“Sports should be selected according to the age of the child”

Professor Dr. Cem Coşkun Avcı says that sports activities should be prepared according to age. Professor Dr. to give information about this. Dr. Emphasizing the differences between muscle structure and body balance at each age, Avcı said, “Although at a young age the head weight is higher than the body weight, the ratio of body weight to head size and weight decreases as the child grows older and becomes an adult. The shape, size, and volume of the muscles also begin to change, so not all sports are suitable for all ages. Scientifically, there are some games that are more recommended for children of a certain age and will be more beneficial. In general, the range of 4 to 6 years of age is ideal for starting gymnastics. We recommend starting swimming from 5 to 6 years old and playing tennis-style from 7 to 8 years old. It is beneficial to start playing sports like basketball and volleyball from the age of 9 to 10 years and sports like handball and athletics from the age of 10 years. We recommend sports like rowing, archery and football from the age of 12, which involve a little more intense and involving physical and muscular activity. We recommend heavy sports, weightlifting or other defensive sports between the ages of 15 and 16, ”he said.

“Provides both physical and spiritual development”

Mentioning the benefits of sports for both children and adults, Professor. Dr. Avcı goes on to say: “Sport is very useful for softening the body, developing basic skills, ensuring patience and balance. Sport contributes immensely to the development of children’s body and soul. Sport is very beneficial for children’s development. Activities started in childhood, Team sports, in particular, help children develop psychologically তারা they learn to share and make friends ৷ exercises that require a little early childhood, strength and energy are beneficial ৷ because they help both posture development and growth ৷ muscle mass. Makes. Sports has many benefits, especially in preventing bad habits. “

“Select according to their physique”

Professor Dr. One of the most important reasons children develop a love for sports is to enable them to play the sport of their choice, “said Avcı.” We need to make sure that the children are interested in the sport they are interested in. Some children have less motor ability, some are more active, some have longer muscles, longer skeletal structure, and some sports tendencies depend on agility-based agility. It is necessary, and it needs to be realistic. The family should not insist on sports that are not suitable for children and cannot be done. When children show some stress-related symptoms during sports, they should intervene in a timely manner, for example No. Symptoms of stress and fatigue must be taken into account, as it is incapacitated during periods such as reluctance, fatigue and periods of physical exhaustion. Will create. “Children need to be supported at all times, whether they succeed in their sport or not,” he said.

“Don’t be more ambitious than your child”

Professor Dr. Cem Coşkun Avcı warns parents interested in sports that their children may be more ambitious than they are in their sporting life, adding: “In this case, it is important not to reflect negatives and failures on the child. And the kids should feel it. The family should be a good helper to the child. It should be an example. It is a good example to support it as much as possible. Sports equipment is also a problem that needs attention. Some equipment can be encouraging for children. If possible, we should help children in this regard. Being sure to follow them, it inspires them to provide materials and jerseys related to their favorite parties, since most children are amateurs. Therefore, there is no need to impose deadlines on sports. However, the most important thing here is to make sure that they play sports regularly, to achieve this habit. Time needs to be flexible so that it does not cause physical fatigue. “

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