Breaking News … Pinar Gultekin’s Family Attorney Epozdemir: “Today is a day when the law dies.

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In Mughal, a decision was made in the trial of the murder of Pinar Gultekin. Cemal Metin Avcı was further sentenced to life imprisonment. Court; He decided to reduce the sentence to 23 years by reducing the “unjust provocation”. “Today is a day when the law dies. It is a shameful legal concern that the law is being trampled on,” said Rezan Epozdemir, a lawyer for the Gultekin family. Father Siddique Gultekin said, “Is this justice? Is it justice to torture parents so much?” Showed his reaction.

The trial of Pinar Gultekin’s murder in Mughal has been decided today. Defendant Cemal Metin Avcı was involved in the 13th hearing held today at the Mughal 3rd Criminal Court through SEGBIS from the jail from which he was detained. Mertcan Avcı, who was charged with “taking part in the murder with a horrible feeling, torturing and designing” and was tried on this occasion, was in court.

“We are waiting for justice”

Rezan Epozdemir, a lawyer for the Gultekin family, at the hearing; “We are waiting for justice. Delaying justice is not justice. We are facing the murder of a murdered woman whose tomorrow, hope and future have been stolen. I hope her decision will be a beacon for all women,” she said.

Father Gultekin: “Let them put me in my place.”

Father Siddique Gultekin says:

“From day one till now, this is the 13th hearing. We are approaching the Mughals. I want everyone to show sympathy for 5 minutes in this hearing. Especially the lawyers. Let them put themselves in my place. The slander they have given has come up so far. What are they still defending? Who do we trust? Against the lawyers. They say with 3 trillion rupees that this guy will get out. My daughter has been burned. Enough, I can’t stand it anymore. I’m fighting the pain of a child. One of our daughters is being murdered every day. The decision you make should be a precedent. The classic sentences are, “She cheated on me, I beat myself, I was killed.” Punishment. Her family is involved. I want her out of your court Let the most severe punishment be meted out. “

“We’ve been sleeping and waking up to drugs for two years. Enough is enough, there will be justice. There’s no drinker, he’s gone. I want them to be punished severely. We shouldn’t have our daughters. They’re dead,” said mother Shefika Gultekin.

MERTCAN AVCI: “I demand my acquisition”

Avcı’s brother, Mertcan Avcı, added: “I do not agree with the opinion. It is clear where and when I was there. I do not know the victim, I do not know her relationship with my brother. I do not know anything. My brother is not a murderer. The fire is burning, 40 degrees. How would I look at a burning barrel? I don’t know those who came here. I was accused. Because of being his brother. I demand my release, “he said.

CEMAL METIN AVCI: “I want your justice”

Cemal Metin Avcı said, “It is often said that he cannot do this alone.” A different manipulation is being made. I do not accept opinions. “I did not understand. If I had planned before, it would have happened. The vineyard contains gas and other things. I, a 5 year old girl who lost everything, I tell you to make the right decision. I seek refuge in your justice. “

The lawyer for Avcı’s ex-wife, Eda Karagün, who was on trial for the crime of “hiding, destroying and altering evidence”, said: “We do not know if we have blacked out any evidence in the case. Why would he send other people home? A cigarette butt was found. Can he leave any evidence of his own where he went to blackmail? ” Says

Cemal Metin Avcı was further sentenced to life imprisonment. The hunter was sentenced to 23 years in prison with a reduced sentence for using unjustified provocation. The verdict of acquittal has been given to Semal Matin Avici’s brother Mertkan Avsi, his mother Aiten Avsi, his father Selim Avsi and his divorced wife Ada Karagun and his partner Shukru Gokhan Orhan.

“My daughter will not die, my whole family will die.”

Father Siddique Gultekin, who made a statement to the court after the verdict, said:

“Is this justice? Is it fair to torture a parent so much? I can’t sleep at night, I have nightmares. Only I am not dead, my daughter is not dead, my whole family is dead. My whole family is dead. I have 2,000 young men.” , I can’t bring them here. When there is no justice “You will give your own justice, brother. What needs to happen? We live in the Republic of Turkey, not the Banana Republic. We do I will not stay in Iran. Enough is enough. I will not leave without burning myself. “

“Shameful decision”

Gultekin’s family lawyer, Rezan Epozdemir, said they would appeal the decision and said:

“There is an unjust provocative defense that has changed three times. There is an unjust provocative practice that is self-evident. There is an unjust provocative defense that is memorized and designed to reduce punishment. There is an unjust provocative defense that no one respects, even within themselves.” , Which changes three times and opposes itself. But this time, the court is appealing to reduce the unjust incitement. Mal Cemal Metin has been translated into 23 years of increasing life imprisonment for Avcı. Mertcan Avcı has been acquitted, which is shameful. The other four accused have been acquitted. This is an unacceptable decision. It is a legal whim. We will use our freedom to get justice. Rule of law. We will appeal against this decision first, and then we will appeal to the Supreme Court.

“One day the law will die”

There was a statement from the President of the Republic, Deria Yannick, Minister of Family and Social Policy, and Abdul Hameed Gul, then Minister of Justice, who said, “I will follow this process completely.” Recently, our Minister of Justice Becky Bozdag said that ‘we will take effective action against women’. At the moment, if violence against women and homicide is being fought, let’s see this decision here. Today is a day when the law dies. An embarrassing legal decision, where the law is trampled, is a strange one. We did not trust the court in any way.

Let’s start the fight against violence and murder against women from the Mughals, this decision is an insult no matter how you see it. Don’t be ashamed of yourself. I’m not saying anything else. “

HDP Izmir Deputy Spiral Kemalbe made the following statement with the women in front of the courthouse:

“Unfortunately, we will not be able to get rid of this political assassination and murder of women until we throw this government into the dustbin of history. That is why we will continue to raise this struggle, we will continue to protect women and defend the Istanbul Convention. This is not the end.”

After the speech, the police prevented the members of the women’s association from marching in front of the court with banners and slogans. Women after short-term tensions between women and police; They marched on Boundlessness Square without slogans, accompanied by police, and protested the decision.

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