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An indictment was prepared against five people under the close protection of AKP Uzungeçit municipality mayor Semil Yildiz, who raped a child in Uludere on charges of “sexual abuse”, “threats”, “disenfranchisement”, “prostitution” and “harassment.”

In Uludere district of Şirnak, under the close protection of AKP’s Uzungeçit Town Municipality Semil Ildiz, a complaint was prepared against 6 people, including a guard, who systematically raped 15-year-old SAK for 4 years. Complaints about the incident on November 27, 2021, when SA told a relative about systematic rape, were accepted by the Şirnak 3rd High Criminal Court.

The indictment alleges that the stepmother, BA, who was accompanied by SA and is currently being held in the Şirnak T type closed prison, will be punished for “prostitution” and “threats.” Again, allegations of “disenfranchisement”, “deserving sexual abuse” and “threats” were made against guards Genghis Idemi and Sami Ildiz, close bodyguards of AKP Uzungeçit city mayor Semil Ildiz, who are currently in prison. Allegedly, “common sexual harassment” and “deprivation of liberty” against Metehan Bayram; “Deprivation of Freedom” and “Sexual Assault on SA’s Aunt ZY”; Onur Ildiz was also charged with “sexual harassment”.

The allegations include the statements of the perpetrators. The perpetrators, who denied the allegations in their statement, claimed that what happened was a “slander.” The perpetrators claimed in their defense that they did not know each other. However, the HTS records that were raised indicate that they communicated frequently with each other. Telephone traffic between stepmother BA and Cengiz Aydemir and Sami Yıldız was also reflected in the expert report. It was determined that the three of them had a long talk with each other during their phone conversation.

The indictment states that the child’s statement matched the evidence and that the perpetrators tried to cover up the crime. The indictment emphasized that there was no reason to slander the child as there was no animosity between the child and the offender.

The first hearing of the case will be held on September 5.

Source: Mesopotamia Agency

What happened?

The 15-year-old SA, who lives with his stepmother in the Uludere district of Shernak, was found to have been sexually abused for some time. The incident came to light when SA became pregnant as a result of sexual abuse in October and was referred to judicial authorities. It is learned that the perpetrators of sexual abuse were Genghis Aydemir and Semian Ildiz, village guards. He was also seen as a close bodyguard of Cemil Yıldız, mayor of the Uzungeçit municipality of the AKP of Genghis Khan.

In her statement to the police, SA, who was sexually abused by her stepmother, said, “I have been living with my stepmother BA and my father AA (6) for about 7-8 years. BA doesn’t let me go out and uses violence. At the end of October, Genghis Idemir and Semian Ildiz came to our house and sat in the guest room. When I asked my stepmother why they came, she told me, ‘Shut up’ and then said, ‘Come in, I’ll talk to you.’ I don’t know if Semian Ildiz Sengiz is Idemir’s security guard. But he has a gun. No one witnessed the incident. My brothers did not see these incidents because they went to school, and my father did not see these incidents because he was a government employee. Since my other brothers are younger, they are not aware of the incident, ”he said.

It is learned that the guards Genghis Ildiz and Semian Aydemi finally came home on November 27 and the stepmother gave BA 500 TL, on the basis of which SA tried to run away from home. It is said that while SA was trying to escape from the house, his stepmother hit him on the head and tried to stop him. SA, who was brought to the health center by civilians after the coup, was taken first to Uluder State Hospital and then to Sarnak State Hospital due to the seriousness of the situation. After his treatment, SA, who went to his relatives in another district, first complained because his honest mother had beaten him. Shortly after she became pregnant as a result of sexual abuse, SA filed a complaint on March 14 against her stepmother BA, Cengiz Aydemir and Semyan Yıldız.

Genghis Idemir and Semian Ildiz, along with stepmother BA, were detained on the basis of SA’s allegations. BA, Cengiz Aydemir and Semyan Yıldız, who were sent to court with arrest warrants, have been released by the Peace Criminal Judge. Following the objections, stepmother BA was arrested on charges of “prostitution” and Genghis Aydemir and Semian Ildiz on charges of “qualified sexual abuse” and sent to the Shernak T-type closed prison.

The prosecutor’s office decided to limit the file.

Source: Mesopotamia Agency

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