Who is Suat Sungur, where did he come from? How old are you? Is Suat Sungur married or his wife? Played TV series

Surprise is being expressed about the life of actor Suat Sungur. So who is Suat Sungur? How old is Suat Sungur? Where did the origin of Suat pig come from? Here are some interesting facts about Swat Pig and his life …

Suat Sungur was born on March 1, 1961, in the Civil District of Denizli. He was interested in acting from an early age and helped find the Izmir Youth Theater in 1979.

After completing his higher education in the State Conservatory Theater Department at Istanbul University, Sungur joined the Ostrich Cabaret Theater Group in 1984. The successful actor, who served here for 4 years, joined the Dorman Theater in 1988.

The master actor, who appeared on stage in theaters such as Tiatrocare, Tiatro Kedi and Tiatro Sicenti, made his film debut in 1984 with ‘Captain’. He first appeared in the 1992 TV series “We Are Similar to Us”.

Pig, who is particularly distinguished for his theatrical success, was voted ‘Comedy Actor of the Year’ at the 1997 Aafie Water Theater Awards for his performance in the play ‘Kare As’.

The handsome actor, who has also appeared in many productions like Eşref Clock, A Bunch of Theater, The Battle of Love, What Happened to Us, My Magic Mom, Back Streets, Akasya Stop, The King of the World, Desperate Housewives, A Time Ottoman Resurrection, Eras from the Beginning, now on Fox TV. He will play the character in the television series ‘Mr. Yilmaz’.

In 2002, the master actress, who entered the world with an actress like herself, Ahu Sungur, had a daughter named Edge Usel from this marriage.

Sut pig, which has Pisces characteristics, is 1.75 meters long and weighs 85 kilograms.

Drama starring:

2009 – Dancing with my dad – Tyatrokare

2007 – Romance – TİM

2003 – Juliet the Bird of the Field – Theater Cat

2001 – Live Pay Letter now – Dorman Theater

1999 – Victory Medal – Dorman Theater

1998 – Come to Tomorrow – Dorman Theater

1998 – Someone Upstairs – Dorman Theater

1997 – Square Ass – Dorman Theater

1995 – Jat – Dorman Theater

1994 – Take care of my boyfriend – Dorman Theater

1993 – Five to seven – Dorman Theater

1992 – Wonderful Juggernaut – Dorman Theater

1992 – Diseased – Dorman Theater

1992 – Almost female – Dorman Theater

1992 – How many parents and how many – Dorman Theater

1984 – Beyoglu Beyoglu – Ostrich Cabaret

1984 – Get Love – Ostrich Cabaret

1984 – Advertising – Ostrich Cabaret

1984 – Madman – Ostrich Cabaret

1984 – Bans – Ostrich Cabaret

He has had roles in TV series and movies:

2016 – No: 309 (Fikret Sarihan) (TV series)

2015 – Xerxes and Quarters: A Ramadan Theme (Faisal) (TV Series)

2014 – United Brothers (Bahri Baba) (moving picture)

2014 – Beginning (Hasib Effendi (Z)) (TV series)

2013 – Ali Loves Aaye (Sabri Mudi) (TV Series)

2012 – Once Upon a Time Ottoman Resurrection (Ibrahim Muteferica) (TV series)

2011 – Reckless Housewife (TV series)

2011 – King of the Alamin (Psychologist) (TV series)

2008 – Akashya Duragi (Mehmet) (TV series)

2007 – Little Lady Snowflake (VKD) (TV movie)

2006 – Back Streets (Nazif) (TV series)

2004 – President of another Turkey (Hıdır) (moving picture)

2003 – Limited Love (TV series)

2003 – My Magical Mother (Abani) (TV series)

2002 – The Children of Secret (moving picture)

2002 – What Happened to Us (Mukteba) (TV Series)

2002 – War of Love (TV series)

2001 – Single Cell (TV series)

2000 – Esrif Time (Nekati) (TV series)

1999 – Beaches Byzantium (Tavsan Bay) (Motion Picture)

1999 – Direxion (moving picture)

1997 – Son Company (TV series)

1996 – No more Istanbul (Sevki Karabıyik) (TV series)

1995 – Magnificent Django (Fortune Teller Magnificent Django) (TV series)

1995 – A Demat Theater (Hıdır) (TV series)

1993 – Double Vauxhall (TV movie)

1993 – Reverse World (Ali) (moving picture)

1993 – Scratchcard (Sezmi) TV movie 1993

1992 – Karşı show (TV series)

1992 – Cazibe Hanım’s Daydreams (student) (current photo)

1992 – We Are Like Us (Sut) (TV series)

1989 – I’m Always Crushed (moving picture)

1988 – Are you smiling? Are you crying (Sut) (TV series)

1987 – Homoti (moving picture)

1986 – Thorn Path (moving picture)

1985 – Let the Boss Hair (Chase’s Apprentice)

1984 – Captain (moving picture)

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