The story of Yaran is about a young man who takes a long journey with the landlord of Izkazar and his tenant, Ozkan.

It all started in 2010 when my dad was fired

They wanted to buy a house with the compensation they got, but they wanted to repay it with a loan as it was double the compensation they wanted. However, since my father was unemployed at that time, all the arrows suddenly went towards me. “I’m at the beginning of my career. I’m already paid like a bird, I can’t borrow!” Although I vehemently denied these requests, “We did not eat, we did not eat, we did not drink, we raised you, we taught you a lot, we had a job for you in the early forties”. And the situation suddenly turned into a benevolent child.

When my father said, ‘I will retire in 6 months, I will take a loan when my salary is fixed’, I accepted the fight. My family was at my mercy and somehow I was only going to pay for 6 months. I took out a 7 year term loan that I would do a good job of and went to the land registry office to complete the transaction. In front of me was a Black Sea contractor, short, an officer wearing a vest inside his jacket, his mother’s eyes, and a suit. Since I hadn’t bought a house before, I went for a walk in a combination of my shorts and a T-shirt, not knowing that the ceremony was held with a ceremony.

We gathered at the beginning of the book, the officer looked at me and asked where the landlord was. He clearly thought I was a guardian. When I said I was the host, he was surprised again and we proceeded to the trial. At the time, I had a 14-year-old photo I took in my ID for high school preparation. I continue to reproduce and use those images so that there are no problems with official transactions. However, when I opened the title book and saw the picture of my teenager in the document, the officer was shocked. The paper shows a teenager buying a duplex rooftop home from a Black Sea contractor. Signed, hands were shaken, and the moment I took my document in my hand, I felt like the strongest person in the world. I had a duplex house in my early 20’s. Now someone says, “Is this your place of work?” As was our childhood. When he asked me, I could pull out my documents and say “Yes, this is my place of work” and look at the horizon with my eyes.

I went home with a bad baklava with the pride of being in charge of my family, and my parents greeted me like Shaban, who got rich with a lucky bird on the number one man. Family pride, “Our lion boy, we already knew you were a good boy” is flying in the air. I’m shy with idiots. It’s okay. I don’t want to rejoice.

It’s been a few months since I made this gesture to my family, when one day my phone rang.

My father called. He sounded a little sad, I knew it was a bad thing, but what he was going to say would not cross my mind. I still get goosebumps when I think of that moment, I think I threw myself on the ground and tore my clothes. He took a deep breath and sighed, “My son, I went to SG today and asked about my retirement, I have 4 more years to retire.” At that moment, I stood like Siti Anna, who had seen the picture of her martyred son on television at Vizontel, my eyes could not see, my mind was paralyzed, the burning flame cooled down. Everything has an end but this achievement will never end …

I couldn’t answer for a few seconds “How?” I could ask. “My son, 20 years ago, they gave me insurance for someone who mistakenly added a private to the end of my last name. It was quite real, at that moment I was feeling one of the most ridiculous conversations in the world. My father kept telling me, Although I kept thinking it might not be true. I said okay Dad, we’ll talk at home and hang up the phone and I couldn’t decide if Behlul’s wheels would go crazy like a nervous breakdown, or I would quietly go to the window and find myself in the Denhome Rainhome. Like in the crowd.

Although I was terrified back home, it happened.

Since my dad took a minimum wage job for his retirement, he was unable to support the house and repay the loan. So the debt was left on me and I paid 75% of my salary every month for 4 years. Since the attic of the house is a separate flat, it was rented to contribute to the loan, but we could not get any rent for 2 months in a row for 4 years. Because each tenant was throwing a different bet on us. Someone ran away with his wife with a loan, someone with cancer we didn’t get rent for 3 years. When another says he is unemployed, the hired job is a lie. Although I had been in debt for 4 years and was financially crippled, my dad retired 4 years later and I finally got out of debt.

Although the loan was repaid, they could not solve the tenant problem. If 10 people enter the house, they will all get in trouble. For 10 years, we never had a tenant from whom we received regular rent for 6 months. Now, when this issue bothered me too, I told our people, “You people don’t know, you’re cheating on everyone, you can’t own a house” and this time I’ll rent it. They already stay in Istanbul for 2-3 months of the year, the rest of the time they stay in the country. They said, find gratitude in our lives, buy a tenant and rent. So I advertised and started looking for tenants.

The mass is very bad as the house is in Pendi

Families do not come because some parts of the roof are low. People without thread keep coming. I also do not give home because I do not keep an eye on anyone. One day, a friend of Igdir named Ozkan came. He looked like a well-equipped driver, at least clean. I said I think I found the right tenant because he was the most reasonable candidate after dozens of people had looked at the house. Then I called our people and said, “Look how to find a tenant, I’ve found a good tenant.”

The first 2 months everything was fine. No hassle and no rent. Then his company went bankrupt, no matter what happened, he was fired from my job and my ordeal began. Since he was always at home, the real beast inside came out and I started doing forty Somersault every month for rent:

The man was so far from paying rent that he would ask for a loan every time he went to pay rent once a month.

Although I lived downstairs, there was a strange noise in the house every night. They even started screaming once

Although he apologized after this warning, a few days later he brought home a lot of escorts and when they were having an affair at 4 pm, the female Pimp raided the house.

All hell there. Now, when I go to call the police, they pick up the women. Events No more:

When I did not pay the rent again for a few months, I deposited 100 lira in his account on one day of Ramadan for reverse psychology and the man Brother I don’t need why you are investing He was an artist

So why don’t you rent, you said, no answer. Ozkan was one of the most comfortable and faceless men I have ever met. After a while, his character starts to sound funny and a strange dialogue occurs between us. After all the nonsense and correspondence about the world we live in, I finally persuaded him to go out and send home advertisements, but the disrespect made fun of him.

But I pasted the answer hehe

While trying to get Ozkan out, I also started looking for a new tenant, but the process was not going well, obviously.

New Tenant Sample Dialog

The one I contacted because he had a single home, things were going to be ridiculous.

When I was looking for a new tenant, Ozkan continued to spend time with all his shamelessness.

I thought every word coming from above was being carried and I was getting excited.

One way or another, the relocation process started and I even liked the possibility of leaving Ozkan’s house.

About two months later, Ozkan finally pays 3 rent and vacates the house, but he insists he won’t keep my money.

I made a poster and sent it a few months after he said it because he had not yet paid his debt, but of course, my money was left to Ozkan.

It’s been 2 years since the current tenant paid the rent, but he is no longer happy. I reply to their stories on WhatsApp from time to time and ask for my money.

I even intimidated Ozkan when I was recently cosplaying fake bullies.

I keep writing and asking for my money, but we make deer and keep going.

As I wrote this recently, we sat down to have tea with Ozkan and friends which I told about it. Miss

I am also determined to make a TV series in Ozkan one day.

I promise Özcan. Netflix, Disney, BluTV, Xgen, Gain producers contact me, let’s do this “Renter Ozkan” series.

Edit: Of course, the crew that labeled such things as fiction on social media also had the same conversation as usual in the Sore dictionary. If I can edit it well, it’s a compliment. Ozkan is a legend among my friends. Even when he was a tenant, I tweeted something like this. My friend who knew the incident also tweeted the famous line of Ozkan, “I have no money”.

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