Sanem Mogulkoç – The sun is in cancer, our emotional bonds are getting stronger

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Sun is in cancer, our mental bond is getting stronger.

Happy birthday with crabsr

The Sun will enter Cancer on Tuesday 21st June at 12:13. Thus, the energy of cancer in the sky will be more concentrated.

So how will it affect our lives?

Cancer means caring for, caring for, and caring for the things we care about. The house with the Cancer sign represents the areas you want to nurture and protect. Therefore, this month, we will be sympathetic, selfless, nurturing and protective about the crab that is in the house.

Cancer is a sign of a water element and it is pioneering. Therefore, sea, pool, beach resorts, trips to places near water, companies where we will spend more time will enter our lives. (It’s already summer)

Because cancer is also about protection, we can be more sensitive in our own personal space. Insults can happen.

Venus and Mercury are in Gemini this day. Decisions can be difficult these days. The ruler of Cancer also represents the moon and instability. Therefore, it will be difficult to establish willpower and focus on a single issue. Promises can change, life can be very active this month.

Growing sheep: A good time will start for your family relationships and organizations. You can get positive results from meeting with the elders in your family. You may have to decide whether to buy, move or renovate a home. You can have a wonderful time with your close friends, siblings or neighbors. This is also a good time for trade deals. Also, someone from your inner circle may knock on your love door.

Bull Rising: Your relationships with your close circle, siblings or neighbors will be revived. Your short distance travel will gain momentum. You can make profitable decisions about your business. The discussions that you have to open the door to new income will bring financially positive results. You are entering a fortunate time financially.

Rising Twins: With the transfer of Venus to your zodiac sign, an exciting, active and social time begins. Love can knock on your door, someone of your choice can contact you. You can have a good time with your children. While it may be a costly time to start, spending time with your friends can get you into trouble.

Rising Crab: Happy Birthday Dear Cancer. A more lively and more rewarding time begins with the entry of the Sun in your zodiac sign. Once a financially rewarding time begins, you can make important decisions about yourself and your profits. Platonic love can knock on your door. You can work to express your creative side by being alone. Secret conversations can be held behind closed doors about family, friends and the future.

The Rise of the Lion: A mentally happy month is waiting for you. On the one hand, your relationship with your friends will gain momentum and momentum, on the other hand, social organizations will turn our heads. You can start flirting with someone who is your friend. Your communication skills in the social environment will come in handy in your career.

Emerging daughter: This month you will play a leading role in many social activities. You can organize organizations and gain appreciation by establishing warm emotional bonds with people. You can show people your direction and talents that you have not shown before. You will build positive relationships throughout your career. Happy days at your door for projects, training and contracts in your career.

Rising scale: You will receive your work with love and will be appreciated by your superiors. Colleagues may approve you to manage a project. You look to the future with more hope. A love from afar can knock on your door. There will be good and pleasant improvement in travel and education.

Growing Scorpio: You attract healing to yourself. You can make a profit by managing your relationships properly, both financially and collectively. You have positive energy in your work, travel, education or relationships with foreigners.

Rising Spring: Can take positive steps in financial matters. You can sign a partnership agreement. You can take important steps towards the future in your long term relationship or marriage and you can have a pleasant time with your social circle. You are entering a month where you can find the love of your life.

Capricorn rising: This week, the intensity of your daily contact with your child, your career, and your wife’s family is increasing. Special relationships will be important. You will enter into a productive period based on romance and understanding with your life partner. You will be able to take positive and positive initiatives with the benefits you have brought from your family through your contract and joint work.

Rising bucket: You can bring new projects into your life. You can innovate in your office environment, in your daily life, in matters related to pets. You can start a diet, exercise. A joyful and active month begins with hobbies and children. You are lucky in love, dating and friends.

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