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Beşiktaş President Ahmet Nour Çebi said of the Dutch striker Wout Weghorst, whose name is mentioned with Beşiktaş, “We will try to transfer more. The most important of these is the striker. The handshake. Only the family process and its guesswork. “I’m sure there are offers he’s waiting for. We are told that we have many options. If we do not make an agreement in another name then when he came back to us during this process, we can continue with him. As of today, we have begun our search, “he said.

Beşiktaş and electronic money and payment services company Papyrus have signed a 3-year Konak sponsorship agreement. Chairman Ahmet Noor Sebi, Secretary General, Sponsorship and Marketing, Human Resources and Administrative Board Member Mehtap Mutlusan Farah and Papar CEO Emre Kensi were present at the Vodafone Park event.

Noting the importance of sponsorship, Beşiktaş President Ahmet Nur Çebi said, “I would like to thank the Papara Company before you. In particular, the back, sleeves, back, front and leg parts of our jerseys are almost complete. We will probably complete. Shorts Sponsor Next week. That way, we’ll evaluate our jersey spaces. This is our jersey. ” This is an important process for us. The contribution of these valuable companies is invaluable to us. We know that the epidemic puts an excessive burden on clubs. We are trying to overcome them with sponsorship. I would like to thank our friends who know that they can increase the importance and value of the papara company with the Beşiktaş brand. Thank you to all my friends and managers for this work. I know that our fans contribute with Papara’s sponsorship. It feels like being a family. If you are interested in contributing to Beşiktaş without being a manager or a professional, then you are the biggest Beşiktaş fan, the biggest Beşiktaş fan, “he said.

“I hope all boards resign.”

“Apart from the TFF board, youngsters should give up their place in referees,” said Sebi. For football, we, as Besiktas, will support the newly elected administration, we will give the necessary support to the president, we should do it for Turkish football and our club. Last year, we saw that no one benefits from chaos. Football will suffer both. I am one of those who have been saying from the beginning that all the boards should resign and this is a new beginning. It should be done before the election is decided. , Would be an application to be elected in such an election. It would be more beautiful. I personally do not accept a process where 1, 2 people resign and 1, 2 continue. I say the same thing. It’s a new season, so I see old referees giving up their seats to the youngsters. I hope there is a process in which the referees are renewed and the youngsters take responsibility, “he said.

“In order to play in the World Cup, a player from BEŞİKTAŞ is important for the brand value of BESKTAŞ”

Sebi said his hand has been strengthened to sign a contract with Atiba since the announcement of the foreign player’s rule. “Atiba is a name we like and has served Besiktas for many years. With the decisions taken. Similarly, the 8 + 3 rule, having 14 foreign players has strengthened our hand to be able to deal with Atibar. As a rule, the problem has been overcome, but we will start a process For me, Beşiktaş’s economy is also very important. Atiba will also contribute to this economy, a family member I know she is a part of me. I hope that if we go through this process with her as we wish, she will With that, Atiba will stay with us for another 1 year. We know that he especially wants to play in the World Cup. I will not. Bears, ”he said.

“We think we made the right move with Gadson and Sais.”

Referring to the right transfer of Gadson Fernandez and Sais, Ahmed Nour Sebi said, “There is a transfer that is over. Sais … Sais … both the people of Turkey and the world recognize that this is an important transfer. True. “We think we’ve made a transfer. Sais’s captaincy, family masculinity and football manship show that he is a proper transfer, “said Sais.

“We haven’t received a positive response from Wegerst.”

Stating that they have not yet received a positive response from Dutch striker Weghorst, Sebi continued:

“We will try to make a few more transfers. The most important of these is the striker. We have not received a positive response from Weighurst. I can say that we have joined hands financially. There is only the family process and the offer he is waiting for. I guess. But he told her that Beşiktaş was free through Ceyhun Kazancı, “he said. We said that we are also interested in other football players and we have a lot of options. If we do not sign an agreement with another name when he returns to us during this process, we can continue with him. We’re starting our search today. “

“Sirloth is not the only alternative”

Mentioning that there are many options in the transfer list, Ahmed Noor Sebi said:

“Sörloth is not the only option. This kind of idea is created in fans and media. Then they all think they are very valuable. They are valuable, but we are not without options. Sörloth is a striker who wants Beşiktaş. However, we have many options ৷ good ones ৷ so we strive for the best ৷ transfers, no matter how good people are, are not considered successful transfers for me ৷ management terms. No. He’s one of our favorite players. Our scout team, our coaches, Sehun Kazansi all have a lot of valuable players in their hands.

“There is also demand for ERSIN”

Rıdvan Yılmaz’s transfer is imminent and goalkeeper Ersin Destanoğlu has also received an offer, Çebi said, adding: “Ersin and Ridvan are our resources from our infrastructure. Points remain. Our opposition, known as Ridvan’s transfer, is due to our experience of a process where we do not do exactly what we do. “I think it will be above 6.5 because we have calculated it. But with them we have one or two points left in the payment clauses. I think it will be over by this week. We should encourage these young people to go abroad.” And we should pave the way for newcomers from both sides of the infrastructure. With this in mind, we should make a cyclical choice. I am its chairman. The administration and the club, “he said.

“We have 20, 25 football players on our transfer list”

Football players such as Abdul Karim Bardaki and Kazamkan Karatas are on the list, but they have options, Sebi concludes:

“The signing of the transfer as soon as it is signed is very important for the welfare of the clubs. We try not to enlighten you too much in such meetings. You try to do exactly the opposite. It is in your interest, and we need to do it in silence.” We would like to urge the fans, if we have any intention to do so, by their clubs and managers I would like to appeal to our fans I want to know the most natural rights, but I want to make it clear that when the names are publicized, the best transfer becomes difficult and the basics suffer. Work continues on all the names just mentioned “We have nothing to do with Lorraine alone. Could it be tomorrow or not? We are not meeting right now. Abdul Karim Bardaki is on our list. If he is not there, there may be someone else. Our brother Kazimkan is on our agenda. 20, 25 more names.” The most beautiful of the transfers, a statement was made on the day of the signing of the KAP. Both the fans were injured. The football players dream, we fill the managers’ tank. It does nothing else. “

EMRE KINCI: We want to go from an application used by the youth to an application used by the whole society

They are proud to sponsor Beşiktaş, Papara CEO Emre Kinci said, “This is a proud day. Beşiktaş is a special place team. Sponsoring a club like Beşiktaş is a great achievement for a 6 year old company. We are proud of it. Not with the achievements of the sport, but with its history, supporters and position. Papara is a financial technology company. It has a lot of financial activities that you can think of. Trying to grow ourselves. We didn’t work. We focused on growth through product development. However, from now on, we want to keep moving forward. Our goal is to stay in the channel where people can recognize the brand nationally. The deal. We should be given a certain confidence knowing that we are in the industry and we are not going anywhere. Lots of people are signing up for paparazzi. Q This is something we did for the first time. We will see the effect. We want to move from an application used by young people to an application used by the whole society, ”he said.


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