Pau attended the Adam University meeting

Dr. It was held with the participation of the rectors and administrators of Errol Ozver and the member universities of the Union. Rector Professor Dr. spoke at the general evaluation meeting. Dr. Kutluhan noted the importance of communicating consultations with events and transferring university facilities and practices to one another.

The rector and administrative group meeting of the ADIM Universities Association was organized by Kutaha with the participation of 19 universities. Although the Kutahya Health Sciences University (KSBU) hosted the term meeting, the two-day meeting was attended by the President of the Council of Higher Education (YOK), Prof. Dr. Dr. With the participation of Errol Ozvar; It is conducted by the Rector, General Secretary and Administrative Unit Managers.

“I believe that our faculty members will make a tremendous contribution to the city in which they live.”

Rector Prof. Dr. was present at the meeting which started with the opening ceremony on the first day. Dr. Ahmed Kutluhan, Deputy Secretary General; Bilal Bozolu and Emin Ikilmaz and officials of the administrative unit were present. Speaking at the meeting, YÖK President Prof. Dr. Errol Ozver said the ADIM Universities Association, which was established in 2001 with four universities, has developed collaborations and joint ventures with 19 universities in the areas of education, training, research and development, technical services and socio-cultural services. Professor Dr. “I believe that living in the city, not on campus, would make a significant contribution to the city where our faculty members live,” said Errol Ozver. One of the important things I expect from you, our esteemed managers and rectors, is that your lecturers, not only in the laboratory, but also in the classroom, not only in the offices, you create an occasion that will interact with them. They contribute to the development of the city they live in, organize events, hold meetings, talk to people in the area and our professors, and bring our students together. Hodges are not people living in ivory towers, so to speak. As in the old tradition, lecturers, scientists have to interact with people, socialize them, transfer the knowledge and experience they have created to their environment and interact with them.

Professor Dr. Ozwar added that one of the most important missions they expect from universities is to support the economic and industrial development of the cities they live in with their knowledge, human capital and academic staff.

Following the opening ceremony, the program continues with meetings between the Rector, General Secretary, Press Advisor, Quality Coordinator, Student Affairs, Personnel, Legal Advisers, Library, and Data Processing. In the general evaluation meeting held on the second day of the meeting, the presentation of all the administrative units and the new decisions taken were shared with all the participants.

“We try to do all our work at our university using consulting management.”

Attending the concluding session of the ADIM Universities Union Rectors and Administrative Group Meeting, PAU Rector Prof. Dr. Dr. Ahmed Kutluhan, in his speech at the General Evaluation Meeting, emphasized the importance of sharing information and finding ideas for problem solving, and continued:

“As rectors, we mostly work on the mission and vision of the university and shape our work to take our universities to a better point. However, it is very important to have a common argument with other universities when doing something according to rules, regulations or laws. We, at our university, try to do all our work using counseling management. According to the principle of unity, it is very important to take joint decision in such meetings and transfer the beneficial practices of the university to each other. It is a great advantage for our universities that these meetings are conducted by administrators. Because our administrative managers exchange views with each other. I hope to be able to attend this meeting as long as I continue my duties as Rector. We had a fruitful meeting with our YÖK President. He is trying to go to all the universities. I realized again in this meeting that we have a very good president. I have personally witnessed him interacting with events in a solution-oriented manner. I hope our meeting will be fruitful. ”

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