Ismail Saymaz writes: If the child abuser had been the provincial head of CHP …

MHP Deputy Chairman Semih YalkinIn a tweet on 16 June 11.11, “In case of need” The provincial agency of Diyarbakir has declared it closed.

Everyone was curious.

What happened?

Why did MHP unexpectedly break up the provincial organization?

I have called the leaders and workers of the party and the people’s representatives.

Something “I learned from you” He replied.

Something “I don’t know either” Says

There was fog.

Swearing in a three-story villa

In fact, the statement of a 17-year-old boy named EA was taken to the office of the Chief Public Prosecutor of Diyarbakir on the same day. According to his statement, EA, who was studying at an Imam Hatip High School, the MD took him to the MHP district presidency, with whom he met at the school. Last February or March the provincial president in a three-story villa used as a representative office in the 100 Evlar neighborhood of Kayapanar. Chihan Kyaalp Was introduced. Kyalp calls EA to his room and asks for his name, surname, his father’s job and his attitude towards MHP. Allegedly, Kayalap forced the boy to massage her legs and genitals.

There are allegations that EA goes to the villa every day, serves tea to guests, and abuses the child on the pretext of a coylop massage when no one is there. There have been at least six allegations of abuse. In the latest incident, it has been claimed that Kayalp has been abused.

EA’s “When he was going to do the massage, he closed the two doors of the room but did not lock them. Since the outsiders did not enter without knocking, this time he got a chance to recover.” The emphasis is.

That EA did not go to the villa after the last incident “Because I didn’t want him to go ahead thinking he was willing.” It’s called. When Kyaalp’s advisor S.D. Called the boy and he did not pick up his phone. “You ate the heart!” It is recorded that he sent a message. Five days before the statement, Kayalp called EAK and spoke to the baby’s mother. It was then emphasized that EA had told her mother about her experience.

According to information leaked from the court, EA said:

“I used to go here all the time and stay till 24 at night. I didn’t go after the last incident. I stopped. I told her when my mother wanted to talk. My mother said, ‘Let’s go. To the police,’ but I was scared.” .

The principal of EA High School spoke to HA about his experience.

Yes, “I can’t hide this fact, let me know.” Says

This is how the scandal came out publicly.

The EA claims that three other teenagers, including the MD, did the massage.

Fake news service

One day after the EA’s statement, on the morning of June 17 “MHP Diyarbakir provincial chairman and executives arrested for rigging tenders” The news is served.

However, one was taken into custody: provincial president Kayalp.

Not rigging the tender, allegations of sexual abuse against the child!

In her statement, Kayalp said the allegations were baseless, she was slandered and her mother wanted to extort money.

He was arrested on the same day.

Armor for the Republic

It should be noted from the outset that it is not possible for MHP to protect a provincial president or member involved in sexual harassment. There have been and still are cases where nationalists have resorted to punishment other than legal means for such allegations.

But Diyarbakir’s case proves that the bureaucracy favors the MHP.

A day before Kayalp was taken into custody, a report was sent to MHP headquarters, giving the party time and opportunity to sever ties with the suspect. Subsequently, the crime of sexual harassment was concealed by leaking information that was investigated under the guise of tender fraud. With this method, the corporate identity of MHP was prevented from being damaged.

Put your hands on your conscience and say.

If Kyaalp had been the provincial head of the CHP, could the news have been sent to the party headquarters?

What a possibility!

If Kyaalp had been from the CHP, he would have been arrested from his office, along with the media forces, especially the TRT, and even raided the party building in a live broadcast. President Erdogan accused all CHP supporters of perverting. Did he do anything? Erdogan condemned the CHP for allegations of harassment, some of which were gossip and slander. “Group of oppressors and rapists” Didn’t he repeatedly insult her?

In the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, a female employee accused of being a PKK member is not detained while leaving the hospital where she is being treated, but when she enters the municipality the day she is dismissed from work and in front of police cameras. Diyarbakir’s MHP, on the other hand, applies personal law and facilitates investigations. After severing his relationship with MHP Kayaalp, he was arrested.

I’m surprised.

I wonder if the names of the AK Party and MHP administrators are involved in the crime, does the party headquarters keep you secret?

‘Criminal and powerful’ Is it informed before the operation?

Does the protective armor have judicial legs?

Are there any beneficiaries in this country who will never be tried even if they commit a crime and who will be sentenced to death without trial even if they are innocent?

The governor complained to MHP about Karaloglu.

Sihan Kayalp was the provincial president of the Diyarbakir of the Clean Society Association in 2008. He was arrested during an operation against the Diyarbakir branch of the patriotic forces Power Union Movement.

Together with the People’s Alliance, Kyaalp became strong in Diyarbakir.

Former Diyarbakir governor of Kayalp Munir Karaloglu Her relationship with him is strained …

A delegation from northern Iraq presented ‘Kurdistan’ It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to the MHP. In fact, Caraloglu did not invite Kayalp to an iftar hosted by the mothers of Diyarbakir, and at the last minute the Home Minister Suleiman SoyluThere are allegations that he was invited to intervene. Kayalp is said to have played a role in the withdrawal of Caraloglu from the center.

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