Brad Pitt-Gwyneth Paltrow’s confession of love after 25 years! ‘She came to me crying’ – Magazine News – The list of women with Julia Ormond to Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston to Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt is quite extensive. It is safe to say that women who have left their mark on their era and who have accomplished successful things have had a long, sometimes very troubled relationship with Brad Pitt. Nowadays, … Read more

Agreed to transfer to Fenerbahce! Traumatic injury, came out crying – Fenerbahce

Fenerbahce began preparations for the 2022-2023 season under the management of George Jesus and the transfer effort gained momentum. The yellow-dark blue club first signed Lincoln Henrique, then brought Bruma to Istanbul. Bruno Henrique, with whom Fenerbahce had a deal to transfer, suffered a serious injury last night. 4-year signature from Lincoln HenrikFenerbahce’s first transfer … Read more

Special – New season activities will start tomorrow! Mehmet Aurelio Chamak – Fenarbahche

The countdown to the 2022-23 season has now begun in Fenerbahce. A new era will begin among the yellow-dark blue people. Mario Branco is starting work as Fenerbahce’s football director, coaching world-renowned name Jorge Jesus. Two Portuguese names will take charge of football and samandira in the new season. The name Mario Branco in particular … Read more

Health tourism targets $ 10 billion

Istanbul UAV, DHA – President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that our citizens used to go abroad for diagnosis and treatment, now millions of people from all over the world come to our country for the same purpose and next year we have a target of 10 10 billion in health tourism revenue. Erdogan delivered the … Read more

Surprise offer! From President Ali Kok to Ismail Kartal … – Fenerbahce

A farewell ceremony for coach Ismail Kartal was held at the financial general assembly of the club in Fenerbahce. The experienced coach, who kept the yellow-dark blue team in the UEFA Champions League with his performance in the second half of last season, had an emotional moment. Margio has announcedEuropean giant Kim’s desire! The plan … Read more

How old is YONCA EVCIMIK, where did it come from? Song of Yonca Evcimik – TV Series – Movies – Magazine News

This week’s guests of the “Tell Us Song” program, which hosted famous names and had a concert on Saturday evening, have been announced. Guests, including Yonka Ivesimik, began to be explored by the audience. So who is Yonka Ivesimik, how old is she? Where does Yonka Ivesimik come from, what are her songs and serials? … Read more

Emin Erdogan attends the opening ceremony of 150 kindergartens in Aviklar

Emin Erdogan, wife of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, National Education Minister Mahmoud Ozar and Family and Social Policy Minister Deria Yannick Avila attended the inaugural ceremony of 150 kindergartens in 81 provinces organized by the Ministry of National Education at the Esperanto Kule Kindergarten. The ceremony began with the performance of the national anthem and … Read more

Minister Ozar announced! June 27-30 Administrative leave for teachers

During the inauguration of Beyoğlu Mustafa Kandıralı Fine Arts High School, which he attended as part of his program, National Education Minister Mahmoud Ozar said that the summer vocational work program for teachers, June 20-24, would be conducted through distance learning. Via IPA. Noting that he has two good news for teachers, Minister Ozar said, … Read more