Interesting situation where you will see the importance of number 7 in the Harry Potter series

Although never explained in detail in Harry Potter books and movies, arithmetic has an important place. The subject of the course is the study of the magic properties of numbers. The details that books give about arithmetic are that number 7 plays an important role. The number 7 in the series often seems like a … Read more

Has any question been canceled in LGS? National Education Minister Mahmoud Ozar has announced

For the first time in the history of vocational education, it has been exported abroad With the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Ozar continued his speech with the following words: “These are things that happened for the first time in the history of vocational education. Now, in vocational education, patents, utility models, brands, designs … Read more

Children ‘inherited’ poverty: Three students use an examination book – Commons

Children are the most affected by poverty. Parents who find it difficult to meet the needs of their children are unhappy, pessimistic, and anxious about the future. According to Nur Kaplan from GazetteDuver; The depth of the economic crisis, continued growth, rapid decline in purchasing power, difficulties in accessing basic food have devastating effects on … Read more

Sports halls in 35 schools from IMM – Belediye News

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) has completed the construction of 35 school gyms in 24 different districts, in line with the agreement reached with the Ministry of National Education. Thus, the number of school gymnasiums served by IMM has increased from 185 to 220 and the total number of students benefiting from these facilities has … Read more

8-year-old university student says ‘no age to learn’

Ergul Cabelli, a 66-year-old mother of 4, a senior student in the history department at Kastamonu University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and who returned to her education after saying that she had left her unfinished high school years after graduating, had graduated. After doing so he wants to continue his education. Kebelli, who lives … Read more

The 5th Ethnosport Culture Festival will be held in Istanbul on 9-12 June.

Organized by the World EthnoSport Confederation, the 5th EthnoSport Culture Festival kicks off in Istanbul on Thursday 9th June. The press briefing of the 5th EthnoSports Culture Festival of Istanbul, which will be held on June 9-12 at Atatুrk Airport in Yesilko, was held at the Dademan Hotel. The meeting was attended by Bilal Erdoানan, … Read more