Released today! Recruitment of 26 public servants and 437 civil servants

Public notice is posted. In order to fill the deficit in government institutions and institutions, advertisements are given in various positions. As per the published announcement, 437 contract officers and staff recruitment notices have been issued in 26 government institutions. We, as the Work of Things team, will keep you informed of the public announcements made in this news.

What are the requirements of the application?

According to the published public declaration, candidates are generally required to qualify under Section 48 of the Civil Servants Act No. 657. Also, a minimum of 50 base points will be required for purchases with KPSS points. For KPSS-free shopping, experience will be required.

Announcement of Public Personnel Recruitment:

As per the announcement dated 20 June 2022 published in the Official Gazette, 437 public servants will be recruited for the public. The announcements have been announced by universities and institutions and we share the details of the announcements with you.

Presidency and related communities for Turks abroad: There will be 10-4 cleaners, 2 drivers, 2 painters, 1 electrical technician and 1 programmer.

University of Balikesi: With a staff of 18 people – 2 technicians, 3 technicians, 3 protection security officers, 2 drivers and 8 cleaners will be recruited.

Gabej Technical University: With a staff of 34 people – 22 security and safety officers, 4 security and safety officers, 5 cleaning staff, 1 driver, 2 cooks.

Shivas Kumhuriyat University: Including 35 staff – 6 office staff, 10 support staff, 1 technician, 1 other health worker, 1 dietitian, 1 pharmacist, 2 physiotherapists, 3 safety and security officers, 5 health technicians, 2 sports specialists, 3 technicians.

Grand National Assembly of Turkey: With 4 staff – 1 computer technician and 3 drivers will be recruited.

Bursa Uludag University: 16 staff will be recruited.

Kukurova University: 47-15 professors and 32 associate professors will be appointed.

Ishik University: 2 doctoral faculty members will be appointed.

Noah Nasi Yazgan University: 2 staff will be recruited.

Izmir Concept Vocational School Directorate: 6 staff will be recruited.

Gerson University: 14 faculty members will be appointed.

Kutaha University of Health Sciences: 6 trainers will be appointed.

MEF University: 14 lecturers and research assistants will be appointed.

Bursa Technical University: 3 staff will be recruited.

University of Galatasaray: 7 professors, associate professors and lecturers will be appointed.

Sakaria University: 13 university staff will be recruited.

Public Recruitment Notification:

According to the announcement of government employment published by the Turkish Employment Agency, various organizations will hire disabled, ex-convicts, TMY and permanent workers for the public. In this context, purchase

Haran Municipality: 1 computer operator,

Land Forces Military Wire Central Command Command: 5 Other loading-discharging and related cargo transport workers, 1 warehouse (textile), 1 fielder – garment, 1 electrician (general),

DSI 8th Regional Directorate: 2 gardeners, 3 pointers

General Directorate of Staff of the Ministry of National Defense: 1 rubber-cant assembly worker, 1 locksmith (locksmith), 1 construction painter / painter,

Uhisa Municipality: 5 pointers,

DSI 13th Regional Treasure Directorate: 1 housemaid,

Karakali Municipality: 1 meter reading element (water)

Bozlian Municipality: 1 Mether

Didim Municipality: 12 Garbage truck drivers

Presidency of Religious Affairs Announces Appointment of Religious Officers:

The appointment notification of the Presidency on Religious Affairs has been published. 120 religious officers will be recruited for recruitment abroad.

Ad details:

Diyanet has announced the appointment of 120 international contracted religious officials in 2022

Erdemli Municipality has announced recruitment of 45 staff for primary school graduates

DSI has released a new announcement! The 8th and 13th Regional Departments recruit government staff

University recruitment of Balikesi has started with 5000 TL salary and 50 KPSS!


Turkey’s Grand National Assembly accepts high school graduates with 50 KPSS base points and contracted public personnel

Recruitment of 35 contract staff at Sivas Kumhuriet University and Hospital

YTB ​​60 KPSS Cleaning, Driver, Technician, Public Contracted Personnel Recruitment

Updated: 20 June 2022, 18:34

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