Why do they say father’s prayer is more valuable than mother’s prayer?

Businessman Murat Ulkar wrote an article on the occasion of Father’s Day where he shared his experiences and thoughts on the subject.

Murat Ülker, the former chairman of Yıldız Holding, wrote an article about his feelings, experiences and thoughts on this special day and published it on his personal website on the occasion of Father’s Day.

By Murat Meteor Write In:

Father’s prayer or the main prayer? Which is more reasonable, why?

“The relationship between father and son is always a matter of debate. I think what fathers need is to live with their children and set an example for them. What children need is not to miss the opportunity to consult with their father. Still alive. No one can help to apply what he sees from his father to his family. Fathers inevitably become role models for children, and sometimes even rivals have to overcome them. Our responsibility as parents is to guide, but what matters is No we tell our kids how we treat them, but what they say, what they understand and how they feel about what we do and how they feel about what we do. It makes us feel … positive Open communication with the environment that occurs when we learn improves family relationships.

As fathers, we care about our children and with this concern we have to intervene in their decisions. But we have to control ourselves. In the same way, we have to let them implement their own decisions, learn from these mistakes even if they make mistakes, and learn from them.

On Father’s Day, I did all this process with examples and experiences.

Here you go to read.

Cause; What is rare has its value. While fathers are preparing their children for life, sometimes they can choose in their prayers. This is the difference between mother and father, we all know that mothers are extremely generous towards their children in any situation.

The father-son relationship is always a matter of debate. This topic has been covered in many novels and movies. They are very diverse, some of them are a good example of parents, some of them have abandoned their children. In some of them, children become bad, their fathers are devastated and sometimes father and son live in peace and support each other. Of course, they all have replicas in their lives.

I think what parents need is to live with their children and set an example for them. What children need is to not miss the opportunity to consult with their father while they are alive. I am writing this based on my experience. Fortunately, my relationship with my father was like that and now I am doing my best to establish a relationship with my children. I remember my father sometimes asking us about his work as if we were in charge and I was very surprised. To my surprise, I also tried a lot to give him the right answer. So my father taught us to live patiently, step by step, like this!

Now, we have meetings in our family agenda, even discuss them and make our decisions together. Sometimes kids ask, “Aren’t we going to a meeting?” In our home, children decide for themselves when they are younger, what to eat, what to wear, what to shop for. Of course, being an educator helped my wife a lot. Now that they have grown up, they have learned to make their own decisions through living and have made it a way of life and it was easy for them to adapt to university and even business life.

No one can help but he applies what he sees from his parents and family. Parents inevitably become role models for children, and sometimes even rivals. For example, I am the third child in my family. When I was growing up, my dad had a house and a car. Our condition was good, but our resources were limited. For example, local bananas are very rare, and if it is not in the first season, it will be eaten. Then we continued like this.

Our children have also learned about savings and limitations. They were able to spend their pocket money, not waste it. Parenting is a little easier when kids are younger, it becomes harder to guide them in their youth, and when they enter business life, they occasionally guide you, especially in the rapidly changing situation of the digital world!

I remember my passion for the sea scared my dad a little. When I was younger, I started my sea voyage with a chartered boat, but a year later, my dad got permission for a motor boat. Upon entering the varsity I left fishing and sea, sold boats, made capital, opened a joint bookstore suitable for the students of the university at that time and on top of that, I drowned at the bend of a friend. My dad was both a barrier and a support for me when I was doing all this. I was learning life step by step. Even today, I am still amazed at what I sometimes do, you know, the bleeding won’t stop!

Our responsibility as fathers is to guide, but not to what we say or do to our children, but to what they say, what they understand, and how they feel about what we do. And how their behavior makes us feel … The positive environment that occurs when we learn to communicate openly with them improves family relationships.

When the article came here, I was reminded of an article written by Fatma Barbarossoglu in 2016. (https://www.yenisafak.com/yazarlar/fatma-barbarosoglu/babalarin-ogulanlar-yana-zor-imtihani-2029671) Her experiment with Emin …

Mehmet Akif, who has six children, was examined by his eldest son Emin. Her first problem with her son, whose name is Emin, her son easily lies. But father and son have an inseparable relationship. Mehmet Akif, who was deputy to Bardur and Biga during the national struggle, spent the winters of 1923, 1924 and 1925 in Cairo with his friend and patron Abbas Halim Pasha, and was even deprived of a pension. In his father’s absence, Emin makes inappropriate friends and becomes addicted to alcohol and marijuana.

Mehmet Akif has taught his sons very well. Emin can also speak Arabic and English very well. Arabic, which he knew very well, would change the course of his life in 1934. He was arrested on charges of retaliation for reading and interpreting Qur’anic verses, and was handed over to Diwan-Harb. Convicted of interpreting the Qur’an, Emin becomes a vagabond after his discharge and works as a porter for money. Emin Ersoy was transferred to a psychiatric hospital in 1939. For a while, her life gets disciplined, she gets married. However, this did not take long, and when he lost his wife in 1966, he gave himself up again to alcohol and marijuana. He stays in the mental hospital for a few more months, and after he is released, he falls asleep in an abandoned truck in the storm …

Why are family members away from each other? Why didn’t his brother Tahir and sisters take care of their brother-in-law Emin Ersay? We do not know the answer to these questions. Should we say that Emin was a miserable child, or that despite the family upbringing, we should think of aspects of his temperament and temperament that were in harmony with the spirit of the time? As a result, Emin was convicted of both fundamentalism and apostasy.

Yes, this is a very sad and thought-provoking story, but in the polarization of Tevfik Fikret and Mehmet Akif, the Islamists criticized Haluk’s status as a priest, but ignored the mystery of Mehmet Akif’s son. However, without education the past will continue to create problems.

As fathers, we care about our children and with this concern we have to intervene in their decisions. But we have to control ourselves. In the same way, we have to let them implement their own decisions, learn from these mistakes even if they make mistakes, and learn from them.

I say this based on my experience with my father. For example, our CG product was very popular and we had to increase production to meet the demand. We need to create another from the drawing facility. But the most important part of the machine was the automatic feeding part. We saw the disassembled part locally to make a new one. We calculated that to do the same, it would cost 90,000 lira. This is quite an expensive number. The original machine was made of stainless steel. We made it from iron and chrome plated to save money. My father is watching us. While we were reading this, a letter came to Sabri. One of our veterans, who works in the workshop, wrote us a letter, … his money is so expensive, this kid will confuse you, Mr. Sabri, you know? Said

Sabri Bay asked me, I; “The master is right, if the robot doesn’t work, we will lose money. But I did it so that the damage would be less. And there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work. “I said. We really did, it worked. Then we made a few more of that robot and increased our productivity. If my dad thought like that experienced master, it wouldn’t happen. As long as their parents believe them.

The important thing is to listen to the children, understand them and force them to listen and understand us. They grow up to be close friends or even a friend. Remedy open communication; To share what you feel, to ask how you feel, to show them the care you expect for yourself. This Father’s Day, I thought I’d share them with you. I once again remember with compassion and gratitude my father Sabri Ulkar, who helped me learn from my mistakes, listen and be a good friend to my children. May Allah unite us in Paradise. “

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