Last minute: Mesut Ozil incident! Only teammates left …

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Mesut Ozil, who was dropped from the squad during the Ismail Cartel in Fenerbahce, one of the teams in the Sport Toto Super League, and new coach Jorge Jesus has not yet forgiven him, unfollowed the yellow-dark blue club on his social media account.

The veteran player, who has stopped following Fenerbah’s official accounts on Instagram and Twitter, is set to follow his teammates. Other accounts that Mesut Ozil does not follow include some official pages of the club, such as Beko and Fenerium in Fenerbahce.

Going to Germany for the first training

Mesut Ozil and Ojan Tufan, who were out of the team last season, did not take part in the first training of the season. Mesut Ozil, who was not part of Jorge Jesus’ pre-season camp squad, went to Germany.

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Played at his sister’s wedding

It turned out that the star player went to Germany for his sister’s wedding. Mesut Ozil was seen playing a game while sharing some pictures of the wedding on social media.

Special article in the contract

Mesut Ozil has a special clause in his contract that allows him to continue working with Team A even if he is out of the squad.

Ismail Kartal cut the ticket

Ismail Kartal, who took a keen interest in the players and improved the performances of many stars after becoming the head of the team, was in second place with Fenerbahce and did it without Mesut Ozil. Mesut Ozil, who had an argument with Ismail Kartal, was out of the squad with Ozan Tufan, but had not seen form for months.

Last minute: Mesut Ozil's action, only his teammates left ...

George did not want Jesus

While thinking about how much Jesus Cartel’s replacement Jorge Jesus would pay for Mesut Ozil, the experienced coach said that the decision to keep the star player out of the squad would continue with the statement he made at the signing ceremony.

Speaking about Ozil at the press conference, Jesus said, “Your past is very important in football. For coaches, for players, your past achievements make your reference. As you said, Ozil has a very good background. I will continue the decision. The important thing is not Jorge Jesus, it’s important here. Although he said he doesn’t want the player in the squad with the word “Fenerbahce”, the important thing here is not Mesut Ozil, and the management meets with his manager to separate him from Ozil.

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Didn’t get a positive response to “I want to stay”

Ozil said he had a two-year contract with Fenerbahce and did not want to leave. “Recently, I had to make a statement about my career grievances. I met my career goals by signing a 3.5-year contract. With Fenerbahce.” , My childhood love, even without getting paid for the first 6 months ৷ “I insist again I will not end my career in any other team except Fenerbahce My only goal is to break a sweat during our Çubuklu jersey period Agreement. This decision is very clear and final. Because of the necessity of professional life, if our management decides about me, I will only respect this attitude. “I will work hard and always keep myself ready. As I always say, the main thing is Fenerbahce. Although he told management he wanted to be on the team with his word, he could not get a positive response from Fenerbahce.

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The explanation of ‘he can give up football’ is coming

Speaking to The Telegraph about the player’s future, manager Erkan Sogut said that Ozil did not want to play for any club other than Fenerbahce and would not play for any other club if he had to retire. “.

‘He will be a professional e-sports player’

Mesut Ozil will return to e-sports after leaving football, Erkan Sogut said, “When Mesut Ozil leaves football, he will become an e-sport and maybe a professional e-sports player. Honestly, he Really good at Fortnite and I wouldn’t be surprised if they compete one day. ” Used the word.

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Last minute: Mesut Ozil's action, only his teammates left ...

100 100 million deal in Indonesia

Mesut Ozil, on the other hand, signed a এবং 100 million commercial and sponsorship agreement in Indonesia, where he went to evaluate the development of the M10 brand and various investment opportunities.

Mesut, who visited Indonesia earlier this week, met with Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno today. The German footballer of Turkish descent also visited the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Jakarta.

Leaving the commercial business we should focus on Fenerbahce

Ali Kok, president of Fenerbahce, told a news conference a month ago that Mesut Ozil should leave the trade deal and focus on the yellow and dark blue clubs. “Mesut also needs to focus on his work. He should put aside business issues and focus on how I can contribute to Fenerbahce in the best possible way,” Koç said.

Attempts have been made to create a Van Persie event since the beginning of the season. If you live in Fenerbahçe, your life is hard. Mesut wants to play more often, just like that. Open for play. The time it took to make up for the loss at the start of the season has increased over time. Our teacher knows what Mesut will do, we all know. We all know that surprises can make a good mess. There is no need to discuss Mesut’s power. The game system and what Mesut can do may not overlap from time to time. The teacher has no bias against Mesut. He knows how to use it. Mesut came to the country he fell in love with, the team he loved. Everyone here loves Mesut. Mesut now has to focus on his work. He should put aside the commercial issues and focus on how I can make the best contribution to Fenerbahce. His physical condition is improving, but unfortunately he has been disabled for 10 days. Before the Kayseri match, he could only train once with the team. He came later, we saw what he did.

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