Pinar Gultekin’s decision to acquit the accused in the case

Defendant Cemal Metin Avcı attended the thirteenth hearing in the Third High Criminal Court via audio and visual information system (SEGBİS) from the prison from which he was detained.

The defendants, who were not detained, were Mertkan Avesi, Avisi’s brother, Gultekin’s father Siddique and mother Sefika Gultekin, and lawyers for the party. Other defendants, Ada K, the ex-wife of Semal Matin Avisi, her father Selim Avisi, her mother Aiten Avisi and their business partner Shakru Gokhan O., were not present at the hearing.

The latest statements of the accused and their lawyers were heard at the hearing.

Defendant Cemal Metin Avcı said he regretted it and said he committed the murder alone.

While the other side’s allegations do not reflect the truth and defend that he did not commit the murder through design, Avcı claims that the victim threatened his family with huge sums of money and received receipts.

Stating that he had never been involved in a crime before and had no criminal record, Avcı argued that he was not prepared before the murder and demanded proper justice.

Defendant Mertcan Avcı further stated that he did not know the victim and did not know his relationship with his older brother. This says that there is no evidence against him, Avcı claims an acquittal.

– “It is not possible for the accused to lift the barrel alone”

Gultekin’s family lawyer, Rezan Epozdemi, claimed that they agreed with the prosecution’s opinion and that the accused Semal Matin Avasi Pinar had killed Gultekin through horrific feelings and torture.

Claiming that the accused killed by design, the apology continued as follows:

“Like a professional female murderer, she planned it first and killed the dead alive, and then went to the beach with her family for 4 days. There was a completely organized and planned murder. The accused resorted to lying with unjust incitement.” During the hearing. We have said in every hearing that this murder cannot be done alone. It is a normal life of life. It is also against the flow of 168 kg barrel. All evidence of the crime was burned in the barrel, and the house was cleaned by other members of the household. While the victim was living, the defendant, with a monstrous feeling, burned it alive, then poured concrete into the barrel and poured it quietly. Barrel. He threw it into the river and tried his best to hide the body. “

– “We are devastated as a family”

Father Siddique Gultekin added that they had attended thirteen hearings and said, “My daughter was burned alive. Everything is still there. I do not understand what they are protecting. Even if these people are sentenced to death, I will not do it.” I don’t believe in court. Every time I come to Mughal I die. I want justice for two years. “Let your decision set a precedent, we want it. I want your court to give the most severe punishment to all of them. “She said.

Mother Shefika Gultekin further explained that her children have been addicted to drugs for two years, saying, “We are devastated as a family. Now justice must be done. I want our daughters and women not to die, but to be punished severely.” Has done.

After the break, the court board sentenced the accused Cemal Metin Avcı to life imprisonment. The delegation reduced the sentence of the accused to 23 years by applying unjustified provocation exemption.

The court acquitted Mertcan Avcı and other defendants.

– Incidents

Pinar Gultekin, 27, a student in the economics department at Mugla Sıtkı Koçman University, left her home in Akaka district on July 16, 2020, where she lived alone, and was never heard from again after talking to her sister on the phone the same day. After her family reported her disappearance to the Akaka Gendarmerie Command, a list of people who knew Gultekin was compiled, and eyewitness accounts were consulted by examining security camera records in the area.

Although the young woman’s ex-boyfriend, Semal Matin Avesi, who was taken into custody on suspicion, did not accept the charges against her in his first statement, he admitted that he had killed Gultekin, with whom he had been friends for some time. , Home in the vineyard, and then after burning his body, he was thrown into the woods of Gülağzı with a barrel and arrested.

Cemal Metin Avcı’s brother, Mertcan Avcı, was also taken into custody by gendarmerie teams, after his brother’s identification at the crime scene and nearby phone signals were detected and he was arrested within the framework of the investigation. Complaint of “darkening the evidence”.

– The litigation process

In a charge accepted by the Mughal 3rd Criminal Court, Cemal Metin Avcı was sentenced to a further life imprisonment for “killing with a terrible feeling or pain” and his brother Mertcan Avcı was sentenced to 5 years in prison for “destroying”. Concealment or alteration of criminal evidence. “While the trial was pending, it was decided that Mertcan Avcı would stand trial.

In an additional charge made by the Mughal Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, some of his relatives, including the accused AVC’s parents and his ex-wife, were asked to be punished separately, considering that there was enough suspicion against them to destroy and conceal evidence of the crime.

During the trial, the accused Martkan Avici, prepared by the Mugala Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, was sent back to the prosecutor’s office with a request for further life imprisonment on charges of “participating in the crime of torture with a terrible feeling”. Mughal by the 3rd High Criminal Court.

Accepting the objections of the Chief Prosecutor’s Office, the apex court ruled that the decision of the Mughal 3rd Criminal Court was “return of complaint” and the documents would be returned to the Mughal 3rd Criminal Court for action. The High Court unanimously ruled that there was no possibility of legal redress as the decision was final.

A complaint was also filed against Pinar Gultekin’s mother, Sefika Gultekin, for threatening and insulting her for what she said at the hearing, and for up to 4 years and 4 months in prison. TwitterClick to follow

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