvation for him and provide for him in a way that he has never counted. (Surah Talaq, verse 3) (Meeting)
  • When Hussein was present, the light in the eyes of our beloved prophet, they did not see Yazid as a lowly, impersonal, drunkard, alien to religious values, and disgusting as the “emir of the believers.” Prostration. (Nabi Hassan – Two roses of Hussein)
  • The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) praised the questioner and answered that there is a special value in teaching. This increases the confidence of the questioner and gives him the courage to ask a second question. (The speech of the Prophet)
  • “None of you will believe unless he does what he wants for his believing brother.” (Migration home in the morning – born)
  • God Almighty … There is nothing impossible against His power … Almighty God, who softens the iron in the hands of the prophet David, can also soften these hearts, which are hard enough to carve stones and iron. , If he wills, and makes them like silk. (Towards the light)
  • Abdul Mutalib, who has earned a reputation for “feeding people on the plains and animals on the tops of mountains” and has no guests at his table, would he hesitate to pay his wet mother’s wages? (Missed Dawn)
  • The salt of the world comes with these four people: a scholar who works with his knowledge and sets a good example for people. An ignorant person is not afraid to learn and is not ashamed to ask what he does not know. A generous rich man who spends his wealth for good. The poor man who does not think of selling his afterlife for the sake of the world and protects his chastity. (Four Great Psychomores)
  • Being humble is a ladder of honor and virtue. Being arrogant is the main reason for defeat. (Amirul Mu’min Hazrat Ali Ra)
  • Ali turned to Hasan and Husain, who were sitting beside him, and said: “I advise you to fear Allah. Even though the world is directed towards you, I want you to return to it, but stay away from it. With what is out of your hand.” Don’t be sad and never come back to you. ” (Amirul Mu’min Hazrat Ali Ra)
  • There are only two perfect people: one dead and the other not yet born. (So ​​finding the perfect man in vain) (Righteous caliph. Omar)
  • O people, I am a Muslim, one of the servants of Allah. I am weak without his help. I hope that the work I have undertaken will not change my behavior. Generosity belongs to Allah alone. Pride and arrogance have nothing to do with slavery. Let none of you say, ‘Omar has changed since he became caliph’. I agree to give my rights to those whose rights I have violated and abused. (Hazrat Omar Ra)
  • The commander of the believers tied two swords around my waist. One is mercy, one is the sword of punishment. On the way I lowered the sword of mercy, only the sword of punishment in my hand. I’m already seeing a number of starters. Blood dripping from the edge of his turban and from the middle of his beard screams that he has matured and it is time to tear. I have to roll up their legs to tear off these heads. (Karbala’s account)
  • The condition of a believer is like an intervening and supportive building for another believer. (Migration home in the morning – born)
  • How pleasant are the calamities and disasters that wake people up from their confusion and neglect …A conscience is awakened)
  • “One person has a problem. He wouldn’t announce what he did to someone else …” (Stepmother)

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