Who is Jackie Kayahan Koskun? Books and words by Zeki Kayahan Coşkun

The life of radio programmer-program producer-writer-television presenter Jackie Kayhan Koskun is being investigated. So who is Zeki Kayahan Coşkun? Where did Zeki Kayahan Coşkun come from? When and where was Zeki Kayahan Coşkun born? Is Jackie Kayahan Kaskun alive? Here is the life of Zeki Kayahan Coşkun … The literary personality, life story and works … Read more

Last minute This decision in the 13th hearing of the Pinar Gultekin case! In the Pinar Gultekin case, the killer Cemal Metin Avcı was sentenced to 23 years in prison with an unjustified provocation reduction! Agenda news

Pinar Gultekin case decision! In the case of the murder of Pinar Gultekin, a student at the University of Mughlai, the accused Semal Matin Avesi was sentenced to a further life sentence, with the sentence reduced to 23 years with unjustified provocation. According to AA, the accused Cemal Metin Avcı participated in the 13th hearing … Read more

Pinar Gultekin murder case verdict

The verdict was handed down at the 13th hearing in the murder case of Pinar Gultekin, who was killed at a vineyard home on the Karabagla Plateau in Mughal Mentes district. The increasing life sentence given to Cemal Metin Avcı was reduced to 23 years by applying unjustified provocation reduction. Defendant Cemal Metin Avcı attended … Read more

Pinar Gultekin’s decision to acquit the accused in the case

Defendant Cemal Metin Avcı attended the thirteenth hearing in the Third High Criminal Court via audio and visual information system (SEGBİS) from the prison from which he was detained. The defendants, who were not detained, were Mertkan Avesi, Avisi’s brother, Gultekin’s father Siddique and mother Sefika Gultekin, and lawyers for the party. Other defendants, Ada … Read more

First hearing September 5 – Syndicate.Org

An indictment was prepared against five people under the close protection of AKP Uzungeçit municipality mayor Semil Yildiz, who raped a child in Uludere on charges of “sexual abuse”, “threats”, “disenfranchisement”, “prostitution” and “harassment.” In Uludere district of Şirnak, under the close protection of AKP’s Uzungeçit Town Municipality Semil Ildiz, a complaint was prepared against … Read more

The mother, who was breastfeeding her baby, said in a tearful voice, “I can’t eat meat even once a month.”

Monday, June 20, 2022 When students receive their report cards and go on vacation, private school teachers worry about whether they will be able to work again as soon as the school reopens. Melanie Elansiolou, one of about 160,000 private school teachers, could not hold back her tears as she spoke of their plight. Yılancıoğlu … Read more

Why do they say father’s prayer is more valuable than mother’s prayer?

On the occasion of Father’s Day, Murat Ülker, pLadis Chairman of the Board, wrote an article about the provocative feelings, experiences and thoughts of this special day and published it on his personal website. Murat Ulkar’s article is as follows: Father’s prayer or Master’s prayer? Which is more reasonable, why? “The relationship between father and … Read more

Ismail Saymaz writes: If the child abuser had been the provincial head of CHP …

MHP Deputy Chairman Semih YalkinIn a tweet on 16 June 11.11, “In case of need” The provincial agency of Diyarbakir has declared it closed. Everyone was curious. What happened? Why did MHP unexpectedly break up the provincial organization? I have called the leaders and workers of the party and the people’s representatives. Something “I learned … Read more