Edirne Band and Yellow Devils | Caner Karavit

When I was looking at old photos to fulfill my wish for Father’s Day, I saw the picture that Edirne had taken with his orchestra called ‘Yellow Devils’. This short-lived orchestral life also forms the modern history of Edirne’s band and orchestra. I wanted to write something I had collected orally and in writing on … Read more

The story of Yaran is about a young man who takes a long journey with the landlord of Izkazar and his tenant, Ozkan.

It all started in 2010 when my dad was fired They wanted to buy a house with the compensation they got, but they wanted to repay it with a loan as it was double the compensation they wanted. However, since my father was unemployed at that time, all the arrows suddenly went towards me. “I’m … Read more

My father

My footsteps Owl-humming at night Cypress whispers to each other A white stone is being worked by a marble maker The traditional sky breaks once every night The trembling of the black wings sent by him filled the houses Our stove marked sickle In the harvest season I always loved the land with the trees … Read more

About his son Abdul Matin Balkanliolu IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation

Halil Balkanlilolu, son of the late Abdulmetin Balkanlilulu, was a guest on the new episode of the “My Witness” series, which was aired on the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation’s YouTube channel and followed with interest. Halil Balkanliolu; He talks about his father’s childhood, father-son relationship, the year of becoming a teacher from madrasa, the year … Read more

13th hearing in Pinar Gultekin case! The decision was awaited

20.06.2022 10:41 News Source: DHA Pınar Gültekin, a student of Mugla Sıtkı Koçman University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Economics, went missing on 16 July 2020. His ex-girlfriend, Cemal Metin Avcı, who was taken into custody five days later as part of an investigation, has admitted that he strangled Gultekin at the … Read more

Consider accepting TYT as an adult Mom

Although I am middle-aged, year after year, I took the Basic Skills Test (TYT) last Saturday in the first session of this year’s Higher Education Institution Exam. After about 35 years, without any preparation; I answered questions in 165 minutes from many courses like Turkish, Mathematics, Geometry, Literature, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Philosophy, Religious Culture … Read more

Expatriate families have recovered in Turkey

The Murzoglu family living in Germany underwent surgery in Turkey to get rid of obesity. Saifuddin Murzolu, whose daughter, wife and himself had undergone surgery, said, “You may not believe, I was already eating less. We were thinking of my only daughter, we were in our condition too, I reached 125-126. Kilo. We said, let’s … Read more

Expatriate fat family healed in Turkey: “We wanted to end it together”

Expatriate fat family healed in Turkey: “We wanted to end it together” An obese family living in Germany underwent surgery in Turkey Her obesity surgery was: “You won’t believe it, but I was eating less.” ISTANBUL – The Murzolu family living in Germany underwent surgery in Turkey to recover from obesity. Saifuddin Murzoulou, whose daughter, … Read more

Fathers over 70 get together, have emotional moments – Bizim Yaka Kokeli Newspaper

The 70-year-old father, who lives in Dilovasi, gathered for the ceremony. The presence of about 500 people at the event was an emotional moment from time to time. Deloitte District Governor Dr. Matin Kubile, AK Party Kokley Deputy and Local Administration Vice President Semil Yaman, Deloitte Mayor Hamza Shire and theologian Mehmet Ali Sari were … Read more