The foundation of Nakipolu Health Center was laid in Karate

The Central Karate District Municipality of Konya, which has set an example for Turkey by investing in healthcare, has laid the foundation of Nakipolu Health Center to bring to the district with a ceremony.
The total cost of Nakipolu Health Center with construction area of ​​2,825 square meters will be 17 million 700 thousand lira. The Family Health Center section, which will consist of three sections, will have 5 units including doctor-nurse room, immunization and pregnancy monitoring room, a laboratory and a medical intervention room. Healthy Life Center includes Oral Dental Clinic, Non-Smoking Polyclinic, Child Development Specialist Room, School Health Room, Psychologist Room, Healthy Nutrition Consultant Dietitian Room, Physiotherapist Room, Physical Exercise Room, Pregnancy Class Room, Mammography Health Room, Progeny. Department, training meeting room, emergency room, laboratory blood collection room, kitchen and dining hall. The Emergency Health Services Unit will have 2 restrooms, a common area, a kitchen, a WC for men and women, a shower, a prayer room for men and women, a shelter, a boiler room, a water tank, a. Energy area and a parking lot. The Nakipolu health center is planned to be completed and in service by the end of the year.

“We support a health approach with local health facilities”
Karate Mayor Hassan Kilka, in his speech at the groundbreaking ceremony, noted that the Karate municipality has provided exemplary services in health services and said that they are weaving karate into a multifaceted understanding of the service. Hassan Kilka said, “In recent years we have had the opportunity to get a much higher return on our state’s investment in healthcare. Although city hospitals, which have been served in different provinces of our country, like our Konya, play a very important role in this time of crisis when human life is in question; With many more investments, every effort has been made to ensure that our citizens have access to healthcare services in a hassle-free and seamless manner. We, too, continue to produce our karate services. We have the prayers and support of our fellow citizens in every investment and every service. We weave our beautiful district, Karate, with its multifaceted service circles, ranging from infrastructure and superstructure investments to social and cultural projects, from education to health. The first stage of health care is the family health center. The more beautiful places these centers have, the better their service will be. With this sensitivity, as the municipality in Karta; With the contribution of our government and our philanthropic citizens, we support the vision we have for our state of health, including city hospital facilities that will strengthen the health infrastructure in our region at the local level.

“Our karate looks are changing day by day.”
Giving information about Nakipolu Health Center, President Hassan Kilka said that the foundation of Nakipolu Health Center, which was established to make karate more comfortable and modern health services, would cost 17 million 700 thousand lira. Hasan Kilka said, “Our Nakipolu Health Center will consist of three parts. Hopefully, by the end of this year, we will have established our center in the service of our fellow citizens. In the field of health like other services, our karate is changing day by day through our services. We get together almost every week for a groundbreaking or opening in the vicinity. I hope our Nakipolu Health Center, the foundation of which we have laid together today, is already beneficial. We will continue to do our best to serve our city and our citizens. “

“An investment with the standards required by the Ministry of Health for quality of service”
Konya Provincial Health Director Mehmet Kok said Nakipolu health facilities, consisting of a family health center, 112 emergency health centers and a healthy living center, would provide health services to citizens in a more comfortable and modern environment. Mehmet Kok, who thanked Karate Mayor Hassan Kilka for his appreciation of Nakipolu Health Center, said: Such a facility was needed in this region. When we made this request to our President, he did not bother us. He himself has given such a beautiful service by following all the procedures. This facility will be one of the reference places of our ministry. I would like to thank our President Hassan Kilka and his team for their tireless efforts to bring Nakipoglu Health Center to Karate. “

“An important benefit that will meet health needs”
AK Party Konya Provincial Chairman Hassan Angi wished Nakibolu Health Center Karate and Konya to be beneficial. Provincial President Hassan Angi, in addition to a medical center at Nakipoglu Health Center; Mention that it will be an advantage that will respond to many needs, especially preventative medicine; “This is the area where Project Rose has been inactive for many years. However, it is highly valued that this field becomes an important project by ensuring inter-institutional cooperation. I would like to thank the Mayor of Karate, Hassan Kilka, who contributed immensely to the construction of this facility.

“Another worthwhile health benefit”
AK Party Konya Deputy Ahmet Sargun thanked Karate Mayor Hasan Kilka for bringing Nakipolu Health Center to the district and said that another health facility worthy of karate has been added to the district. Ahmed Sargun said, “As a party government, we are moving forward with the policy of ‘let the people live so that the state can live’. The main purpose of AK Party municipality is to serve the citizens. Today, Turkey is cited as an example in both its health infrastructure and health services. Nakipolu Health Center is an important health service in this sense. I would like to thank all those who have contributed to the labor. I wish the new healthcare benefits to Karate and Konya. “

“The best example of inter-institutional cooperation”
Konya Governor Vadetin Ozkan says the best example of the state’s implementation of the nation’s will is through organizations that serve the people. Describing the Nakibolu Health Center, built by the Karate Municipality, as one of the best examples of the country’s use of resources to improve the nation’s standard of living, Governor Vadetin Ozkan said; “We have a system in place for all people to benefit from effective and comprehensive health care. In order for this process to continue to work, the physical infrastructure needs to be built very strongly. In building a strong individual and strong society, physical infrastructure and strong communication between nation and state are just as important as health workers. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Karate Mayor Hassan Kilka, who has enlivened the whole project, from land allotment to construction of the center in the perception of Nakibolu Health Center.
After the speech, the foundation of Nakipolu Health Center, which will be brought to Nakipolu district, was laid with prayers. Meram Mayor Mustafa Kavus, Selchuklu Mayor Ahmet Pekiatimsi, AK Party Karate District President Mehmet Jenak, MHP Karate District President Sebahatin Kuchuk Dogru, Karate Civil Chiefs, Karate Deputy Mayor, Unit Manager, Muhtar and Health Center participants.

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