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After training at the Can Bertu facilities, the Brazilian player made a statement to members of the press, explaining the yellow-dark blue team, coach Jorge Jesus, the goal and the transfer process at first impression.

Expressing his feelings about coming to Fenerbahçe, Lincoln said, “I am very happy, proud and excited to be on a team like Fenerbahçe and to represent this club. I will work hard to achieve great success this season.” Says

The 23-year-old footballer, who said that along with world-renowned Portuguese coach Jorge Jesus, would have a great impact on Fenerbahce’s career, he said: “Jesus is one of the best coaches in the world. Fenerbahce is the biggest. The Turkish club. We have to work hard with our coaches, players and fans to reach our goals this season. ” He said.

Mentioning that he was ready for the challenge at Fenerbahce, Lincoln said, “I was very excited and happy to receive an offer from Fenerbahce. I told my manager that I wanted to work on a team like Fenerbahce, with a coach like Horse. Jesus. I feel ready for this challenge. I will do my best if I am in the position I am in. ” Evaluated her.

“Ronaldinho has impressed me the most in terms of style.”

Lincoln Henrique said he saw the unforgettable Brazilian actor Ronaldinho as his idol.

Explaining his position, Lincoln said, “I am an attacking midfielder, but football players nowadays have to play in 2-3 different positions. Our teacher will decide which position I will play best.” Used phrases.

“I have always seen Ronaldinho as an example. We may all have the same traits, but Ronaldinho has fascinated me the most in style,” said Lincoln, noting that the number 10 position in modern football is not lasting. Expressed opinions.

“(Jesus) He knows my style very well.”

The Brazilian footballer said that coach Jesus knew him very well.

“I played a lot against our coach in Portugal.” “He knows my style very well. He knows very well how I play, in what position I play well. Our teachers know very well which of us can benefit from which position,” Lincoln said. Used phrases.

“I am very different from Resespor.”

The new transfer of the yellow-dark blue team playing in 2017aykur Rizespor, Turkey in the 2017-2018 season, explains that it is very different than 5 years ago.

“I played in Turkey five years ago. I think I’ve changed a lot since then. I’ve been 18 since then. I’ve matured and improved a lot. More. I’ve always tried to improve myself. I’m much different then. ” He said.

After announcing that he did not make the expected debut in his career, Lincoln said, “We always learn from the mistakes we make in life. I played top-level football in Porto for three years. I felt ready for a new one. Challenge. I don’t think so. I’m in a big team and I want to do my best here. ” Expressed opinions.

“Fenerbahce’s goal is always to win trophies”

“The goal of Fenerbahce is always to win the trophy. It is not acceptable for Fenerbahce not to win the trophy. For a long time. We will also play in the Champions League. Our first goal is to beat him in the group.” Stay tuned. ” Used phrases.

Recalling that 10 numbers like Gerson, Alex de Souza and Diego Ribas have played in the history of Fenerbahce, the young footballer said, “Fenerbahce has always had great players. If you want to get into the history of this club you have to work hard. I will work hard. We will work hard to get through. We have a lot of work to do. We know we have to win the trophy to go down in the history of this club, “he said.

Asked if his desire for the championship would put pressure on him, Lincoln said: “As a professional footballer, we always have to be ready for anything. Thank you, I’m doing what I love to do. It doesn’t put any pressure on me. Taking care in the best way. Football is stressful for me. It’s not. I’m always ready for anything in football. We have to work hard, which is what we’ve been doing so far. Now. ” He finished his speech.

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