Expatriate fat family healed in Turkey: “We wanted to end it together”

Expatriate fat family healed in Turkey: “We wanted to end it together”

An obese family living in Germany underwent surgery in Turkey

Her obesity surgery was: “You won’t believe it, but I was eating less.”

ISTANBUL – The Murzolu family living in Germany underwent surgery in Turkey to recover from obesity. Saifuddin Murzoulou, whose daughter, wife and himself have undergone surgery, said, “You may not believe me. I was already eating less. We were thinking of my only daughter. We are also in our clean state. That said, let’s go together and get it done. We’ve decided to have surgery here in Turkey because it’s developed.

The Murzolu family living in Germany began research on a medical procedure for their excess weight. The parents, who have two children, have decided to perform gastric reduction surgery on their 20-year-old daughter Sohra Murzolu due to a genetic disease. The family, who were researching the colon for surgery, went online. Dr. He contacted Ömer Avmalı and reported the tests. Dr. After meeting with Avmali, the family decided that their daughter would be operated on in Turkey. Meanwhile, Ilem and Sefuddin Murzolu couple decided to have surgery on their daughters because they too were obese. When the family was going to Turkey, Op. Dr. Ömer Avmış and his team begin preparations. After testing in Turkey, it was determined that all three of them were fit for surgery, while mother Ilem, father Sefuddin, and their daughter Suhra Murzolu underwent surgery in sequence. To talk about successful operations, op. Dr. Ömer Avmalı reminded that Turkey is the first in Europe in terms of obesity and the movement and the importance of healthy nutrition.

“We operated on 3 members of the same family”

General Surgery Specialist and. Dr. “These three have a special condition. Their mother, father and daughter have undergone surgery. They live in Cologne, Germany. We have been seeing each other for about 1.5-2 months. They have informed us about their medical condition,” said Om Avmali. “We proved that they have obesity. We saw that they had a lot of problems with obesity and obesity. We invited them to Istanbul. We operated on 3 people from the same family. Their daughters won first place. We did not experience any complications. We did not experience any discomfort. The work did not end with obesity surgery. In fact, we were a new adventurer in surgery and took the first steps to change our lives. Morbit was on the verge of obesity and some obesity related diseases started. We decided on the surgical procedure. Gastric balloon is not suitable for these patients. RA has performed abdominal and gastric reduction surgery, which has saved them from obesity and chronic diseases related to obesity. We will, ”he said.

“I’m fat but healthy, there’s no such thing.”

Noting that Turkey’s report against obesity is not good, there should be an end to inactivity and negative eating habits, Op. Dr. “Our country is now at the forefront of obesity in Europe, and we need to be careful not only with surgery, but also with lifestyle changes, exercise, dietitian control, proper nutrition and mobility. The diet has shrunk but the calories have increased, everything is in the package. I hope we will fix it. I think we should get rid of this problem first.

“I couldn’t buy what I wanted and get dressed.”

Describing the operation, 42-year-old Eylem Murzoglu said, “Actually, we only came here on the recommendation of a friend. Both my wife and my child were overweight. We tried to diet, but couldn’t. We all decided on this method. I weighed a maximum of 100kg, I had joint pain, I had no sleep patterns, psychologically when I went to a store, I couldn’t buy or wear what I wanted, I was scared of everyone, at first we were nervous, everyone asked us how The three of you are having surgery. We have no way to take care of each other now. She is too young for me. Girl. ” There is a limit to what he can do, he cannot do it. She couldn’t even try, but from now on I say new life, new life for her. “

“I reached 125-126 kg, we wanted to finish it.”

Saifuddin Murzolu, a 47-year-old auto mechanic from Germany, said they first thought of surgery for their daughter and then his wife and he decided to have surgery. Then we said, “We have to go with this baby, we have. To go, we have a certain condition, we have a lot of weight. Our problems will increase, age will increase. We thought we should be there when we go. Reached KG. In fact, if I say so now. ” Come on, don’t come again. At first, I didn’t know what it would be like, but I’m glad I did. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes. Turkey “We decided to come here because we have more experience here, because the country has developed more,” he said.

“I’m not alone, we’ll lose weight together”

Suhra Murzolu, 20, explains that her mother and father also helped her overcome her fear of surgery, “Before I came here, I was very excited, we were excited, but a few months ago she was a friend of mine. If you are confident, do it ‘, I was not overconfident. We decided, we said there was no other way. I am not alone, we will lose weight with them. “At first it was going to be mine, and I was wondering if it should be done. When my parents decided to be Mao, I felt more reassured.” She came, I said, I can do it. My maximum weight was 100 kg. I think the hardest thing was that I had shortness of breath as I climbed the stairs. If people are obese, I advise them to start treatment early because we are late, we are in the moment, “he said.

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