Lincoln Henrik: I am ready for the challenge

As Samandira continues to prepare for the new season at the Can Bertu facilities, the new relocation to Fenerbahce, Lincoln Henrique has issued a statement. “I will work hard to make this season a great success,” said Lincoln Henrik, who is very happy and proud to be at Fenerbahce.

“Fenerbahce is the biggest club in Turkey. It will contribute a lot to my career. I am ready for that. As a Fenerbahce club, our coaches, our supporters and our players have to work together,” Lincoln said. In season, we want to achieve the goals we want, ”he said.

“Our teacher will decide in which position I can be the best.”

Recalling that he played in the No. 10 position, Lincoln said: “I’m an attacking midfielder, but nowadays footballers need to be able to play in 2-3 different positions. Our teacher will decide which position I can play best. I didn’t. I was learning some words in Turkish. I didn’t know much. ”

“I was thrilled to hear I had an offer from Fenerbahce.”

Note that he was very excited to hear an offer from Fenerbahce, Lincoln Henrik said, “I was very happy. I told my manager I wanted to play on a team like Fenerbahce, I want to work with Jorge Jesus. I really feel ready for this challenge. Of course, we also had the necessary conversations with our teachers. ” The position you call 10 is not too much. If you want to give me one. Examples from the past, I have always taken Ronaldinho as an example. We all have the same traits on the field, but the players that impressed me the most in terms of style. “He was Ronaldinho,” he said.

“Jesus really knows my style”

Lincoln Henrik said that his character traits should be questioned by Jesus and said, “I have had many opportunities to play against him in Portugal. He knows my style very well, he knows very well how I play, in what position I play. Similarly, our new friends. For. Valid. Our teacher knows very well who among us will get the skills and in what way. ”

“It’s not acceptable for Fenerbahce to win the trope for so many years.”

Revealing that he played in Turkey 5 years ago and that a lot has changed, Lincoln said: “I am about 18 years old, I am much more mature in football, I have improved a lot. Because we footballers have learned new things. I have tried myself. “Improving. There is no doubt. I am very different now. Our goal is to win the trophy. Fenerbahce’s goal is always to win the trophy. It is not acceptable for Fenerbahce not to win the trophy. So many years. We will play in the Champions League with pre-qualification.” “Our first goal is to get past the pre-qualification and qualify for the group stage,” he said.

“I usually name the happiness of the goal for my family.”

Revealing that he usually dedicates his goal celebrations to his family, Lincoln said:

“Because I am a person who is very attached to his family. I create the letter ‘E’, which is the first letter of my youngest child. I usually like to remember my family. I hope I will have that kind of joy a lot this year.”

“I feel ready for a new challenge”

“For 3 years in Porto, I’ve had the opportunity to play high-level football. I was ready for a new challenge. When I got one, I didn’t think twice. Here’s the offer.” I’m on a really big team and I can do it. ” “I’m ready to give my best. The stage is now ours,” he said.

“If you want to go into the history of the club, you have to work hard.”

“Fenerbahce has always had great players,” Lincoln said. If you want to get into the history of the club, you have to work hard. I will work hard too. We will work hard with our teammates to go down in the history of the club. We have a lot to do, but we know it’s “if we want to go down in club history, we have to win the trophy,” he said.

“Football is not a stress for me”

Lincoln emphasized that professional football players should always be ready for anything. “Thank God I’m doing the job I love. So it doesn’t put any pressure on me. The pressure for me is to take care of my family. The best possible way. Football Not stressful for me. I’ve always been in football. “I’m ready for anything. I’m doing what I really like. We have to work hard, which is what we’ve been doing so far. “

Finally, Lincoln stated that his tattoos usually represent his family and said, “My family members are named. All my tattoos have a special meaning for me.”

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