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Noting that switching to plant-based nutrition and the need to switch to plant-based nutrition will prolong the life of the world, Oiku Kakar said that taking responsibility for expanding world life and creating a more sustainable way of life leaving a part of its beauty to future generations. Must be done.

It is predicted that the world’s population will reach 10 billion by 2050 and the world does not have enough food resources to feed this population, says Öykü Kaçar. The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) released a very comprehensive report in August last year, which included hundreds of scientists and physically-equivalent-reviewed studies on climate change. Rapid changes in climate change were “precisely” man-made. , ”He said. Noting that the climate has changed since the formation of the world, Kakar said, “With the Industrial Revolution, people started burning fossil fuels, which we call coal, oil and gas. Using these fuels, we started emitting greenhouse gases. In the atmosphere. The most well-known carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide greenhouse gases surround the world, heating and locking it up. 72 percent of the world’s land we use to feed, clothe and support growing populations Comes from food production, about two-thirds of which comes from animal feed. Animal products are very important to us in terms of nature. “Although we do not have enough animals to feed as predicted. With a human population for 2050, it is unlikely that a food product with such a high carbon footprint will be sustainable. “

“It takes a lot of water to make animal food.”

In the past, animal waste or grass was fed to animals, Kakar said: “However, industry has changed animal husbandry. Making special water and food was a big problem for them, because this equation has a ratio of one to forty. In other words, to get 1 kg of meat. 40 kg, ”Kakar said. We have to waste oats, we have to consume 400 times the water, and that’s a terrible rate. Too much water is consumed to make animal food, there is a lot of air pollution. However, when we look at plant food, half of us have carbon footprints, half or less water footprints, half more. We face factors like land use. Therefore, switching to plant-based nutrition is a responsibility we must take to extend the life of the world and leave a part of its beauty for future generations and to create a more sustainable life system. Vegetable nutrition saves the future of the world. Of course, everyone in the world eats meat at once, it is unlikely that he will leave, but on this road, albeit take small steps; Reducing or limiting meat consumption would be a small but difficult step for the world and for our health. “

“Our future in vegetable nutrition”

Noting that there are concerns about limiting or eliminating meat consumption in general, Kakar said, “From the past to the present, we have always associated energy and health with eating meat and meat. However, many scientific studies today are proving the opposite. Many scientists and health People are conducting serious studies in this direction. It is impossible to stand in front of the study and there is no question that animal feeding suggestions are really born and multiplied by science or various industries. “I believe that a vegan / plant-based diet made with the right choices does not pose a threat to human health, but contributes to one’s own health and the sustainability of the world. I believe. Our future is undoubtedly in plant nutrition,” he said.

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