Fathers over 70 get together, have emotional moments – Bizim Yaka Kokeli Newspaper

The 70-year-old father, who lives in Dilovasi, gathered for the ceremony. The presence of about 500 people at the event was an emotional moment from time to time. Deloitte District Governor Dr. Matin Kubile, AK Party Kokley Deputy and Local Administration Vice President Semil Yaman, Deloitte Mayor Hamza Shire and theologian Mehmet Ali Sari were also present. Theologian Mehmet Ali Sari, who delivered the inaugural address, said, “We were in Sweden as a family for 8.5 years. We know his society. Family is not recognized in Swedish society. When the child reaches the age of 16-17, he leaves the family and sits in his own flat, and the state gives him a job. She doesn’t need her parents. Our society always needs parents. As parents, grandparents, they raise their grandchildren, stay with them and die in their laps. Father’s Day is a next thought for our culture, but we have no complaints. We have gathered here on this occasion. We have seen each other. Although we cannot see each other in today’s difficult situation, we have seen it on this occasion. I want to thank those who have thought of this day and illuminated it. ”

“We may be wrong, but you will forgive.”

Speaking on the occasion, the mayor of Dilovasi, Hamza Shire, said, “I was a little emotional about my father’s words. My parents, my elders, the ones I grew up with, are here with us. When I see them, I think of my father, I think of the jokes I made with him. Death is just like birth. I wish mercy to all the dead fathers and a healthy life to the living. Dad is really a flat tree, fruitless. This is a Cicamore. He is the person who will depend on you if anything happens to you. Dad’s caress he doesn’t feel very much, but when he’s gone, you feel his weight day by day. You look for your father in small things, but he is no more. My dad was kind, I’d be happy to draw him a little. I did it for the pleasure of Allah, there is no political motive. Hopefully from now on we will be together. Remembering parents is not a diary, we will always remember them. Don’t stop your hand, empathy and wisdom from us. We may be wrong, but you will forgive. Dads don’t use the word ‘I love you’ much, but I know it sheds their love and tears. I say it as your child. Whether your child is 50 or older, express your love for them. Boys want to hear love phrases no matter what. For a father, a child is always small. We love you so much, we are glad to have you. As your child, I am always at your disposal. There are elders in every province of our district. In Sweden, there is no concept of family in Europe. After a certain age, they don’t even take care of their children. For this reason, I am glad to have you, our country stands by thanking you. Thanks to this tradition and tradition, our country stands. We are a little bit different because of the epidemic, we have problems, but we always know your worth. Because you are a flat tree, you are a locomotive. We boys think we are doing something, but we do it in the shadow of our father. After Dad left, I started to feel lonely. “We feel naked without Dad,” she said.

“We saw it both yesterday and today. Thank you a thousand times for this day.”

President Shayer continued his speech by saying: “Thanks to our faith, we have overcome difficulties and we will overcome them in the future. There were many fires around us, you know, freedom will come. But you are aware of it. We 20 year olds Trying to figure it out, but they don’t understand us. We’re wondering how to express ourselves. ” I remember waiting for a week for diesel oil. Buy diesel for tractors. Vita was oil, not margarine. I remember the row was made when my dad was in the transportation business and he used to bring oil to the village. We saw yesterday and today. It’s thousands upon thousands of times today. “Thank God. That’s what keeps us together. Didn’t we all eat from the same pot, did Anatolia have many plates. Everyone ate on one plate. Did we forget, no. We spent? Morning, noon and Serve with olives and cheese in the evening. When the animal was sick, it was cut. “We saw them. Thank you a thousand times for this day. I hope we make this event a tradition. “We are doing everything we can to make our city beautiful. For the future of our country, we have combined all our means so that our children can study in an equal and good environment.”

At the end of the speech, gifts were given to the participants.

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