What will you bring this week?

Especially you have to read the rising sign

On the first days of the week, in our relationships, we need to be a little more serious and realistic about the things we value and love. Nowadays, financial difficulties and responsibilities can bother us. With the onset of Cancer on the 21st comes a new activity and sensitivity. As Venus, the planet of love, relationships and joy, moves to Gemini at 23, it can bring a more active and experiential environment to social life, friendships and conversations. During this time, we can become more flexible, curious and innovative in our love and togetherness. Friendships can grow. If it is close to 25, then we should not rush into financial matters.

Month calendar

Which day should we pay attention to?

Sunday 19 June

We are in a day where we can further express our imagination and sensitivity.

Monday, June 20th

Things are changing. Let’s try to be a little more realistic and cautious today.

Tuesday 21st June

We can find new steps and the right time to start.

Wednesday, June 22nd

Being a little more patient in personal matters can give us a lot.

Thursday, June 23rd

Let’s be more calm and thoughtful in the first half of the day. Financial matters became more important.

Friday, June 24

We need to think differently about the future.

Saturday 25 June

We have new requests for finances, but it may be too early to make a decision.

Weekly comments

KOÇ Fire + Pioneer (March 21-April 20)

Since the beginning of this week, more attention and change has been coming to your family, home life, real estate related issues. In addition to settling, you can also make time for your inner world. On the first days of the week, you need to think more seriously about your financial situation and support. So many situations around 21 can’t make you weak. After the 23rd, there is a soft, supportive emphasis in your intimate circle, in your conversation and in general communication. Around 25, you may need to be more patient in financial matters.

Taurus Earth + Fixed (April 21 – May 20)

In the first half of the week, you may feel limited or more responsible about personal desires, intentions, or financial security. Still, there are opportunities to use your talents. From the age of 21, topics and changes are evolving, where you can interact with your environment and your thoughts in a more creative and sensitive way. A group of 21 people in the neighborhood may want to do more on social issues. With 23 of them, you can evaluate the opportunities that come through further support, negotiation and agreement at your Money House.

Gemini Weather + Variable (May 21 – June 21)

The Sun and Mercury are going through your zodiac lately, giving you more dynamism and exposure. These are the days when you can enrich your talents. In the first few days of the week, some dissatisfaction may come to the fore in the case of love or in the matters in which you want satisfaction. Around 21, you can be very diligent in the things you are responsible for. Venus, which will enter your zodiac sign with the 23rd date, will bring opportunities where you can be happier more easily and make your social life colorful. In this new time, love can win.

Crabwater + Pioneer (June 22 – July 22)

Starting this week, the Sun moving in your zodiac sign will bring you a new awareness, movement and awakening. During this time, you can focus on the things you want to achieve with a firm determination. On the first days of the week, there may be some restrictions and serious concerns about financial security and satisfaction. Near the age of 21, you put more effort into your ideas about a distant subject. After the 23rd, there may be some sensitivity and duality in the case of love and the subject you want to make happy. Around 25, financial matters should not be rushed.

Lion Fire + Fixed (July 23 – August 23)

From this week, you can see that in your inner world, there is a difference in your psychology. You are in the process of preparing and resolving ongoing issues. In the first days of the week, more serious approaches may be required for business and mutual problems. You can try to share a business with about 21 partners. Starting on the 23rd, the developments that make you more extroverted and activate your friendships and groups will increase. Around 25 you will be able to finish some work.

VIRGO Earth + Variable (August 24 – September 23)

At this time of year, there is a definite opportunity for you to reconsider your goals and expectations. You as a family will be able to devote time to your interests. In the first few days of the week, there may be some obstacles and limitations towards a distant matter, aggregation or financial request. But success is not difficult. Around 21, you will put more effort into the mutual problem. After the 23rd, success in your business life and the situation that takes you forward, the development that you can draw attention to and highlight the relationship.

LIBRA Air + Pioneer (September 24 – October 23)

During this time, changes begin to draw attention to your status, your place in society, and your job. There are important decisions and evaluations. On the first days of the week, there may be some realities or limitations in your financial relationship. About 21 of them are in the workplace, the effort draws attention to the work. After the 23rd, there are more travel opportunities and opportunities to express your creative side more easily. During this time, they are far away, strangers will be able to enter your life further. You should think positively of 25 or more.

Scorpio water + still (October 24 – November 22)

During this time, problems involving others tend to attract attention but you will be able to communicate more with your own inner world and your emotions. In the early days of the week, a mutual problem, responsibilities and burdens related to home and marriage can attract attention. Around the age of 21, you may want to do your best in a creative field or with children. After the 23rd, there may be some hesitation and unrest in love and financial matters in the partnership. You can allocate time for partner topics, about 25 of them.

Spring Fire + Variable (November 23 – December 21)

During this time, your relationships and sharing issues will be at the forefront. There are situations that concern your family, your home, the common good. It can also be binding. On the first days of the week, you may have more serious thoughts due to work environment and relationship problems. If it is closer to 21, you may need to make an effort at home in matters related to your family. After the 23rd, a more lively and exciting time begins for marriage and relationships. New partnerships are also possible. See for more practical thinking around the 25th.

Capricorn Earth + Pioneer (December 22 – January 20)

You are entering a time where important decisions and evaluations can be made. Some results over the last six months have drawn attention to ongoing issues. On the first days of the week, you may feel a little more inflexible or limited in love and financial matters. Among them are about 21 potential situations where you can put more effort into a business meeting, visit or communication. After the 23rd, new situations and relationships may emerge in the business environment. You can try to be more flexible. Around 25, you should pay attention to unnecessary expenses.

SAKA Weather + Fixed (January 21 – February 19)

During this time, you are open to creative topics and opportunities that give you joy. However, issues related to home and family may start to come to the fore. The first few days of the week may require more work and responsibility on home, land, and family matters. Around the age of 21, you can make an effort due to work or financial problems. From the 23rd, there is a period that can be more enjoyable in terms of fun, hobbies, creative pursuits and love. During this time, you will be open to experiences that may make you happy. You should relax.

Fish water + variable (February 20 – March 20)

Changes involving your home, residence and family matters may attract attention these days. At the same time, you can devote time to creative topics and opportunities to present yourself. In the first days of the week, you need to think a little more carefully to think in practical terms and explain yourself. By the 21st it is possible to make some changes towards your goal. You are trying. After the 23rd, there are situations in the home that can create more happiness or harmony. You can be more active in your home life.

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