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The increase in pollen in summer brings with it the problem of allergies. Allergic reactions, which turn this period into nightmares, cause complaints such as runny nose, discharge from the eyes, redness, and persistent sneezing. Noting that hospital admissions rates have recently risen due to allergic reactions, Dr. Mustafa Alice warned citizens exposed to excess pollen with pollen and asthma complaints. Noting that pollen allergies have increased, Dr. Ali said, “With the warming of the weather and the arrival of spring, the incidence of allergies has started to increase.” In this process, we see that further pollen allergy increases.

In general, we see this as a response to pollen in green areas, grass and tree areas with the change of seasons. Of course, some of these pollen allergy patients have symptoms. In general, this allergy manifests itself with symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, sneezing, tearing, blood in the eyes, stinging, and burning. Our advice to our patients is that if they have known allergies, we want them to stay away from the area where they have allergies and see an allergist and pediatrician. Because we know that these patients have a genetic predisposition. Symptoms, especially in children, are what we call atopic gates. These are first allergic rashes in the form of eczema, followed by runny nose, shortness of breath and coughing, which further affect the subsequent processes and make it difficult to breathe. The patient is going through a process that leads to allergic asthma. “If exposure to allergens continues in childhood, a process called atopic should be continued and intervened,” he said.

“Don’t go out in the sun too much”

Noting that patients with pollen allergies are also sensitive to sunlight, Dr. Ali said, “You should not go out in the sun too much. Where there is plenty of pollen and dust, there is no need to stay. For people in that environment, there are medications that we call allergy medications and we recommend that our patients use them. These drugs only prevent the appearance of discomfort that occurs in that process. These allergies are something that will always happen in our body. “

“People who come in contact with pollen must wear masks”

Explaining that people with allergies should use a mask when interacting with the environment, the buyer said, “If our patients are in an environment that is exposed to this allergen, it is very important to clean hands and face in such cases. Hands should not touch the nose too much. We take these allergens through the airways. It is very important to clean hands, face and clothes. When entering the house from outside, those clothes should be taken off, kept outside or thrown away. It is very important to use a mask, ”he said.

Ophthalmologist Meltem Toklu, who said the ophthalmology clinic was crowded with complaints of pollen, added: “With the onset of summer, the number of patients applying to our polyclinic for complaints such as itching, redness and swelling has increased. Itching with infection and itching is a very common complaint of patients carrying bacteria from the hands to the eyes. The only way to get rid of these allergy symptoms without going to the doctor is to wear sunglasses first. “When we live in grasslands, grasslands and grassy areas, we need to wash our hands and face thoroughly. We need to reduce our contact with pollen and these allergens. We also recommend that women collect their hair, especially at night.”

“The eyes are very itchy, the cornea is thin.”

Emphasizing that the side effects of pollen cause various eye diseases, Toklu said, Since the eyes are very itchy, it can cause thinning of the cornea, vision and various corneal diseases. Therefore, excessive scratching and rubbing is risky for eye health. If patients use contact lenses, they should be discontinued and should not be used during this period of severe allergies. If the patient still has further complaints after these measures, we recommend that you apply to an ophthalmologist. Especially in the case of children at a young age the issue is not given much importance. Later, when they come to the hospital, they can cause permanent damage to the eyes and permanent damage that can even lead to vision loss. Let us take special care of our children and take care to bring them to the hospital as soon as possible, “he said.

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