Announcement of appointment of faculty members and staff of Kutahya Health Sciences University

From the Rector of Kutahya Health Sciences University:

The relevant articles of the Higher Education Act No. 2547 and the “Articles relating to the Central Examination and Entrance Examination Procedures and Policy Regulations published in the Official shall apply to the recruitment of non-lecturers”. Officers numbered Gazette dated 09 November 2018 and numbered 30590 will be taken.

Our declaration and application form can be accessed at

Exam schedule

Date of first application: 20/06/2022

Last date of application: 04/07/2022

Date of announcement of preliminary assessment results: 12/07/2022

Entrance Exam Date: 21/07/2022

Date of announcement of final evaluation results: 01/08/2022

The results will be announced on our university website at

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General and special terms:

1- Meeting the conditions specified in Section 48 of the Civil Service Act No. 657.

2- Must get at least 70 points from ALES. ALES scores of 70 are accepted at the pre-assessment and final assessment stages for those who request to benefit from a central exam waiver.

3- Candidates who will apply for teaching staff must have at least a postgraduate degree with a thesis or be a graduate from programs that offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

4- Candidates’ transcripts will be evaluated according to the following principles during the preliminary evaluation and final evaluation phase:

– If there is only one quatrain grading system in the transcripts, the equivalent table of the Higher Education Council will be used.

– One hundred notes will be used in the copy if there is 100th grade system.

– If the transcripts contain only a five-point system, the equivalent table of the Council of Higher Education will be used.

– If the transcript contains both one quarter and one hundred grade system, then the equivalent table of the Higher Education Council will be used if the official grading system of the university is four at the time of graduation.


1- Those who have completed doctorate or specialization in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine or industry do not need central examination, who will be appointed in specialized field as determined by Higher Education Council of Vocational Schools. , And those who have worked or are teaching staff in higher education institutions.

2. The scope of paragraph 4 of section 6 of this regulation does not require foreign language to apply to teaching staff of vocational schools other than teaching staff.

Application form, place and documents should be attached:

1- Candidates must apply in person or by post to the following address of the unit concerned in this declaration till the end of the working period of application.

2- Candidates can apply for only one post within the same declaration period for which they will fulfill special conditions. Candidates applying for more than one post will have their application rejected.

3- The original or certified copy of the document approved by the Council of Higher Education equivalent to the diploma obtained from abroad should be attached with the required document.

4-Candidates who will apply for teaching staff under special conditions for inclusion in the declaration will have to attach their application proof documents as per additional requirements.

5- Our University reserves the right to change the examination calendar in case of compulsion. All announcements made on our university website are notifications. Written notifications will not be made to individuals.

6- Each stage of the declaration may be canceled if the Rector of our University deems it appropriate.

7- Application documents will not be returned.

Requested documents

1- Application form. (Available from

2- Course Life (Available from

3- Copy of identity card,

4- Two (2) passport size photographs taken in last six months,

5- Valid ALES result document,

6- Central Foreign Language Examination adopted by the Council of Higher Education

An examination result document whose equivalence is accepted (This is not a mandatory document as no foreign language is required for vocational school staff.)

7- Copy of Bachelor / Graduate Diploma or Temporary Graduation Certificate or e-Government Printout

8- Graduation / College transcript documents,

9- Documents which show that there is no criminal record (documents obtained through e-government)

10- For male candidates, Military service certificate which states that they are discharged, suspended or discharged from military service,

11- In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act No. 6698 (Available from, the text of the statement and clear consent of the employee candidate has been prepared.

12- Certificate of work experience in the field,

13- Authorized service documents. (Those who are currently working in a public organization and those who have been separated must have a wet signature or electronic signature.)

14- Detailed information about the announcement can be found at our university address:

7124/1 / 1-1

From the Rector of Kutahya Health Sciences University:

Faculty members will be appointed in accordance with the Higher Education Act No. 2547, Rules relating to Promotion and Recruitment of Faculty Members and the Promotion and Recruitment Guidelines (Policy and Criteria) of Faculty Members of Kutahya Health Sciences University, published in the Official Gazette on 02 November 2018 and numbered 30583.

– Candidates applying for the posts mentioned in the advertisement must fulfill the conditions mentioned in paragraph 48 of Civil Servants Act No. 657.

-Candidates who will apply for faculty members will be able to access the application form and detailed information from the announcement department at

-Candidates must apply in person or by post to the staff department of our university within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of publication in the official gazette.

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