Those who do not appreciate the father, their son is a fool!

Turkish singer Ibrahim Tatlis, who has 7 children and 9 grandchildren, shared a scandalous post on his Twitter account on Father’s Day.

Tatlıses said, “Dear father, those who do not praise the father are fools.” Has published the message. This sharing of the famous Turkish singer, who had been having trouble with his son Ahmet Tatlis for some time, asked, “For her son?” Brings questions to mind.

Immediate message from ex-wife

Ahmed Tatlis, while observing his silence, published a post shared on his Instagram account by his mother Adalat Sarah.

Sarah included the following statements in her post:

Today is ‘Father’s Day’ … Happy ‘Father’s Day’; Those who have become the mothers of orphans, those who do not give up their children for the sake of the dead! Those who share their love without distinguishing between daughter, son and stepmother … Those who do not have their mother, daughter or wife’s life in prison because of ‘honor case’ … Those who are worried about their child’s suffering and their happiness Do … those who do not allow their children to live in misery … even if they are not, those who raise children as if they are their children in the love of the father …. Today is ‘Father’s Day’ … Happy Father’s Day? Happy Father’s Day to those who have the burden of life on their shoulders, orphans, fathers like fathers, mothers like fathers.

Ignore her son

Ibrahim Tatlis, on the other hand, who has been at loggerheads with his eldest son Ahmet Tatlis for some time, had earlier attracted attention through a post on his social media account. The famous Turkish singer, who posted pictures of himself with his daughter Gulsen, ignored his son.

Tatlıses, in his post, says, “This is my Gülşen, he does not fight with anyone. I have Gülden too, his father is always in his prayers. Also, I have Melek, who trades his medicine with his father’s doctor. , So don’t ask! ‘How are you dad?’, ‘I’m a super girl.’, ‘I’m too much dad.’ Dilan has, that I want to be a man. The decency and respect in Edo is such that it sets an example for all. Their prayers are enough for me. May God not see them too much for me. “

Talking about his children one by one in his sharing, Ibrahim Tatlis did not mention the name of his eldest son Ahmed Tatlis.

“I won’t hold anyone accountable!”

“After this time, I will not be able to give an account to anyone, I have given what I want. I have guaranteed the future of my children. I am not responsible to anyone. I want to listen to my head,” said Ibrahim Tatlis. Used the word.

“One day you have to go back”

His ex-wife Adalat Sara and his son Ahmet Tatlisse have responded to criticism of the famous Turkish singer.

Sharing a post on her social media account, Sarah said in her post, “Don’t destroy the bridges you have crossed, you may have to come back one day.” Used the word.

“Evil cannot be trained”

Ahmet Tatlıses, after his mother, said, “Evil cannot be trained, may God correct it. We have tried our best, the person has chosen to be evil himself. He knows himself!” Posted the message.

It has reacted before

Tatlisse, who ended his relationship with Gulsin Karakaya, whom he called “my right hand …”, drew the reaction of his first wife, Adalat Sarah, with his statement.

Sarah, Tatlıses, “I didn’t know about the marriage of any of my children except Edo and Melek Zubeid.” He was not indifferent to her words. Justice Sarah responded to Ibrahim Tatlis’ allegations on her social media account.

“Don’t be a father”

Justice Sarah said in a statement: “In the interview, Mr Ibrahim’s statement that he only knew about the marriage of Melek Jubeid and Ibrahim (Ido) and he did not know about the marriage of his other children has nothing to do with the truth. Contrary to what Ibrahim Bay said. “All three of my children knew about their marriage. But unfortunately, he did not and could not be a father in their marriage. I personally invited him to my son Ahmed Selim’s first wedding. Didn’t come. He didn’t call on the wedding day and didn’t give before and he didn’t give any. Help later. ” Used the word.

Ahmet Tatlises also supported this part of his mother.

“Let everyone know”

Following his ex-wife’s remarks, there was a strong reaction from the famous Turkish singer. Tatlıses, on his Twitter account, said, “Of course, Ibrahim Tatlıses is back. Those who hug my rope, I warn them, if I cut that rope, everyone will fall to the ground. In fact, I don’t even want to have a conversation. But I have a We have to answer so that everyone knows their place. ” He shared his message.

After Adalat Sara, Tatlisas married Perihan Savas, Daria Tuna and Aigul Ildiz.

“I won’t have 7 kids!”

Tatlıses, in the past months, said, “If I had my current mind, I would not have had 7 children! , 3 is enough! ” His rebellion came to the fore.

Abraham is the son of Tatlis

Ibrahim Tatlisse had three children, Ahmed, Gulden and Gulsen, from his first marriage.

A daughter named Melek Jubeide was born from the union of Tatlices with Perihan Savas.

Dilan Çıtak, whose daughter, born in 1989, married Işıl Çıtak, appeared in 2013, and Tatlıses adopted his daughter a few years later.

Edo was born out of a relationship with Turkish singer Daria Tuner.

After his marriage to Ayşegül Yıldız, Tatlıses had a daughter named Elif Ginger and became a father for the 7th time.

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