The mother, who was breastfeeding her baby, said in a tearful voice, “I can’t eat meat even once a month.”

Monday, June 20, 2022

When students receive their report cards and go on vacation, private school teachers worry about whether they will be able to work again as soon as the school reopens. Melanie Elansiolou, one of about 160,000 private school teachers, could not hold back her tears as she spoke of their plight. Yılancıoğlu says, “We are teachers, educators, but we are down. Our wages are below the minimum wage. The doctor says that every week you have to eat meat to breastfeed in a healthy way, but I have no such right.

According to the 2021 data of the Ministry of National Education, there are 1 million 112 thousand 305 teachers in Turkey. Of these, 950,090 teachers work in government schools and 182,215 in private schools. Despite the shortage of teachers, there are more than five lakh non-recruited teachers. Private sector teachers, most of whom have left KPSS for recruitment and have found solutions to work in the private sector, will have to settle for lower wages, unsafe and flexible working conditions.

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Seasonal teacher

While the students were on their summer vacation, private sector teachers in various provinces of Turkey announced to the government in press statements that they were offering “so-called ten-month contracts”, low-wage insurance premiums, minimum wages, uninsured and intensive public relations in Yılancıoğlu. Teach Spanish, one of the teachers who has been working in this situation for 7 years.

Explaining his situation to the ANKA news agency, Yılancıoğlu drew attention to the problem of teachers working in the sector by saying “you are a teacher, but we are at the bottom”.

Melike Yılancıoğlu, who was emotional during the interview and could not hold back her tears, explained the experience of private sector teachers in the following words:

“Do they know about our pay?”

I want to ask my ministers, deputies, bureaucrats. Whose children go to government school without private school? Do they know the salary that teachers get when they spend lakhs of rupees in private schools?

But your teacher

A teacher who thinks about the end of the month, thinks about the bill, thinks about the rent, thinks about something other than education, what is the efficiency of his life? I ask you this question. We are teachers, educators, but we are the lowest part of this salary.

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I didn’t even get the benefit of breastfeeding

I have been a mother for over a year and worked full time during the epidemic, but due to my missing insurance I have not been able to get my breastfeeding allowance. In fact, I realized how serious the task was after I had a child. We are trying to continue this profession by showing the minimum wage from the technical point of view, by giving you the part you have agreed to, by not giving us the right to education allowance in any way and by working for us on Saturdays and Sundays. Public holiday.

But the doctor says

Although the price of diapers and food has skyrocketed, I don’t eat as much meat and nuts as I deserve every week … The doctor says you should eat because you are breastfeeding, but I can’t eat that. Having such a right, in fact, I have understood the importance of work with it.

I didn’t get a summer salary

Since 2018, I’ve been a teacher and I’ve actually worked. I went to both schools at the same time, I had no children then, I live with my family, inflation was not so bad. The situation was not so bad. But that year also took away some of my salary, even that year my insurance was not fully shown. I called the mandatory guardian and paid my own phone bill. I tried my best but I was fired and I didn’t get my compensation. I didn’t get my summer paycheck.

We don’t think about education

Thus, I am sorry for the children. Because we can’t think about the training we will do because we think about the end of the month. All the training I received at university was on teaching. But when I got involved, I realized I wasn’t being taught.


You have faced such a mob that even the grade you give to the student is determined by the administration. If you say ‘I will not’, then the students’ grades are changed by entering the e-school system for you. We hear a lot of these things. Somehow we try to get the student to get that score. But even if we don’t want to, it is done from behind us.

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The mother, who was breastfeeding her baby, said in a tearful voice, “I can’t eat meat even once a month.”

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