ITO News – [Haber] With professional specialization, income from health tourism will double

Published: Monday, June 20, 2022

The Ministry of Commerce has announced Health Services Export 5.0 support for the target. Supports; Travel health insurance, employment, vocational training and placement of foreign languages ​​and products. The ministry has blocked the way to the under-the-counter center through the ‘Hill in Turkey’ portal. Regulations on health workers were passed in Parliament to increase the number of qualified specialists in this sector.

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Health tourism, especially in recent years, has emerged as a sector that supports the economically sustainable development of countries and increases their competitiveness. Three crore people go abroad every year for health tourism in the world.

The annual cost of these tourists is about 500 500 billion. Turkey, one of the leading countries in health tourism, provided 1 billion in foreign exchange inflows last year. Turkey’s 2023 goal is to host 1.5 million health tourists and reach মধ্য 5 billion and 10 10 billion in foreign exchange inflows in the medium term.

Ready to record

In 2019, 662,087 patients received health care in Turkey. Tourism revenue stands at the top of 1 billion 65 crore 105 thousand dollars. Although the number of people and incomes have decreased with the epidemic, the sector has not slowed down the industry in 2021 with the revenue of $ 1,048 million provided by 642,444 people.

In the first quarter of this year, 264,056 people in Turkey benefited from health facilities. By the end of the year, this revenue is expected to break the record and reach 4 billion. With this potential, the government is providing incentives to the sector to reach its 10 10 billion target. With these regulations, the goal is to provide qualified services with qualified staff in health tourism. Another purpose of incentives is to increase employment in the sector. In addition to this state-sponsored assistance, health tourism professionals have focused on collaborating with universities for qualified specialists.

Vocational education and foreign languages

The Ministry of Commerce aims to increase international competition in the sector by supporting Healthcare Export 5.0. One of the prerequisites for this is foreign language education. For this reason, a protocol will be signed between universities that meet the criteria for vocational education and foreign language support, and support vocational and foreign language education for employees in the scope of healthcare exporters learning from these educational institutions.

Preference for graduates

The ministry will encourage the employment of qualified workers in the healthcare export value chain, from guides to translators, from call center staff to social media and marketing specialists, from elderly and disabled care workers to social workers. Experience is not required for graduates from the prescribed department or program in the field of employment.

Collaboration with the University

The International Health Tourism Employers Association (USTIS) has recently drawn MR of Health Tourism through a workshop. According to USTIS, one of the most important issues in the health tourism sector is qualified staff, as in other sectors. USTIS began collaborating with universities after the establishment of USTIS Academy to overcome these problems. As a first step, a cooperation protocol was signed between Bolu Abant Izzat Basel University (BAİBU) and USTIS. According to the protocol, BAIBU will provide academic support to USTIS Academy. Within the framework of this collaboration, USTIS members will organize on-the-job vocational training and internship programs to enable BAIBU students to acquire professional skills, facilitate their job search after graduation and adapt to a steady career – on education. Negotiations with other universities continue to increase similar collaborations.

End down the stairs

The most important initiative of the Ministry of Commerce is the ‘Hill in Turkey’ portal. The portal will provide information on everything from hair transplants to dentistry, bariatric surgery to thermal health and physical therapy. It will be seen what kind of treatment is applied in these areas, health institutions and doctors are providing services. Foreign patients will also be able to see which health institution is recognized through this site. Thus, patients will be protected from illegal and counter-trade. Institutions recognized and supervised by the state will be displayed on this portal. If the patient finds the name of the doctor from somewhere, he will get the opportunity to check this name from the portal.

Healthcare Export 5.0 support

There are 6 major headlines in support of ‘Healthcare Export 5.0’ designed by the Ministry of Commerce for sustainable growth of healthcare exports. The first is complexity and travel, health insurance assistance, the second is employment assistance, the third is vocational training and foreign language assistance, and the fourth is product placement assistance. Fifth, the sports sector will be included in the support opportunities and the sixth and final support will be the ‘Hill in Turkey’ portal. The portal in question will be a slogan and a destination brand that Turkey can use to export healthcare to the world and also contribute to the promotion. Healthcare Export 5.0 Support details are as follows:

* Travel health insurance
With the help of Complex and Travel Health Insurance, which is one of the Health Services Export 5.0 supports, it is ensured that a person who travels to Turkey for treatment is fully covered for his essential emergency health services from losing his luggage. Complications that may occur after its inspection and treatment. Furthermore, considering the importance of the insurance component, the support rate was set at 70 percent, not 60 percent, which is a positive inequality specific to this support item.

* Promoting movies and TV series
With product placement support, the film, TV series and game sectors as well as the healthcare export sector will be able to benefit from product placement support in overseas production.
In addition, the sports sector will be covered, and the export of health and sports travel services will be supported together.

* Quick response to complaints
The most important initiative of the Ministry of Commerce is the ‘Hill in Turkey’ portal. Health tourism will be promoted through a single source through the portal. There will be a call center within the portal and it will be possible to receive complaints and suggestions from foreign patients. Prompt action will be taken against the call center staff.

Sector data will come from Turkestan

The Turkish Institute of Statistics (TUIK) has taken steps to get real data on health tourism. TurkStat will ensure that Turkey’s health tourism data is compiled in a complete and healthy way with the work it has begun with the Ministry of Commerce. In this context, the structure of the organization providing health care to foreign visitors is determined. A web-based survey of organizations that have received health tourism certification from the Ministry of Health and applied to organizations that have benefited from discounts on health services offered to foreigners. Through this survey, the number of people receiving healthcare services and the amount of total health expenditure will be determined in terms of nationality. The study is planned to be conducted four times a year on a quarterly basis. The first survey application was launched in the last week of May. The application is still pending.

Special training until 2029

* There are 1,734 health facilities in Turkey who are eligible for health tourism approval. As of January 2021, 1 million 119 thousand 886 healthcare professionals are working in public, university and private sectors. The proposal, which seeks to improve workers and financial rights expected by millions of healthcare professionals, was passed in Parliament. With the regulation, the rate of extra salary fixed by the doctors will be increased.

The duration of specialized training for family physicians has been extended to 2029. In this way new opportunities will be available for 24 thousand non-specialist family physicians. Education faculty members will also be able to contribute a portion of the revolving fund in this process. Through this proposal, citizens who do not have SSI insurance will be able to avail benefits from health insurance. Debts of citizens up to 5,000 lira will be written off. This way, complaints will be eliminated and file loads will be reduced during execution.

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